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Deconstructing DOOL: Comedy balanced the emotional dramatic scenes

April 17 – 21

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“Days” had a respectable balance this week filled with romance, heartache, drama and comedy. The week went from being almost impossible to watch without being annoyed to changing gears with better writing as the week went on, leaving viewers happier.

John finally returned, making Jarlena fans swoon.
John returned to Salem briefly – for now – and the moments he shared with Marlena were few, yet loving, tender and so well done, it was easy to forget they were never apart. Some fans on social media said they were literally crying with happiness. Hopefully when he returns, we’ll see them at their townhouse and out of the Salem Inn!

Lucas sighting.
Many fans raved at the Lucas sighting, which was a mixed blessing. Lucas and Adrienne fans deserve more than a 2-minute scene with their couple after months of agonizing over who Adrienne would choose. I mean what’s the point of Adrienne making a choice if we don’t get to see this couple together?

Steve didn’t think Tripp should take the money belonging to the Vitali family because he doesn’t want his son to be beholden to them but Martino and his father are both dead so I say Tripp should keep the cash! Haha Tripp’s introduction to the other players in the show has been well done, especially with Roman “the grumpy dude,” but it concerns me that they always push newbies at the viewers rather than balance their time on canvas with the other characters.

Best scene ever.
Andre and Kate’s peculiar ‘friendship’ has always been interesting but this week they really held my interest. As mentioned in last Friday’s Deconstructing DOOL, Andre tried to stop Kate from meddling during Abigail and Chad’s vow renewal which was humourous, then after things went sour, Andre took Kate to Mandalay where he called her a prostitute and a narcissist. The music combined with Kate throwing wine in Andre’s face, then Andre grabbing her and kissing her was hilarious. Then to top it off, she wiped off his face and they both apologized. I am growing to love these two. Give me more of those scenes.

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Scooter’s 180.
Robb Derringer and Jennifer Landon are great actors who were thrown into a storyline that didn’t really make sense or have a purpose. Scooter’s 180 was written way too fast and left us cold and Nicole’s love for Brady came out of the blue, making it unbelievable. Let’s just be glad it’s over. Maybe we can see them in the future with better storylines.

“Would you have saved me first, before Gabi?”
I feel bad for Chad, Gabi, and Abigail but I admired Abigail’s decision to leave Chad, because she feels she doesn’t have his entire heart. What a painful decision. It doesn’t necessarily mean they’re through for good. Perhaps time apart could put things into perspective. I didn’t agree with him yelling that she’s always acting the martyr and running away. That happened once, because she was mentally unstable. I also respected that Gabi has held firm and refused to go running to Chad, knowing that he’s suddenly available. It’s an interesting twist to a love triangle. I had issues caring about Chad and Abigail because I liked his work so much with Kate Mansi, but this time apart with Chad romancing her could win me over.

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Gabi vs. Julie.
Julie is kind, loving, and she loves to meddle. I wouldn’t change her and though sometimes I’m annoyed when she gets up on her high horse, this argument with Gabi was not only another highlight of the week, but the kind of drama I can get behind. It was a fun surprise to watch Julie go to Hope for support and get shutdown, then fake a heart attack to get Eli to see Gabi’s trouble, and then later snark off when she learned Dr. Valerie “It wasn’t a heart attack but I’ll get to the bottom of it” Grant was to be her cardiologist. Best line was Gabi telling Julie, “You’re talking out of your head.” Didn’t Gabi mean her arse? Hilarious!

This is only one person’s opinion. Feel free to comment about the week.

Best lines of the week:

Tripp, “The grumpy dude at the pub wouldn’t serve me. The guy’s a total tool.”

Hope jokes to Rafe, “Raines, if you try that again, I’ll file a sexual harassment report.”

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– Christine Fix


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