Did John Really Just Call Sami a… Why, Yes, He Did — and It Was Awesome!

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It may have been a short week in Salem, thanks to pre-emptions on Thursday and Friday, but that doesn’t mean that Days of our Lives didn’t still pack a punch! Heck, the Sami/John confrontation alone was worth the price of admission! What were the highs and lows of the week? Read on, and we’ll talk about it all, from the perfectly-timed return to Ben’s very special cuddle buddy. 

Sami and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very-Bad Day

Admit it: You cheered when John called Sami a bitch and threw that cheap cactus at her head. Both he and Marlena began wondering what was wrong with him, but I’m pretty sure most viewers thought it was the most honest exchange he and his stepdaughter have had in a while! Sami may not technically have caused his aneurism, but that doesn’t make the things she said to him any less awful! Her rotten day continued when she walked in to find Nicole holding her grandson. Next on the hit parade — and another real highlight of the week, given how much I’ve complained about that baby not having a name — was Sami being told by the airline that no, she couldn’t just get on a plane with some unnamed tot and fly off to Rome! Then, of course, there was the capper — Allie strolling in, presumably to reclaim Kiddo (which is what I’ve decided to call that baby until someone gets around to giving him an actual name).

Quote of the Week: “Leave it to you to bring in a plant that doesn’t need any care. That’s how you treat people, anyway. You think they can survive on nothing, but you, on the other hand… you need all the love and attention because you’re so special! Do you have any idea how sick I am of you?” — John to Sami and her cactus

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Here Comes Trouble!

They say that those who don’t remember the past are doomed to repeat it. I say that those who do were thrilled to see Jan Spears push all of Belle’s buttons! Give that this week, Martha Madison told me that she’d love to see alter ego Belle be more than just the town lawyer, you know she’s got to be thrilled to see the character’s darker side come out. I never actually watched the on-line episodes about the Last Blast Reunion but I might have to go back and check them out, because I’ve been a fan of Ms. Spears ever since… well, since she donned a nurse’s uniform and tied Shawn (then Jason Cook, above) to a bed. Having Jan bond with Claire over their shared issues was brilliant, and it painted Belle into a particularly fascinating (and very hypocritical) corner: On the one hand, she’s been fully (OK, fine, mostly) in Claire’s corner when it comes to believing in her recovery. Yet right in front of her daughter, she called Jan crazy and said people like her don’t change!

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How Convenient!

The Jan story also quickly looped in Philip and Xander, who already were butting heads thanks to Victor’s decision to make them co-CEOs of Titan. After seeing Philip manhandle Jan, Xander realized she might be a useful weapon in his arsenal. And by being in the right place at the right time, Philip was able to comfort Belle, with whom he shares the kind of past for which the Facebook status “It’s complicated” was invented. It’s kind of incredible how many Salemites were drawn into Jan’s orbit over the course of a few days, especially when you add in all of those impacted by her involvement in the Kiddo storyline which served as her re-introduction to the canvas.

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The Least Shocking Shocking Twist Ever

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a single person in the Days of our Lives audience who was as surprised as Hope to learn that no trace of Ciara had been found in the wreckage of the blown-up car. Similarly, I suspect an awful lot of viewers would have happily traded places with the pillow Ben spent the better part of an episode canoodling with while dreaming about his supposedly-dead wife. Lucky, lucky pillow. With Kristian Alfonso’s Hope set to depart the canvas in the near future, this week’s episodes may well have set in motion her exit. In fact, Hope searching for Ciara was one of the ways we predicted the character might be written out!

That’s my take on this week’s episodes… now hit the comments with yours! Then, to make sure you don’t miss a single spoiler about what’s coming next for your favorites, be sure to sign up for the free’s newsletter.


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