It’s About to Be a Whole New Days of Our Lives as the Stage is Set for EJ’s Return, Philip and Gabi’s Potential Pairing, and Xander’s Possible Rebound With [Spoiler]

March 29 - April 2

Chanel, Phabi, Xarah, Broe, Kristen on Days of Our Lives

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This week gave us the annual April Fools’ Day episode. Some of it was bonkers fun, but, per usual, it was just a break from current storylines, which you either love or hate. The episode also gave us a few inappropriate jokes thrown in about past storylines surrounding consent and assault and I’m never interested in that. However, despite seriously wondering in previous columns what Days is doing with their couples, this week served as an intriguing setup for potential pairings I am interested in.

Hate the Circumstances, Love the Fallout

I hate that the show separated Sarah and Xander and that we don’t know if she’s returning or not. But, damn if Paul Telfer isn’t making me feel the crap out of Xander’s heartbreak. His line delivery of Xander telling Roman, “I just want my girl back,” was such a gut-punch — even if Xander was being a drunken ass at the time. There better be a happy payoff for Xander at the end of this.

Before or if that happens, it seems Xander will continue his downward spiral at least through next week. Not only will he create a scene at Julie’s Place (is the Horton Square café next?), but per the spoilers, Xander will get acquainted with Chanel. She feels a little young for him romantically, but I can see the two troublemakers having fun shaking up a whole lot of things in Salem. And then if Paulina gets thrown in the mix? Yes, please.

Xander looking distressed on Days of Our Lives

Exes and Opposites Attract

Speaking of the spoiled, high-maintenance Chanel, she doesn’t necessarily seem like the kind of woman a very grounded Theo would go for, but, then again, he was with Claire who used to be super extra. Plus, the road to root-ability for Chanel feels like a well-worn path we’ve taken many times before. Of course, she could go the way of Gabi and skirt the line between good and bad girl, which more than works for me too.

As for Theo, his reunion with Ciara has been sweeter than I expected, but considering Victoria Konefal’s not sticking around for long, investing in them is futile. Even if she were to stay, she’d probably end up with Ben. Theo’s going to need someone to rebound to and Chanel feels like a good and obvious choice. Not only do they have chemistry and a past, but next week, she suggests they move in together. And you know what happens to soap characters who find themselves in close quarters…

Theo and Ciara share a funny moment on Days of Our Lives

Dude, Read the Room

Like Xander, Ben’s heartbreak is painfully coming through. But dude needs to take it down a notch. Ciara is clearly scared of him, yet he forced their whole past on her without acknowledging any of her cues. He might be desperate for her to remember him, but he really needs to read the room. Luckily for him, he had Claire to turn to for emotional support, sparking yet another coupling that has potential once Ciara’s gone. Days has done the smart thing by not rushing them, instead, laying a lot of groundwork making their presumed coupling more welcomed.

Ben is distraught talking about Ciara on Days of Our Lives

Phabi Rising

After witnessing their chemistry on full display this week, I’m totally into a Philip and Gabi hook-up. Not to mention, Jake is so rude to her it makes no sense for her to still want him. So, let these two fall for each other, whether while trying to make Jake jealous, by way of two lonely broken hearts coming together, or just to tick Kate off. I’m here for it either way.

Odds and Ends

• Is Sarah still in that trunk? Is she alive? Can she breathe? What is Kristen’s ultimate plan? So. Many. Questions.

• Oh, Brady you big lug, why are you so easy to manipulate? And now that you’ve recuperated, why are you still living with John and Marlena?

Blood on his face, Philip sits at a Brady's Pub table with Gabi on Days of Our Lives

• It’s about time EJ was recast, or potentially recast with Spartacus actor Dan Feuerriegel. Now, the speculation can begin. Especially regarding Sami’s love life, which she’ll actually have again. Considering she’ll make a confession about her marriage next week, could a love triangle develop between Sami, EJ and perhaps her ex, Lucas? Or maybe even her other ex, Rafe?

These are just my thoughts on the week in Salem. Tell us yours after refreshing your memory on EJ’s evil deeds, romances, and more in our photo gallery. Then, get your free daily soap-opera fix for Days of Our Lives — and all of the other daytime dramas — delivered straight to your email inbox by signing up for’s newsletter.


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