Ben and Xander’s Heartbreak Dominated the Week on Days of Our Lives, Leading Us to Ponder Salem’s Glaring Couple Problem

March 15 - 19

Sami and Lucas, Xander and Sarah, Ben and Ciara on Days of Our Lives

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This is Lori, filling in for Richard with the latest Days of Our Lives Soapbox. There was a lot of heartbreak and good old-fashioned soapy drama this week, but a glaring problem was also highlighted: Too many characters are so tied to their love interests, they’re left stranded when their counterparts leave — especially when the show doesn’t want to let them go.

Reunited and It Feels So Bad

Ben finding Ciara only for her to get amnesia and believe he’s still the Necktie Killer is such a classic soap move. But it’s also super frustrating for Cin fans. The biggest problem isn’t that Ciara has amnesia, it’s that Victoria Konefal has gone on recurring status with no guarantee she’ll be around for long. (This is in no way blaming Konefal who has every right to take a step back.)

Even if Ciara does get her memories back, where will that leave the duo and their fans? Considering Ben’s soul mate could just keep popping in and out of Salem, it’s a tough ask for fans to hold out hope for a real reunion. If that’s not in the cards, investing in another pairing for Ben (presumably Claire) knowing Ciara could return to blow it up isn’t an easier sell. Unless she regularly recurs and doesn’t leave for long periods of time, it might be better to bid adieu to Ciara for a while, or dare we suggest… recast her.

Ciara recoils from Ben on Days of Our Lives

A Kilted Groom With No Bride

As for poor Xander, thanks to Kristen, and Linsey Godfrey exiting the show, he’s been left devastated. Although, it could all just be a ruse and Sarah is only off-canvas temporarily. Days does love to send characters away only to bring them back months later. I really hope they bring Godfrey back, but if it was her choice to leave, a recast could be on the way. Why else make viewers invest in this unlikely couple, only to rip the rug out from under them?

While we wait to see what happens, it could be fun to watch Xander embrace his bad boy side again (except for caging women… please never again) while in the depths of his grief. Maybe he hooks up with a woman who encourages that side of him? Something will need to happen considering Xander now has no woman, no job, and no friends. Well, except for Jack, I guess.

Impersonators “R” Us

Speaking of Sarah, are we to believe Kristen made an exact replica of her face in one day? How? Where? At this point, I’m choosing to believe Kristen has already made a mask of everyone in Salem to keep on hand just in case.

The bigger issue is that Kristen selflessly went to prison to protect Lani and her babies, only to derail her redemption because… she’s jealous of Chloe? That’s not enough reason to root for her while she runs around looking like Sarah, almost raping Rex, keeping Susan locked away, and destroying Xarah’s happiness. There is zero reason for Brady to stay devoted to her. Even when she was being a good girl locked up behind bars, it limited Brady’s story options. As in, he had none. Therefore, it might be time to free Brady from his storyline prison. Xander fances Kristen as Sarah with Rex on Days of Our Lives

A Husband We Never See, an Ex Right in Front of Her

Meanwhile, Brady’s sister Sami’s romance problem comes courtesy of EJ, who was inexplicably resurrected only to be shipped off to Rome. Keeping EJ alive, never to be seen, instead of recasting him, really hinders Sami, especially since her current stint will be longer than usual. It also makes no sense for EJ not to accompany Sami to see his own family in Salem.

As for the other man in her life, Sami solely confiding in Lucas about the night Charlie was killed was perfect. Were she not tied to EJ, there could be a window for the exes to fall back in love, or at least in bed, while they work to protect their daughter. Lord knows Lucas could use some lovin’. But if they did hook up and viewers never worry about, or witness, EJ finding out, would it even matter that she’s married?

Lucas and Sami talk in the interrogation room on Day of Our Lives

No Man, No Story

Then there’s Nicole, who was set adrift when Eric left the canvas. If that was going to be the case, why wasn’t the character recast? Or killed off? Nicole shouldn’t be dependent on a man for a story, but here we are.

Perhaps, she and Sami could unite to protect Allie somehow. I do love a good frenemies-teaming-up storyline, á la Abby and Gabi against Gwen. While my colleague Richard appreciated the brevity of that storyline, I was left lamenting the lost potential for continued hijinx. But I digress.

There is the possibility that Nicole could enter a love triangle with Rafe and Ava, or get into a corporate war, considering she runs Basic Black. Honestly, anything will do. Just give her something to sink her teeth into aside from Rafe’s Christmas cookies. And no, that’s not a euphemism.

These are just my thoughts. What are yours? Sound off below!

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