Aren’t We Ready for Abigail to Come out the Winner vs. Being a Victim — & Minus Any Baggage and Annoying Alters?!

September 8 — 10

days of our lives opinion column September 11

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Days of our Lives featured more on Abigail’s big return (as Marci Miller) and Gwen finally gave us a little preview into her motives for arriving in Salem. We were privy to that deliciously soapy cliffhanger surrounding Ciara, and saw another return in Tripp. Since the show wasn’t on Monday, due to the Labour Day holiday, and I was off Friday, let’s take a look at the episodes in between…

Speak up and stop the stammering

I’d forgotten how softly Marci Miller speaks. I couldn’t hear a word she said the first day of her return over my typing. And Chad went straight back to stammering when she walked into the room. It’s uncanny.

Both Kate Mansi and Marci Miller are talented actresses and bring something different and interesting to the role. Miller slid back into Abigail’s shoes with ease as if she never left, which surprised me. She and Chad shared a few lingering sexy kisses, that oddly, we didn’t see much of during Mansi’s return. Let’s hope Abs doesn’t come with baggage, meaning those annoying alters. I don’t think I could take another bout of ‘Gabby with a y’ and Dr. Laura. Am I alone?

Gwen Without-a-Name

A few days before it came out that Gwen drugged Abigail, I half-heartedly speculated that it could be her since everything seemed to be adding up, but I had no idea that it was true. What a fantastic twist. But why and why does the show insist on always drugging poor Abigail? This time around, I don’t want Abigail as the victim. Not that I ever did but aren’t we all ready for Abigail to come out the winner and beat Gwen at her own game?

Watching Gwen spike only one champagne glass in Tuesday’s episode had everyone confused. How did Gwen know she spiked the right glass? Ron Carlivati explained that what was written didn’t match direction. I mean that’s a pretty big mistake to make but it didn’t detract from the juicy twist for me. Shit happens.

Ciara’s dead – or is she?

I’m not sure what to say about this storyline since nobody dies on Days of our Lives and Victoria Konefal reported she’s leaving the show but will be making appearances. It’s a huge change to the show, and to Ciara and Ben as a couple. How will Ben fit into Salem without her? And since Hope is leaving, is there still room for Ben? I feel really bad for their fans and stans. I know what it’s like to lose one-half of one of your favourite couples. But the way it was done was so deliciously soapy, leaving us to wonder where the heck Ciara is. As mentioned in last week’s opinion column, I’d love her to go away for a while to think about Ben’s history of murder and to sort things out. I’m also wondering why Hope hasn’t blamed Ben for the kidnapping. That’s what I expected, rather than them clasping hands in solidarity but whatever. Once again, Kristian Alfonso stole the show with her pain and loss over Ciara’s death. My heart broke for her. This is as good as any reason for her to leave town. But I wish she’d reconsider and return. Has anyone else noticed that she and Shawn make a great police team?

Tripp’s return

Tripp’s return came right out of the blue and made many ask, “Why?” I guess considering half the Days cast is leaving the show, that they had to bring past characters back. But I have another idea. We speculated back in July that Tripp may be Allie’s baby daddy and now, we’re about 99% sure that he just has to be!

Best lines:

Vincent to Ciara, “I’d never hurt you, Wendy.”

Chad tells Abigail he was playing along with Gwen. “So you let her kiss you,” Abigail counters.

Belle explains to Philip she thought he was Jan Spears. “That’s not at all flattering,” Philip says.

These are my thoughts on Days of our Lives, please discuss yours with me in the comment section below…


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