Deconstructing DOOL: Eve Tortures Ben — & We’re Not Completely Against It

July 27 — 31

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Last week on Days of our Lives, a bomb blew up the church, and ruined the wedding, and this week, Eve revealed she’s the one who abducted Ben. This is just the beginning, according to Robert Scott Wilson, who previewed this new story as being “heavy, wild, and exciting.” 


Eric and Nicole had the fastest honeymoon in the history of soaps and we didn’t get to spy on any of it. We were robbed! While they were on a hot balloon ride over the Serengeti, we were stuck in Salem, watching a church get blown to smithereens. T-shirts should be made about this. Some fans went insane with anger that we weren’t treated to the honeymoon scenes. Some felt they should have spent the night in a hotel and rescheduled the honeymoon – for never. Maybe I’d be pissed too if I didn’t know that the soap has a small budget. Though I’m not a fan of this couple anymore, I found their post-honeymoon banter romantic, and adorable. I was into it, especially since they made fun of that past statue storyline:

Eric to Nicole, “I got you a little something. A souvenir.”
Nicole, “I hope it’s not an elephant statue.”

And I agree with Lucas. Allie should stay at the DiMera mansion with him for a few weeks instead of hanging around that dinky apartment with the lovebirds. She’s got a touch of Selfish Sami in there. Oh, boy was Sami ‘extra’ when Allie went into labour issuing orders, trying to pull Allie’s strings like a puppet master. It’s easy to see why Allie wanted to get away from her.

Lumi’s still got it

Even though we rarely see Sami and Lucas, their chemistry still shines. That hospital scene filled with casual barbs at each other reminded me of how much I missed them.

Lucas to Sami, “You’re kind of like one of those inflatable clowns. They get at you, you try to push them away, they just keep bouncing back, you know what I mean?”

And it’s true. She’s so…Sami. And Lucas is always so…angry. It didn’t help that Bonnie slipped into his bed and checked out his goods and services. I admit that it made me laugh, because I know she’s harmless, but the woman lacks boundaries. She’ll get along well with Gwen, the “needy kook” with a “foul mouth.” Two peas gold-diggers in a pod.

Chad vs. Gabi

I may be one of the few who sometimes enjoys Gabi and Chad’s sparring. I always thought they were sexy together and I still see that underlying chemistry while they rave like loons, hating on each other. I’m no Gwen fan but must admit that her appearance at the DiMera homestead should make things interesting. She gives as good as she gets from Gabi, though I could use less of her and Jake’s annoying and toxic arguments or sex scenes. I’m with Gabi on that. Ew.

Li Shin’s return has been intriguing. He and Gabi also have wicked chemistry, but it doesn’t look as if Li has much respect for Chad anymore. Since Li’s sticking around a while, I’m interested to see what happens next.

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The Sh*t is about to hit the fan

When Sonny and Will learned that Allie was allowing them to adopt her kid, they had Justin drop everything and draw up adoption papers. It was so fast that I immediately cringed, thinking that their excitement is about to come crashing down around them. Maybe Allie will see her baby and decide to keep it. Or Sonny will learn that Will knew about Sami going behind Allie’s back to convince Rafe not to adopt the baby so they could. Either way, trouble is brewing.

My dad was a firefighter, so I know how to fight fires

A firefighter, a cop. Those are jobs. Not genes to be passed down to your kids, which is why it sounded so stupid when Ciara told Rafe that her parents were cops, so she knows all about interrogations. I rolled my eyes, and then chalked it up to desperation to find her husband and immediately forgave her. Later, Claire turned out to be a better detective than most of the current ones, when she put it together that Eve Donovan was the kidnapper. It’s a little ironic that Claire’s daddy is Shawn D, who actually is a good detective.

Two things: Can’t we have Belle and Shawn stay in Salem? Once Rafe and Hope are gone, Shawn could head up SPD. The second thing – why do we never get romantic moments between Shelle when they’re in Salem?

Eve waited for her moment…patiently

Ben was…say it with me…abducted. It’s the eighty-seventh kidnapping in Salem this year. His kidnappers dressed up for the occasion. Vincent’s as creepy as he is easy on the eyes. He makes a good villain. Maybe he was schooled by Dr. Rolf. This eye-for-an-eye has been something that many viewers have wanted to happen for a while. We still have yet to see Ben think about any of his victims, relive the murders, lose sleep over it, though he says he feels guilty every day. I mean, you can’t quantify guilt. But at last, Eve made him say their names, which is a start. As much as I do like Ben, I can’t blame Eve for wanting to hurt the man who murdered her kid. I guess I’m just not completely against it, though that could change after the brainwashing begins and poor Ciara’s in danger.

The scenes themselves were so over-the-top. Eve took her sweet time, using her sexiest voice, in a long, drawn-out scene when I just wanted her to get to the point. A few other fans chimed in:

Michelle Woods, a commenter, said, “Eve is just coming off as pathetic and lame. She didn’t give two sh$#s about her daughter when she was alive. She just kept on sleeping with her daughter’s boyfriend over and over without any thought to Paige. Just STFU Eve and go away.”

H&H mentions

We had a Harold and Henderson mention this week! Behind the scenes, Henderson was tasked with getting a bottle of bubbly for WilSon, and I just knew they saw more than they revealed. Harold saw Bon Bon slip into Lucas’ bed and squealed to Kate. I. Love. It.

That’s all I’ve got for the week. Take a look at last week’s Days of our Lives opinion column, where I touched base on the bombing, that epic pop in, and Xarah getting closer, and join in on the discussion with any random thoughts on the week.

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Best lines:

Will, “Mom went full Sami on her.”

Gabi says this to Chad about Gwen, “Who would settle for ground beef when you can have filet mignon?”
Gwen to Gabi, “Can you tell Cook Jake and I like ours medium-rare?”


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