A Lot of the Juicy Stuff Keeps Happening Offscreen on Days of Our Lives

August 10 - 14

Deconstructing DOOL August 13

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I’m Lori and I’m filling in for Christine while she’s on vacation. This week I was more concerned with what was missing than what was playing out on screen. We were also introduced to a new Claire who impressed while raising some questions. Let’s get to it.

Longest makeup sex ever

Xarah had a steamy reunion last week, but where was the follow-up? I like to imagine they’re still in his room having makeup sex, but where do they go when they come up for air? They should definitely stay fun and flirty, at least for a little while before dealing with any more tearful drama. I’d like to see Sarah be the one to do something shady next. Nothing too illegal, like kidnapping a baby, but maybe something small to protect Xander or help him at Titan. I can already see the grin on Xander’s face should he discover Sarah was the one to skirt her ethics. I agree with Christine from last week’s opinion piece, Sarah’s more enjoyable when she’s happy. So more of that, please.

What is she fighting for?

The scenes of Jack and Jennifer reacting to Gwen were hilarious. I love Gwen, she’s fun, a bit of a bad girl, and says whatever’s on her mind, but she needs more depth. Her only purpose in life is to be with Jake, who has done nothing to indicate he deserves such devotion. I want Gwen feisty, not pathetic. She also needs a job, a last name, and anything else to make her more fully realized. Like a return to her friendship with Claire, or more flirty banter with Chad. Their scenes are fun – for her as well as him. Unless Abigail returns a lighter version of herself, I’d like to see Chad let loose with someone new and enjoy a storyline that doesn’t end in tears and trauma.

Chinese food – better than sex?

Ben and Ciara ate Chinese food instead of having sex on their “wedding night.” Of course, they consummated their marriage the next day, but for a brief moment, I was relieved. Ben is clearly traumatized and not ready, which Ciara realized causing her to pivot. That’s a rarity on soaps, especially on Days of our Lives where characters are tricking each other into sex all over the place. I also appreciated Ciara telling him to talk to Marlena about his kidnapping. Just about everyone in Salem has been kidnapped, raped, tortured, or suffered some other trauma. Unless they’re written off to be institutionalized, they rebound as if nothing happened. Ben desperately needs therapy. I hope we get to see it.

Speaking of Ben, that hug between him and Claire had a few viewers wondering if it was a sign of what’s to come, especially considering Victoria Konefal is leaving as Ciara. Either way, Isabel Durant recast as Claire is a great fit. She’s a natural and feels like a more adult version of the character.

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How did we not see Abe get the news about Lani having twins? That would have been a sweet moment to witness. Plus, it would have given us more Elani which we didn’t get any of this week.

Likewise, why did Sonny tell Ari offscreen that she wasn’t getting a sibling? More importantly, why wasn’t Will in on that conversation?

“Dr. Marlena,” really? Ciara and Ben know her personally. It should only ever be Dr. Evans or Marlena. They aren’t children.

Is 20-something Allie really taking cabs instead of ordering rideshares?

These are just my thoughts on this week’s Days of our Lives. What are yours? Sound off below!

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