Days of Our Lives’ Character Inclusive Plots and Humor Are Saving a Couple Storylines — Plus, Missed Opportunities and Anticipating What’s Ahead

April 19 - 23

The week on Days April 23

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The best thing about Days of Our Lives right now is that many of their stories involve more than just those directly involved. That way, if viewers aren’t enjoying the main story, a side one could make up for it. And if the story is a bit isolated, there’s a lot of potential for that to change. 

Change of Clothes Needed STAT

Why is Ciara still in the hospital? It’s been weeks since the explosion. Aside from her two-year memory gap, she seems perfectly fine. Didn’t Shawn leave the hospital the very next day after getting shot? Mostly, I think I just want her out of that hospital gown.

Other than that, Ciara’s return isn’t doing the main players any favors. Ben reverted back to his psycho ways when he tried to inject her with Rolf’s serum, Theo is coming off as less than great by supporting her leaving Salem so soon after her memory loss, and I’m over Ciara ranting about how horrible Ben is — even if she has a point. Claire might be the only one whose character hasn’t been tarnished.

However, there should be more characters involved — like Ciara’s family. And for more than just a cursory visit. Not only should Shawn be more present in Ciara’s recovery but Hope should be back. Since that’s not happening, Ciara needs to go off to be with her mother, wherever she may be. That’s really the only exit story that makes even a little bit of sense for both characters. Otherwise, they should have just kept Ciara “dead” until/if Victoria Konefal decides to return full-time or they recast the character.

Ciara gives Ben bad news on Days of Our Lives

The Only Red Button in Salem

Shouldn’t some tests have been run to determine that the red button found at Charlie’s murder scene is actually from Belle’s coat before she was arrested? Trask is right, Rafe’s investigation is a joke, but her having Belle arrested because she “most likely” killed Charlie does not feel like a solid case.

It’s ridiculous for sure but it will hopefully lead to a good story for Belle and Shawn as they work together to clear her name. I just wish it wasn’t connected to Jan, and her presumed terrorizing of the couple, yet again. However, Charlie’s murder has involved most of Salem, either as suspects or because they’re connected to someone who was one. Hopefully, that will continue as the eventual truth about Jan being the shooter is revealed.

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Rafe holds an evidence bag on Days of Our Lives

So Many Missed Opportunities

Ava was redeemed too quickly. Tripp and Kayla’s issues were resolved too quickly. Allie and Tripp went from accused/accusee to smitten too quickly. There was so much drama to mine but everyone’s one big happy family now. I can’t help but imagine a better story would have been Charlie being Tripp’s mobbed-up brother who got Allie pregnant after having consensual sex. Once they were all back in Salem, he could have targeted Tripp because he got the girl and is playing step-daddy to Henry, while being the apple of their mother’s eye. Meanwhile, Ava could have fought, or embraced, her own pull to the family business, while Steve and Kayla navigated having her back in their lives. It would have involved all the same characters without dropping any of the drama.

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Tripp and Charlie face off on Days of Our Lives

Adultery is Adultery, Baby or Not

It’s understandable that Abby doesn’t want Gwen to be pregnant with Chad’s baby but he’s a cheater whether there’s a living reminder of that fact or not. And I’m all for the abortion conversation to be had, especially on soaps, but everyone suggesting Gwen have one so as not to inconvenience Chad and Abby just seems cruel. They’re in a bit of a storyline bubble but I’m hoping that changes once EJ returns. Especially if Abigail’s uncontrollable rage continues and she decides to lash out with her brother-in-law.

Chad in the middle of Gwen and Abigail on Days of Our Lives

Third Time Is Not the Charm

I was starting to think Jake and Kate’s talk about visiting a secluded island meant they were about to embark on a Sarah discovery but alas, Kate had to discover “Susan” is really Kristen instead. Now, per the spoilers, Kristen is going to pull out yet another mask and pass herself off as Kate. It could be considered campy here and there but impersonating three people in the span of two months? No thank you.

The positive in Kristen’s schemes is that it’s roped in several other storylines including Sami sleeping with Lucas (his amusement throughout has been a true highlight), Chloe’s feelings for Brady (and vice versa), and now Jake and Kate, which looks to extend to Gabi and Philip. So no matter how one feels about Kristen’s actions, the fallout gives a little something for everyone. And that’s good fun, even if Kristen impersonating two people at once is not.

Chloe hears Brady's confession on Days of Our Lives

Fun While It Lasted

Xander and Chanel’s marriage (which I’m shocked is real) continued to be a delight this week. From Abe listing Xander’s crimes to Xander and Chanel giddily plotting to Paulina learning Chanel was in on the scam, it’s been a fun story that looks to not be overstaying its welcome. They might have been a little insulated storyline-wise but that’s primed to change as Paulina moves forward with her Horton Square project. And Chanel has a few other twenty-somethings she can get involved with now that her cash grab of a marriage to Xander backfired in spectacular fashion. Not to mention, she’s going to need a job, which could lead to more shenanigans ahead. As for poor Xander, well he always lands on his feet and I can’t wait to see where exactly that will be.

Paulina meets with Chanel and Xander on Days of Our Lives

These are just my opinions on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us in the comments after looking through our revamped greatest supercouples of all time photo gallery below.

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