Deconstructing DOOL: May Sweeps Is About to Take a Darker Turn

May 11 - 15

days of our lives column May 15 2020

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We’re in the middle of May Sweeps and things are moving along at a quick pace with lots of excitement to spare. Kristen took off with her kid to parts unknown though in an exclusive interview, Stacy Haiduk revealed not only is it likely she’ll return but teased where she’s likely hiding out. In other news, Will bent over backward to forgive Maggie and Victor, while Ben popped the question. Coming up next week things are about to get dark.  

That epic mama bear fight…wait

Kristen and Sarah’s face off wasn’t what many were expecting. After such a huge build up to the moment where Kristen came face to face with Sarah to get her baby back, many were expecting a knock down drag out fight with hair pulling. In this case, we watched two loving mothers torn over who should raise their daughter. It was…touching. At one point, Kristen even thanked Sarah for loving Rachel and being there for her. It’s not our usual May Sweeps climax and if the acting wasn’t compelling, I might have been disappointed as well. Instead, I was moved by both Sarah and Kristen and glad Brady and Kristen got their daughter back but poor Rachel. The only mother she has known is gone and a stranger is now her caretaker. I felt bad for Sarah when she returned to the Paris flat alone and lost. She’s facing two losses. Three if you count Xander. Rex’s kindness toward Sarah really worked a lot toward forgiving him for all that cheating he did. He really stepped up but alas his appearance was brief and Kyle Lowder has left Days.

The biggest disappointment of the week was Brady Black once again giving up his own child for a nutty broad. At least Eric called him out on his stupidity. But now we have to contend with Eeyore’s return! What bothered me is that not one of them cared that Rachel is away from everyone she has ever known. It’s heartbreaking.

It’s not very soapy

Will was quick to defend Victor to Maggie, knowing he switched Sarah and Kristen’s babies and sent him to prison in Maggie’s place all because it was done in order to protect Maggie. How disappointing. As Sami Brady’s son, I have always wanted Will to be a little bitch rather than always see this ridiculously overt display of compassion. This is a soap and I’m 100% team drama so I want Will to bloody hate Maggerz for a little while! We missed out on some soapy goodness there. And if that wasn’t bad enough, Will ended up defending Maggie for killing her granddaughter by calling it an accident. I’ve always thought of drunk driving as a choice rather than an accident but why kick her when she’s down, right? (Especially since I’ve never thought she did it in the first place and my theory on Orpheus and Evan’s secret was validated this week!)

Things are going down a dark road coming up obviously, with Maggie ready to attempt suicide. It’s a different direction than what I wanted to see but everything should turn out rainbows and unicorns when Maggs finds out she’s not responsible for Mickey’s death. This is a good thing I guess. We’ll stop seeing the tears and see more of Naggy.

Is Rolf on the up and up?

Dr. Rolf admitted to Gabi that he brought Stefan back to life which would mean Jake really is Stefan. Rolf gave Gabi the serum to bring his memory back but when she left the prison, he muttered that she’d need luck. The expression on his face left room for doubt. Though I found the scene hilarious with Gabi trying to inject Jake as if she was trying to stab him from up high, she really didn’t think things through. She could have been a little less obvious about it! I guess she didn’t see the Bat Ben Signal pop up to warn her to reconsider her timing!

We’re missing a huge part of this story!

Did Rolf really bring Stefan back?
Was Rolf working with my Vivian?
Why was the serum not given to Stefan when he came back – or was it and possibly it didn’t work?
Is there another person’s memories implanted in Jake/Stefan or did Rolf pull them out of his hat?
Whose heart did Julie get?

Bye Felicia!

In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, we talked the custody case and how cutthroat Zoey is. But in a swift turn of events, behind-the-scenes meant Evan was found guilty of murdering Jordan, imprisoned and we’re left wondering if that means Rafe’s custody case will be that much easier to win.

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Ben asked Ciara to marry him. The washer as a ring placeholder was a cool idea, and we did get a Bo mention out of it but I’m left disappointed again in the story for Ciara. Once again, Ben got the better story of the two since he’s involved with Jake and got to play hero for the 84th time when Gabi tried to inject Jake with the serum. Oy. I like Ben but the constant hero stuff is overplayed. And I worry now that Ciara’s going to be doing nothing but planning her wedding all summer. Instead of having a fuller life. What did work for me was Ben explaining his dark secret to Jake and Jake accepting him. It had to have been anxiety-provoking for Ben to confess to the murders and his mental health issues with his new boss.

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Best lines:

Kristen, “I’m wanted for attempted murder.”
Rex, “Of course you are. Anything else you’d like to share?”
Kristen, “No but when I found out that Victor stole my baby, I might have snapped… And stuck a knife in his chest.”
Rex, “That’s nice. I thought Brady did that.”
Kristen, “No, he confessed to protect me.”
Rex to Kristen, “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like ten to life.”

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