Days of Our Lives Is Back to Writing Solid, Soapy Family Drama — & We Couldn’t Be Happier

August 17 — 21

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I realize I’m just back from a holiday, but this is another short week for me. Yay for summer Fridays off! But that means Friday’s episode isn’t included in this column. What is included is a lot of praise over what Days of our Lives is doing with their family drama, and a little bit of gossip about those whining, overbearing, and bratty Salemites we love or love to hate on.

Oh, the drama

The way viewers feel about the Baby Horton story has intrigued me as much as the story itself. I’ve found it hard to side with anyone on who ‘deserves’ custody and am not alone. The poor kid has no name and his flake of a mama abandoned him, without signing proper documents regarding his welfare. Sami’s right about her daughter. She can’t make her own decisions. Maybe part of that is Sami’s fault, considering she’s been so overbearing. Maybe she never gave Allie the tools to learn to make her own decisions. Who knows?

The big question that’s dividing fans – was Sami really out of line with the restraining order? Should she have “roped” Belle into serving her brother and Nic the papers? I say no because if she hadn’t, we wouldn’t have been treated to all of this delicious drama. Besides, Belle is a big girl and could have said no.

Sami often brings up Nicole’s porn past which is always irrelevant in any situation. But Nic Nic’s past that is most relevant to this story is that she once stole Sami’s baby and switched it with Mia’s. And then Grace died and Nicole watched Sami mourn her while she kept Sydney as her own. Sure, Nicole paid for it with jail time, but a mother would never forgive a woman for doing this to her, which is why I could understand Sami getting a restraining order – even though Nicole is a different person now. But Sami never referred to that being the reason why she filed the order, which means the real reason was pettiness!

I loved that John defended Belle and went off on Sami for getting his daughter involved. It’s exactly what we’d expect to happen but was surprising since the show hasn’t used this type of drama for so long. It’s good stuff! Sami yelling at John, telling him he’s nothing to their family was horrible, and shocking since they’ve been on good terms for years. How soapy! Seeing her sob and apologize profusely after he collapsed was everything. My guess is that she’s not going to tell anyone what happened before John almost died, but let’s be honest. It wouldn’t have mattered. The aneurysm would have ruptured no matter what was going on. Aneurysms aren’t caused by arguments. At least Marlena was there to save his life. Uh so far…

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Lani’s whining

If we have to listen to Lani whine about her babies during the entire pregnancy, it’s going to be one hell of a long nine months.

More juicy baby drama

It’s great that Sonny finally has a job to go with his suits but how dense is he that he actually thought Gabi would react well at having her baby taken from her? Even though Gabi’s rarely even seen with the kid she doesn’t have the market cornered on being an absentee parent in Salem. They all suck at one time or another.

Overall, Sonny and Will’s smug assumptions rubbed me the wrong way and I found myself on Gabi’s side and Arianna’s side. Why should Arianna be ripped out of the only home she’s ever known, with family and friends?

PhillyK’s return

Matty and I ( writer, Matt Purvis) had been chanting, “Bring back PhillyK” for years and now Jay Kenneth Johnson is finally back. I started watching Days of our Lives in the 90s, during the Last Blast Crew heydays, when they wrote teenagers well, which is why I’m so into this. That Philip hasn’t changed a whole lot is fun – he always was a brat with his family. Asking Victor to dump Xandy as CEO within the first few minutes of returning made me laugh aloud. I hope Belle and Shawn stick around longer, and gee…I wonder who else will turn up?!

Bon Bon & Justin?

Ugh. Bonnie can be so charming sometimes that I can’t help but like her, and then she does something annoying to ruin it. I didn’t want to do it but I admit I felt something during Bonnie and Justin’s scenes. I think I’m transferring my feelings for Adrienne and Justin to Bonnie and Justin. Part of me still wonders if she’s really Adrienne. Cause… Salem.

Old friends tell it like it is

Kate and Marlena’s scenes are always interesting. They are friends who rarely are seen together. I agree with Kate that Eric’s Marlena’s favourite over Sami. That Marlena can’t see it is pretty funny since the entire audience has for decades. What I didn’t agree with was that Kate kept quiet about Marlena being oblivious to her fugly wardrobe choices. Kate’s got fashion sense. She should help a sister out.

Xarah hotness

I was really into Sarah and Xander sexting and their afternoon delight. Xander sending that shirtless text was a nice touch. Thank you Days of our Lives.

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Best lines:

Victor, “To the peace and tranquility of a quiet house.” (In walks Bonnie.)


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