A Surprising Third Option in Days of Our Lives’ Broe vs. Phloe Fan Wars — Plus, Suspicious of Jan’s Coma and Anticipating a Hot Salem Summer

May 31 - June 4

Days Blog Week of May 31, 2021

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It was a pretty solid week in Salem. Among other things, there was a lot of humor, Jan’s storyline (maybe) wrapped up, some couples squeezed in some lovin’, and the Brady/Chloe/Philip triangle officially kicked off. Plus, Days of Our Lives’ summer promo teases tons to look forward to. I have no major complaints and am optimistic about what’s to come… so, let’s get to it.

Has Days Done the Impossible?

I know die-hard fan bases are probably never going to truly unite, but it seems there’s a third option in the fan wars. When I took to Twitter to see where fans stood on Friday’s kickoff to Broe vs Phloe, I was surprised by how many actually supported both pairings. And honestly, that’s what makes this so promising — there’s really no downside to whoever Chloe ends up with. Both couples have chemistry and deep history. Plus, following a triangle where you don’t even know who you want together can make going along for the ride all the more entertaining.

More Please

Whew. Eli and Lani are so hot and so in love. Which makes the stuff about Chanel ogling her cousin-in-law all the more absurd. Days would have to come up with a pretty contrived scenario to make me believe Eli would stray. So, maybe all the shenanigans, which looks to continue next week, are just to force Chanel into a new living situation, presumably with the rest of the twenty-something set. Hopefully, it’ll just be a blip and Mr. and Mrs. Grant can be given a good storyline in between all their lovin’. Maybe the upcoming “dead body” mystery from the summer promo will kick something off for them.

Lani sits on Eli's lap on Days of Our Lives

I’m also going to need more of Shawn and Belle. The look on Shawn’s face when he watched Belle and Claire embrace after Claire was rescued from Jan was perfection. I love him in protective, proud father/husband mode. It’d be great to see Days invest in both Elani and Shelle as core Salem couples and put them into more long-lasting storylines. Since the characters all basically work together that shouldn’t be too hard. And they all could use some friends.

Shawn beams on Days of Our Lives

Time to Say Goodbye

Jan’s latest reign of terror seems to finally be over but with Dr. Snyder as her physician, I have my doubts. I’d like her to follow Kristen’s lead and take a nice long rest because, with so many shades of grey characters already running around Salem, the villain role is pretty much covered. Besides, Jan is way too one-note for me. Normally, the fact that she’s fallen into a coma would lead one to assume she’s heading off canvas but we’ve been here many times before. If she’s even in a coma, that is. I’m gonna need Kayla or even Tripp or better yet, an outside doctor from a neighboring town to confirm.

Philip pins Jan against a fence on Days of Our Lives

Dr. Evans Has Competition

Ben’s visit to Clyde was a definite highlight of the week for me. His reaction to Ben’s guilt over a smooch with Claire was spot on: “That’s it? What the hell are you freaking out about?”

Clyde wasn’t done there though. He next acknowledged, “I ain’t no shrink,” before advising Ben, “waiting around listening for your dead sister to tell you what to do is not a healthy thing.” He might not be a shrink but Ben just might benefit from regular therapy sessions with dear old dad. As a viewer, I know I would.

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Clyde gives Ben advice from Prison on Days of Our Lives

Salem’s Summer Spectacular

As I said above, I’m still digesting the jampacked action in Days’ summer preview. Between the EJami/Lumi and Broe/Phloe triangles, Eric’s return sending Nicole into an even deeper guilt spiral, a potential murder mystery, and what looks to be Xander and Gwen’s entertaining alliance, there’s a lot to look forward to this summer. I’m one hundred percent on board. How about you?

These are just my opinions on the week in Salem. Tell us yours in the comments below and then look through our photo gallery of the best and worst in daytime so far this year. Then, get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.


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