Deconstructing DOOL: Days Knows How to Cast and Write for Henchmen, Wise Cracking Nurses, and Bitchy HR Characters

June 15 – 18

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There was a lot of eating on Days of our Lives this week. Jennifer and Jack shared romance and candy and popcorn while discussing a possible honeymoon, and Lani downed Goldfish by the handful for morning sickness. I hope Jenn and Jack’s discussion means they’ll have an adventure soon because I don’t know how much more I can take of them sitting around. This is a short week for me so the column runs from Monday to Thursday.

Are you a Good Witch or a Bad Witch? – Glinda

I know, many find Claire an annoying little witch but I am currently adoring her, especially in scenes with John – whether she’s psychotic or not! I thought it was funny when she told Gwen that her grandparents weren’t your average people, that Marlena was basically kick-ass and John was like James Bond. She’s not wrong. I dug how uncomfortable Claire and Ciara’s scenes made me feel. When Ben interrupted and got between them it was obvious he was protecting Ciara but I’m really not sure Claire even noticed!

Well that wrapped up fast – or did it?

Gabi’s kidnapping storyline wrapped up very suddenly, but it was exciting. I wasn’t sure if all Lani’s talk about morning sickness was about product placement for the Goldfish crackers until they kept up the morning sickness talk even at the warehouse.

Gabi was her usual hilarious imperious self and Jimmy made me smile, shaking his head, and telling her it was no wonder her husband ditched her. Lani and Eli did a good job of staking out Salem Inn and the Kiriakis mansion and then finally, saving the day. I barked out a laugh when Jimmy asked what was wrong with Lani and she went into detail about being pregnant and having morning sickness, but that she’d be fine as long as she just lies down, giving Gabi a warning that she was about to shoot Jimmy. All the while I was yelling, “Please don’t shoot mah Jimmy!”

Question of the week: Who the heck is the mob boss? Do we know them? By the sound of things, it’s likely this mob story has only just begun.

Hang in there, Jimmy!

I’m often drawn to the recurring characters on Days of our Lives and the henchmen. Steve Blackwood as Bart Beiderbecke was adorably clueless, he did what he was told as Dr. Rolf’s right-hand man and always provided comic relief. I pine for Aloma Wright’s Nurse Maxine Landis, everyone’s favourite wise-cracking and loving nurse. Meredith Scott’s Anne Milbauer was always good for a few laughs, scheming and hating on HRH Jennifer Horton. I’d love a return for all of them. I really liked Paul Telfer as Damon and how cool was it that the show noticed his acting prowess and popularity and hotness and brought him back as Xander Kiriakis? If Paul Telfer was able to turn around his minor role, couldn’t we keep Chuma Gault as Jimmy, the mob boss’ goon? There’s something about his easy going way that I like that you don’t often see. And I don’t think his gunshot wound was fatal.

In last Friday’s column, I began to wonder if Jake even is Stefan. This week we’ve learned he was only with Gwen for a year and a half, which makes it possible that he is Stefan, but seems almost a red herring. Jake did seem to soften toward Gabi. He believes she wasn’t trying to harm him with the injection. Maybe this is foreshadowing that Gabi won’t go to jail for Rolf’s machinations.

It’s all for the best

Sarah’s impetuousness nature, her incredible ability to act without thinking, often causes her issues. This time, releasing pain and anger over Xander, she convinced Brady to have sex with her. Ridiculous, right? Thankfully, when it came down to it, he couldn’t perform because he’s in love with Kristen and didn’t want to betray her – uh more than he just did, I guess. I was proud of our Brady and of Sarah, for realizing that talking Brady into sex was ridiculous and only hurting herself. The awkward scene was cute. Sarah and Xander’s emotion-filled scene at Mickey’s grave broke my heart and had me thinking she’ll throw in the towel and reunite with Xander sooner rather than later. Wait until Kristen finds out that they were in bed together. Sarah might want to get a head start and make a run for it.

Join in on the discussion with your own thoughts on whatever storyline made you think this week.

Best lines:

Jake to Eli and Lani about Gabi, “I hear she doesn’t like you two much. Maybe she’s waiting to jab you next.”


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