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Deconstructing DOOL: A maddening week in more ways than one

June 5 - 7:

It was a short week in Salem due to the show being pre-empted Thursday and Friday for tennis. Unfortunately, the island storyline dominated the three days we got. While bad, it was at least better than the drivel involving Dario and Abby, and Jade and Claire.

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Deserted island nightmare.
Christine noted that in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL that the islanders looked and acted as though they’re vacationing in the Hamptons. This week their vacation turned into a nightmare. After being bitten by a mosquito on the island, Paul contracted the dreaded Jungle Madness! This was confirmed by the diary that JJ and Lani discovered in an abandoned shack where a couple who went off the grid lived. The diary, written by the wife, detailed her husband’s descent into madness. JJ and Chad both recalled when Peter suffered his own bout of the disease. I found myself stunned that they mentioned his name, because over the last few years it seemed as if the DiMeras had long forgotten about Peter. It’s too bad the writers couldn’t have kept it that way. The original Jungle Madness storyline with Peter was bad enough, so there was no reason to revive it with this bunch. Chad-Gabi-hairwash-Days-XJJ It seems the only thing people have been enjoying about this storyline was Paul clocking Gabi over the head with a rock. Things got downright silly when in the midst of the threat of disease carrying mosquitoes and a crazed Paul stalking the camp, Chad and Gabi decided to take a “South Pacific” break and the DiMera gave Gabi a luxurious shampoo. Too bad he couldn’t wash himself out of her hair! “Days” will be pre-empted on Thursday and Friday, giving viewers a vacation from this island nightmare. Vote in our poll: If the islanders where playing Survivor, who would you want to see voted off first?

Tis the season for marriages of convenience.
It seems marriages of convenience are all the rage in Salem. Dario continued his scam to convince Abigail to marry him to protect him from his fake deportation scandal that if forced back to Mexico he’d be killed by a drug lord he crossed. It’s too bad this isn’t true, because I’d be rooting for the drug lord if it was. I’m not sure how lowly Dario has been able to fool everyone into thinking this story is real, including the new chief of police and his own brother the former FBI agent. Hope finally had her suspicions about him though, and his highly paid IT guy. Speaking of Hope, a lot of people on Twitter jumped on her for her marriage advice to Abigail.

Then there is Kate and Andre, who may be getting married to save DiMera enterprises. With Chad missing, the board is itching to sell off the company, and will do so without a DiMera at the head. Kate agreed to take the position, and marry Andre in order to make her a DiMera. Hey why not, she’s married or slept with everyone else in Salem at this point!

Sex, lies and digital video.
Jade scheming to make a sex video of Theo and Claire, in order to help make Claire internet famous, has to be the most ridiculous storyline in a long time. Given some of the crud that “Days” has been putting on air lately, that’s saying a lot. The entire storyline just epitomizes what a pointless character Jade is. Claire should have pressed charges against Jade and gotten her off this show. Had she done so it may have made me actually like Claire.

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These are just my opinions on the past week. Please share your own thoughts in the comments!

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– Dustin Cushman


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