Deconstructing DOOL: Cin Wedding Rants — & Raves, that Epic Bombing and the Missing Groom

July 20 - 23

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Ben and Ciara’s wedding was the event of the season. Everyone was there. Ciara wore the big gown, there were more extras at their wedding than any other, they had the big church wedding, and so on and so forth – those are just a few of the rants from some viewers who wished that their own ships had the same love given to them. And I get it. But to be fair, this was Cin’s first wedding. It was lovely, the bomb going off was insane – the ticker tape was everything, the groom going missing was a shocker, and the week as a whole was pretty good…This is a short week for me. I’m off until Monday, so will dish on Friday’s episode next week.

Vivian’s funeral

Most of us suspected that my Vivian would fake her own death, but I was a little surprised to actually see her in the casket (not to mention at the DiMera mausoleum). For a minute, I thought she was holding her breath until it was later revealed she took Dr. Wu’s drug that makes you appear dead. Hart Felder, a Soaps commenter said, “I thought they would drag that out much longer- was surprised when Viv popped up in the coffin that quickly!” Seriously! Fast-moving storylines! And are these two gone now? For now? I’m not a fan of the quickie pop-in, but as pop-ins go, this one was epic.

I laughed when Kate filled Jake in on her feud with Vivian but as usual, though I love the humour, it’s often at the sacrifice of viewers getting to know a character’s feelings. In this case, Jake’s. Luckily, he talked to Ben about the sordid mess and seems to have forged a bond and possible friendship with Gabi. It was easy and I finally enjoyed them together. When Gabs brought up Kate and Vivian’s long-standing rivalry, I raised one John Black eyebrow, wondering if she even knew Kate or Vivi back then.

Last time in my DOOL column I said Jake was growing on me. That’s still happening this week, thanks to the Jabi scenes. Now that we know Jake is simply Jake, I’m wondering if the reason Stefan didn’t return is that they wanted a fresh approach with the same actor, but without Stefan’s rape in his history. This is a good thing. I still miss Stabi or what might have been. Don’t worry. I’ll be fine. But hugs and support are always appreciated…

What happened to Ben?

Considering Ciara was ill and Ben hallucinated Jordan on the day of their wedding, (at least after he spoke with Marlena) it seems that someone must have drugged them. I don’t think it was Claire. When Ciara was about to throw up, Claire saved the dress. Why would she do that if she wanted to ruin the wedding? Of course, Ciara wouldn’t have noticed since she was so sick but it was a huge tell. We know Eve returns to Salem soon, so I still can’t help but wonder if she fits into this mess. Maybe she set the bomb and kidnapped Ben.

I was happy to see Jordan return but she keeps getting more cartoonish and ridiculous with each new visit which is creepy. Maybe this time it was meant to show how Ben sees her unconsciously. I dunno.

The rave – The wedding itself was exceedingly traditional. Over the years I’ve realized that those types of weddings are seriously not my cup of tea, (I burst out into inappropriate laughter at pomp and circumstance) but it was absolutely lovely nevertheless. It was their first wedding and was filled with their obvious love for each other. The bombing was incredible. Very realistic and exciting. Filled with drama. Must-see.

I did find it silly having Julie officiate in the church. It confused others. The answer to the question below is, “No, but…Salem.”

The rant – I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how viewers who weren’t huge Ciara and Ben fans felt watching this big production. Some are upset that Nicole and Eric, who have had this long-term love off and on for many years, had a little wedding in a bar. Missing was Will, Eric’s nephew, and Brady, Nicole’s BFF, and they weren’t even mentioned. Some were angry that Ben, a serial killer, had this huge wedding but nobody’s able to see that Claire really has changed.

The superficial – Claire chose Ciara’s wedding gown which screamed 1990, and not at all in tune with what Ciara usually wears. Allie’s dress was made from some old shower curtain out of Alice’s attic. Everyone else looked great, but those outfits stood out for me.

Adorable siblings

Allie’s embarrassment over “that hot guy” Xandy, carrying her to the hospital when she collapsed was adorable. I really enjoyed Will and Allie’s sibling bonding. It made me sad to think that soon, Will and Sonny will be gone. We spoke with Freddie Smith who teased the exit earlier today. Watch for another interview with Freddie on Monday.

Xarah are coming…

Xander and Sarah came closer while they worked at helping those injured at the church. This seemed to be a turning point for her and she melted a little toward him. Or was that me? I can’t help but wonder how she would have felt if he had sex with the massage therapist? Would it have mattered to her since he’s a free agent?

Get some class

Here’s the thing. I love Julie. But right now, I’m over her. Her feral cat story was rubbish. I’m tired of her barbs at Gabi, “I might have known you’d survive. The cockroaches will survive us all.” Ugh…yes, she should be pissed at Gabi and my Gabi deserves way more than that for what she did but as a viewer, I’m bloody over it! I want my Julie to be classy and having her spout that sort of garbage better meant for Sami’s mouth doesn’t fit with who I’ve always seen her as. I’d love to hear more thoughts on this – and the rest of the week!

Join in on the discussion with your take.

Best lines:

Ben, “We all know I’m the feral cat.”

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