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Deconstructing DOOL: Is there anyone in Salem who is happy?

April 24 – 28

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Nobody’s happy in Salem. Higley just loves to write all this doom and gloom. Last week’s highlights were based on Julie and Gabi’s rivalry and that hilarity between Kate and Andre. This week Jennifer waving a French fry in Anne’s face was the highlight. Yep.

Lucas sighting.
Lucas was supposed to be in a scene with Hope and Rafe at SPD that was I guess cut last week, because it never aired, but we got to see him for 2 minutes with Anne where all they talked about was fries. I couldn’t believe my ears and I’m not sure how to feel about that scene. I’m pretty sure I’ll love it if I watch it 2 or 3 more times!
Highlight: Jennifer pointing a French fry at Anne and admonishing her for coming on to her brother while his girlfriend was out of town. Yep. I’ll be watching this scene again.

Abigail gets her mojo back.
I understand why die-hard Chad and Abigail fans are angry that their couple was ripped apart, and I loathe the way the story is being written. It’s not very believable that an old yearbook entry would cause Abigail to dump Chad, and the way she’s carrying on, thinking Gabi and Chad had something that they never did, is a little crazy, however, I can’t help but love this turn of events. They went from boring to riveting in a day. I’m invested in Abigail getting her life back, changing that simpering victim to the take-charge woman we want to see. We all heard from Corday that Chad and Abigail are ‘endgame’ and if we believe that, it’s really a stroke of brilliance to break them up now and see them slowly make their way back to each other. Gives a reason to invest. I only hope the writing will get better.

Theo’s dirty little secret.
It turns out Theo, not our suspected ‘bad girl’ Claire, coached Wyatt into dating Ciara. Obviously, this is a bad move but his heart is in the right place. But the better scene was Theo’s two-minute chat with Chad about women troubles.

Gabs and Eli.
We saw a little progression in Gabi and Eli’s new relationship/friendship. It’s interesting how he’s still hanging out with Gabi, considering she’s still working on falling out of love with Chad. If it was me, I’d probably run away out of self-preservation. Still, they’re likeable together.

Tripp takes after Kayla.
Tripp and Kayla bonded over saving Roman’s life from that sudden nut allergy and admitted interest in becoming a doctor but didn’t want to spend all that time studying. I’d suggest becoming a paramedic but it’s Salem. He could become a doctor by summer. My beef with Tripp this week is that he’s turned into a drama queen. He never met his mother, never went looking for her, so it isn’t plausible that his reaction is suddenly this over-the-top.

Sonny prefers business to a warm body. Hey, a man’s gotta have priorities.
Poor Paul. He asked Sonny to move in with him but got shot down faster than you can say, “WTF?” Way to alienate the only gay man in Salem, who is handsome, fit, fun, intelligent, and just happens to be in love with you. If he keeps it up, Paul could become vulnerable to interest coming from outsiders. Well, that is if there were more than 2 gay men in Salem.

Seeing Brady and Nicole together makes me wish Scooter would return.
Domestic bliss means something different to everyone. To me, it doesn’t mean throwing muffin batter at each other or cleaning up baby vomit. It was a little too ‘real’ for my taste having Brady and Nicole of all people play house. This isn’t a reality TV show. I think I prefer them drunk together. It doesn’t help that they’re both written so stupid. It’s like the blind leading the blind, the dumb leading the dumb, deciding to stay in Winnipeg instead of making a quick getaway, which we all know they should be doing. For a couple I once loved, I couldn’t care less what happens to them next. I admit I yelled out for Xander to shoot them both. The only thing about this story that I want to know is what kind of psychedelic drugs they’re taking in Winnipeg that’s making them see all those mountains.

Getting real: “Days,” writers if you do not have a Canadian that you can count on to help with research, I’d be happy to help so you can write Canada with dignity. Otherwise, stop embarrassing yourselves.

Snake and his hookers.
‘We said goodbye to Scooter only to become introduced to Snake’, somebody said on Twitter, which gave me pause. Scooter meeting Nicole and Brady didn’t advance the story. Oftentimes newbies are good actors and interestingly flawed characters, but the storylines can be hit or miss. I like Blake Gibbons’ (Snake) acting but the pacing is too fast. Snake’s introduction came from a conversation between Raines, JJ and Lani at SPD, Lani called Dolly to set up a meeting and then moments later, Lani met Snake and was drugged. Already, I’m let down, wishing it had taken weeks to get to this point. I digress. It’s a huge red flag that Lani hid the call from Snake from JJ. She’s playing with fire. If she’s going to continue with the case, she needs backup.

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– Christine Fix


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