Sami’s Blast From the Past Surprise on Days of Our Lives Was a Treat— and Bonnie’s Brady Bunch Jokes Left Us in Stitches

May 3 - 7:

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Hello Days of Our Lives fans! Lori Wilson is off this week, so I’m covering the soapbox for her. There was so much going on, especially in Friday’s episode, that I’m just going to dive into the commentary.

The Blame Game

The minute Gwen went tumbling down the steps after fighting with Abigail, the entire viewing audience knew where this storyline was headed. Yes, Gwen blamed Abigail for pushing her down the steps, leading to her miscarriage. There is a smidge of poetic justice for Gwen in her lie because we know it was an accident, just like we know Laura’s death was an accident, which Abigail refuses to believe.

Abigail grabs Gwen at the top of the stairs on Days of Our Lives

However, Gwen’s stunt puzzled me. She had just a week ago been telling Jack how she wanted a relationship with him, and even wanted to find a way to move past things with Abby, though knew the baby was a roadblock. Now she’s risking it all with another scam against her half-sister. This is likely in part due to her grief, but there is just no way will this end well for her. I was really starting to feel for Gwen, now I feel like we are back to square one with her devious character.

Those Classic Lines Reborn

Jan Spears continued to provide that fun level of crazy we’ve come to expect from her character. Hands down her and Bonnie’s conversation was one of the highlights of the week for me. Bonnie in particular nailed it with some of her lines during their tense reunion, in which the blonde quickly caught onto the fact that Jan knew way more about the case against Belle for Charlie’s murder than a recent coma patient should know. When Jan said she read about it on the dark web I lost it, because I doubt anyone on that side of the web cares about goody-two-shoes Belle Black.

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However, it was The Brady Bunch jokes that had me in stitches. When Bonnie realized Jan was still lusting after Shawn she told her, “You’ll never be Mrs. Jan Brady,” and then paused and added, “Wait I just got that!” The puns didn’t stop, as Bonnie told her to stick to her imaginary boyfriend George Glass. And when Bonnie went on and on about how awesome Justin was, Jan blurted out, “Justin, Justin, Justin!” It was a lot of fun and I don’t know how either actress kept a straight face delivering those lines.

Closing in on Jan

After what seems like months of revolving suspects in Charlie’s murder, and the events of the night slowly being pieced together, the show has shifted into overdrive in what feels like a rushed wrap-up of this story to nail Jan. I’m okay with that though. Frankly knowing an expendable character like Jan is the killer, well I’m just not that invested in Charlie’s murder storyline anymore. Also, Jan had the weakest motive as to why she wanted Charlie dead, compared to the rest of the suspects. All this just to frame Belle and get Shawn. Yawn!

Jan in a red coat shoots a gun on Days of Our Lives

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Tripp the Intern

I know this is a soap, and we have to suspend reality most of the time, but some things just get under my skin. Tripp, being given a short coat and an internship at the hospital where he’s treating patients is pushing it given he hasn’t even finished medical school. And what’s with the stick Dr. Snyder has up his butt? I guess every soap hospital has to have that one doctor nobody likes. Ava going into momma bear mode when she found Snyder disciplining and threatening Tripp was a nice scene, especially when she channeled her inner mob princess.

Masking Up

Last week Lori lamented about Kristen’s never-ending supply of masks. I share the sentiment, as I groaned watching her impersonate Kate to dump Jake. Now she’s trying to ship Kate off to a deserted island, which I assume is where poor Sarah is.

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Given her ability to get all these masks, I couldn’t help but wonder why Kristen just didn’t use a Chloe mask to inform Brady that her feelings for him were too strong, so she had to leave town. Kristen could have then kidnapped and shipped Chloe off, which would have been far less trouble than what she’s resorted to. Then again, the logical solution wouldn’t result in this wacky drama that Sami and Lucas have also found themselves mixed up in.

Dan Wells "Days of our Lives" sami stan ps

Speaking of Sami and Lucas, in one of the biggest surprises of the week, Sami pulled out the old Stan mask to pose as the cancer doctor Chloe contacted for a second opinion on Lucas. Talk about a blast from the past. This was a mask twist done right, unlike Kristen’s never-ending supply of them. Bravo! Unfortunately by the end of Friday’s episode, Chloe remembered meeting Stan on the pier back in the day. Seeing these old flashbacks really made me nostalgic.

As for Kristen, the jig is up as Susan said when Brady finally realized Susan and Kristen had swapped places. On his way to stop Susan, Brady literally ran into Kristen’s car as she was on her way to drop Kate off at the post office. Hopefully, this means the end of this storyline and a break from Kristen’s craziness. Also, perhaps it will also pave the way for Sarah’s return.

Everyone Knows Chanel

So Chanel not only was Theo’s ex while she was hanging out in South Africa, but now we find out she and Allie were party girls together in London. Chanel seems to have unknowingly met half of Salem while traveling the world. One of the other biggest surprises of the week came when Tripp walked in on the two reminiscing and kissing, sending the junior doctor running off completely confused. Of course, Allie was quick to note she wasn’t gay, and Chanel said she wasn’t either, but she’s also not into labels. The following conversation of whether Allie liked the kiss just came off as awkward. I’m all for inclusion and diversity, but this just stunk of a “let’s throw in a girl-on-girl kiss for the shock value,” and to keep Tripp and Allie apart, move.

days allie chanel clink glasses

These are simply my thoughts on the week. Tell us yours in the comments below and, in light of Mother’s Day weekend, then look through our soap opera photo gallery of daytime stars with their moms.

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