Ben’s Quest to Make Ciara Remember on Days of Our Lives Tarnished More Than Just *His* Relationship — Plus, This Week’s Most Well Adjusted Couple Isn’t Even a Couple… Yet

April 12 - 16

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As Richard noted last week, soap operas haven’t exactly kept up with the times. He was referring to stories about abortion but this week just reinforced that it’s true when it comes to sex and relationships as well. Specifically issues with consent. Days of Our Lives tells so many stories about sex under the influence or via manipulation that it’s like they time-jumped right over the Me Too movement. There is at least one couple who gives me hope though… so let’s get to it.

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When Lucas apologized to Sami for taking advantage of her vulnerability the morning after they had sex, she said there was no need for an apology. She certainly came off as willing and was only under the influence of potato chips, but it’s telling that Days felt the need to write that in. I applaud Lucas’ awareness but it’s not the first time characters have had to tell the audience that the sex wasn’t coerced. I’m sure it won’t be the last. Instead of crafting disclaimer dialogue though, the NBC soap opera could just stop writing troubling sex scenes. Sadly, they’re already queuing up another murky situation with Sami encouraging Lucas to seduce Chloe under false pretenses.

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Sami reacts to Lucas on Days of Our Lives

A Kilt and a Certificate Does Not a Legal Marriage Make

I like the character of Chanel. I like Chanel and Xander’s dynamic. It could be great fun to watch them platonically wreak havoc together. I just wish they’d been paired up without Chanel taking advantage of his inebriated state. I’m not convinced they are actually married and am assuming they didn’t consummate the union, but if she had joined Xander in on draining the minibar then at least they would have been on equal footing. Or equal-ish considering Xander had a full-day headstart.

I have to question Michelle, I mean, Chanel’s plan here though. Did she really believe Xander was just going to blindly support someone he met while blackout drunk once he sobered up? It does make one wonder if this is all just leading up to Sarah’s return.

Ben comes close to injecting Ciara with Rolf's drug on Days of Our Lives

Old Demons Are Hard to Shake

Then there’s Ben. I feel for him but his desperation is more obsession than love. Forcing his need on Ciara to remember him with tokens from their life together and Rolf’s drug did not make me root for him. It just felt like the Ben of old and reinforced Ciara’s belief that she should run screaming from him.

Thankfully, Theo stopped him from injecting a sleeping Ciara with Rolf’s drug that Jake and Kate (!) helped Ben get. I mean, what did they think Ben was going to do with it? Did they even think about Ciara? Like at all?

I was rooting for you, Kake. I really was. But I digress.

Ciara rightfully throwing Ben out of her life led her to kiss Theo which some fans have taken issue with, considering she is missing a couple of years from her memory. However, Theo responding to her is a little different than, say, Kristen putting on a Sarah mask and making out with Rex. Ciara has all the information, some of it even from Theo. She just can’t remember it. He isn’t trying to manipulate her situation for his gain, but he should definitely give Ciara the space to sort things out. Alas, there wouldn’t even be a debate if Days didn’t insist on writing such troubling dynamics all the time.

Gabi considers Philip's offer on Days of Our Lives

More Wine Please

Gabi and Philip were probably the healthiest couple on the show this week. And they’re not even a couple yet. They have been nothing but honest about their feelings for other people and the skeletons in their respective closets. Oh, they’re definitely playing games, just not with each other. Which is the kind of coupling I can get behind.

Odds and Ends

• Does Sami honestly think it’s better to stay quiet about Kristen keeping EJ’s mother Susan in prison than him finding out she slept with Lucas? What if EJ learns about both of her betrayals?

• Adding Paulina to the Xander/Chanel mix was as much fun as anticipated. Hopefully, there’ll be more in-law shenanigans in the future, which will extend to Eli and Lani.

• The ultimate problematic character’s murder mystery is still ongoing with yet another suspect topping Rafe’s list. But does anyone really think Belle did it? More importantly, can we just put an end to Charlie’s murder already?

• Despite originally thinking it was too soon for Tripp and Allie to get together, I’m warming up to them. It’s nice to see Allie happy for a change.

These are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. What are yours?

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