Linsey Godfrey’s Exit Has Us Wondering: What Does Days of Our Lives Have Against Its Couples?

March 21-26

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Despite knowing it was coming, watching Days of Our Lives’ Sarah and Xander be ripped apart on what was to be their wedding day still hit me hard. But it also got me thinking about how many other Salem couples have been struggling of late. Meanwhile, we also need to talk about Kristen’s ability to whip up a Sarah mask — without an assist from Rolf — and Ciara’s reaction to Ben’s attempt at pitching woo, so let’s dive right in.

Unhappily Ever After

I continue to be absolutely baffled by the decision to write off Linsey Godfrey’s Sarah. The actress shares crazy chemistry with leading man Paul Telfer (Xander), and their pairing resulted in a couple that perfectly balanced romance, drama and fun.

Sarah and Xander were unlike any other couple on the current canvas in that their playful banter had sort of a Moonlighting vibe that soaps often strive for but rarely nail so beautifully.

Sarah and Xander in each other's arms on Days of Our Lives

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On the plus side, Sarah wasn’t killed, so there’s always the chance that she’ll return. But in the meantime, we’re left with another fractured couple and another guy who, like Ben, is nursing a broken heart.

If there’s an upside, it’s that Xander’s not nearly as sentimental as Ben — an odd thing to say about a former serial killer — so there’s every likelihood that Victor’s nephew will harden his heart and throw himself right back onto the market.

Something tells us he’ll be snapped up pretty quickly… and that Sarah will then return to reclaim her man.

Misery Loves Company

Sarah and Xander are only the latest couple to be ripped apart on Days. Eric and Nicole had about six seconds of happiness before he jetted off to Africa, and Gwen was able to derail her new sister’s marriage with minimal effort. Lani and Eli’s wedded bliss was soon followed by a separation and a kidnapping, while things went south for Ben and Ciara literally seconds after tying the knot.

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I’ve long fought against the notion that when it comes to soap couples, happy equals boring. But darned if all four shows aren’t working hard to prevent me from finding a pair who’ll prove my thesis!

Let the Good Times Roll

Despite so many couples having issues, there was a surprising amount of fun to be had in Salem thanks to witty dialogue and character-based writing. I was particularly drawn to Julie and Paulina’s interactions during scenes involving the christening of Lani and Eli’s twins. The women felt like real members of an extended family. You know, the in-laws who would never, ever choose to spend time with one another but find themselves brought together by a family connection.

days paulina julie scowl JJ

I’m not saying I’ve seen this in my own family, but… yeah. Haven’t we all?

Likewise, Sami and Lucas’ scenes at the police station nicely played up the long — and not always pleasant — history the two of them share. In this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, I take that show to task for not using its history. That’s never the case on Days, where characters casually reference long-ago events the way real people would.

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I also loved new girl in town Chanel’s reaction to recent events. When Claire said that she and Ciara were on their way back to being best friends when “she was in a horrible explosion that wiped her memory,” Chanel said exactly what you or I would: “Now you’re just makin’ stuff up.”

But when Ben’s attempts to jog Ciara’s memory included him telling her their love “transcends space and time,” I really wanted her to laugh in his face. Because who wouldn’t upon hearing so ridiculous a statement?

Random Thoughts

• The murder mystery is definitely working for me, largely because it’s moving at a fairly brisk pace. The storytelling structure is solid, too, with each new suspect filling in another piece of the puzzle regarding what really happened the night Charlie was offed. Thanks to Sami’s spontaneous confession, she remains in the hot seat even as those who realize she’s innocent continue speculating as to the true murderer’s identity.

days sarah kristen hostage JJ

• So Kristen managed to whip up one of those masks that alters not only your face but also everything from your voice to… things anyone with an intimate knowledge of your body would notice? When, exactly, did she have time, given that she produced it within hours of kidnapping Sarah? I’d like to add these masks to the list of things Days needs to stop relying on so heavily, right beneath back-from-the-dead stories.

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• It always drives me nuts when soap characters just instantly renovate their homes. Both the DiMera living room and Nicole’s apartment got entirely new looks in the blink of an eye. As someone whose home has been undergoing renovations for approximately 415 years, I only wish it was actually that easy. That said, I kinda dig the new DiMera living room. At first, I thought they’d gotten rid of Stefano’s portrait — “Who will everyone direct their soliloquies to?” I fretted — but it turns out it’s hanging above the relocated fireplace. Phew!

Speaking of Stefano, after sharing your thoughts on this week’s episodes in the comment section, swing by our nefarious new photo gallery in which we rank daytime’s greatest villains. I had a long talk with the late DiMera patriarch’s portrait about where he landed on the list, and he totally approved.


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