What Should Happen Next for Chabby and Shelle — Plus, the Characters That Need a Good, Long Rest

May 17 - 21

Days of Our Lives Soapbox May 21

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This week’s Days of Our Lives had a lot of the same themes we’ve been discussing for weeks — namely the humor. It’s truly been the gift that keeps on giving. Two couples did finally resurface though after over a week’s absence and Jack displayed some questionable parenting choices, so… let’s get into that…

Run Abigail and Don’t Look Back

Jack is becoming more and more unlikable here. It’s understandable he wants to support the daughter he never knew about but he didn’t even flinch when Gwen admitted to lying about Abigail pushing her down the stairs. Will finding out she had the miscarriage before that even make a difference? No wonder Abigail wants to get far away from Salem.

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Then there’s Abigail’s husband who basically blames her for Gwen’s fall. Chad might not have all the information but it’s super tough to watch him doubt Abby. I’d love to see them get a fun story when she returns but it’s going to take a lot for Chad to be worthy of her. It’d be great if he could get involved in others’ stories while she’s gone — like his returning brother EJ — and build up his snark and bite while realizing what an ass he’s been. Then, when Abby returns, he can full-on grovel for believing all of Gwen’s lies. Of course, that all needs to happen sans tears so they can return to the happy, sexy couple they were right before all the Gwen drama.

As for Gwen, I hope she reverts to full villain, or at least bad girl, status. She’s way more fun that way and it’s a pretty hard sell trying to make her sympathetic. Perhaps with the oversharing Dr. Snyder blackmailing her, she’ll be nudged back in that direction. At the very least, it’s nice to watch someone make Gwen squirm for a change.

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Jack, Gwen and Julie talk at Horton House on Days of Our Lives

Hook, Line, and Sinker

Jan was pretty naïve to believe that staged fight between Belle and Shawn was real. She is off her rocker but still. It was great to see Shelle again though after, like Chabby, being off the air for over a week, and I was super into them setting a trap for Jan but it was so rushed. I mean, Jan didn’t even wait a full scene after witnessing their fight to plant a kiss on Shawn.

It could have been a hoot to watch Belle and Shawn sneaking around, making out behind closed doors, and stealing looks, a la Xarah, as they played Jan over a couple of episodes. But, of course, Jan found out she was being tricked, bringing Shawn’s plan to a screeching halt. I don’t want to watch her scheme to force Shawn to love her for the millionth time. And please, no more baseball uniform references. It’s all old and played out.

As I’ve mentioned numerous times before, I’ve really been enjoying all the humor on Days and I think Shawn and Belle could rock it as well. Maybe for their next story.

Jan watches as Belle throws drink on Shawn on Days of Our Lives

Odds and Ends

• Sami and Lucas won the week with their continued humor in the wine cellar. I felt bad for Sami when she cried on the phone to EJ but Lumi continues to be the highlight of Days for me.

• Chanel repeatedly saying how lucky Lani is to have Eli has me worried. She better not try to come between them. Instead, a nice triangle between her, Allie, and Tripp would work just fine. Or since Ben backed away from Claire’s kiss, maybe my enemies turned lovers theory will prove true.

• Speaking of, Lani and Eli could use a nice lighthearted story as well. Couldn’t they? Or just a story, really.

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Eli and Lani kiss at the police station on Days of Our Lives

• Now that Kristen has been arrested, it’s time to rest the character for a while. Maybe she could go hang out on the island to check on Sarah. She can take Jan with her while she’s at it.

• This version of Jake and Gabi are pretty sweet and I’m warming up to them, although I’m still hoping for more Gabi/Philip somewhere down the line. Maybe I’ll get my wish as I’m even more convinced that Jake is going to stay with Kate out of guilt.

These are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours? Share them below and then look through our photo gallery of the life and loves of Brady Black who was born 29 years ago this week. (It’s soap years, don’t put too much thought into it.)

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