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Deconstructing DOOL: The theme of the week is meddling

April 10 - 14

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This week we saw more meddling by those who have seemingly nothing better to do than butt into people’s lives. While it’s annoying, it’s also almost comforting to know that some characters never change. Cliffhanger Friday was well done, leaving us curious about what will happen in a few stories come Monday…

Locker Room Lolita.
Nicole forgot which country she was in, that she’s hiding from the police for kidnapping, and did a nice traceable web search on her laptop to find the nearest gun shop. There aren’t gun shops on every corner in Canada. People don’t carry guns here. So good luck with that. For hers and Holly’s sake, hopefully she won’t find one and won’t go to prison for killing Scooter, because that’s what we’re suspecting will happen. I suppose the only ‘nice’ thing that happened this week in this storyline is that Nicole and Brady seem more domesticated but when a ‘couple’ is happy, you know it can’t last. Scooter was creepier than ever. I have no issue with him watching porn but he’s not just blurring the lines between porn and reality, he thinks that by having sex with Nicole that it’ll be the same as doing “Locker Room Lolita.” Um. There is no Lolita. She’s a fictional character in a film. Why doesn’t he just recreate those scenes with his wife?

We’re gonna wash that Gabi right out of our hair.
The vow renewal idea seemed to have come out of nowhere. It’s sort of sad that such a young and newly married couple felt the need for a vow renewal. It does make sense to want to stomp out all traces of what happened the past year by refreshing things. But once it’s said and done, would it really have changed anything? Ack. Abigail’s stunning revelation made me feel shock that she made such a massive decision and based on a ridiculous assumption that Chad belongs with Gabi over a stupid yearbook signature from 394 years ago, and their supposed shared love for baseball. Er. Who doesn’t love baseball? After the shock came sadness. I was torn between feeling heartbroken for them both and for feeling angry at Abs’ insecurity. It’s absurd. If Chad wanted to be with Gabi, he would be with Gabi. But who would want to be with a guy when you’re not the only one in his heart?

While we know Kate pushed Gabi into fighting for Chad because she felt it would somehow allay her own guilt over wasting precious time with Eddie, we also find it really disrespectful that she can’t stay quiet. But if I’m honest, I found her meddling comical and familiar. She played off of Andre well, when he was trying to keep her objections from ruining the vow renewal. But in the end, Kate got her way. Or is it just for now?

Oops JJ did it again.
Last week in Deconstructing DOOL, we suggested JJ stay away from Gabi but they had another run in this week and JJ again insinuated himself into Gabi’s thoughts by reminding her that his sister “won” Chad. Ack why? What is he getting out of throwing this in her face? How is Gabs supposed to move on with JJ and Kate breathing down her neck? 

More meddling.
Julie noticed Gabi and Eli getting friendly in the park and warned her grandson of five minutes to stay away from the murderess. Good ole Julie. But who didn’t love Eli’s confident response? That he’d do what he wanted to do. I rubbed my hands together with glee, wondering what’s coming next.

Bedding down.
Is anyone else tired of the Salem Inn being featured in just about every storyline? The show has no problem showing 18 year olds Claire and Theo in bed. You know, as long as they’re not gay. Boo. Hopefully they used protection. 

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He is too good to be true.
During Wyatt and Ciara’s date, it was obvious that he was playing her, having every single thing in common with her. Our suspicions of him grew when Ciara kept saying that he was “too good to be true.” Yep. He is up to no good but who put him up to this? And why? Could it be Claire or Deimos perhaps? It’s hard to forget that last year he was playing her ghost brother, Zack! 

Rafe found his integrity.
Eduardo got himself into a spot of bother, trying to sell or swap US Bearer Bonds or whatever that was about. Rafe found his integrity and decided that he could no longer turn a blind eye to anyone else’s criminal ways the way he did for Gabi and Hope. Sadly, that meant that Eduardo’s off to prison, once again abandoning his family. And Kate. Who knew that Kate was in love with Eduardo? Seriously, who knew? I didn’t see anything that suggested this though Lauren Koslow’s such a great actress that I felt sad for her and Eddie during their goodbye. But as some pointed out, he’s going to prison. He’s not dead.

I’m still really not sure what to feel about Tripp showing up. We’ve had too many throwaway characters that it’s hard to get psyched about yet another, not knowing how long he’ll stick around or if he’ll even fit in. I keep thinking that it’s a means to an end in carting Joey off to prison for murder. Maybe that’s just wishful thinking. At any rate, it was surprising to see Ava’s cousin Angelo return and that Ava left Tripp a butt load of cash especially since she thought he was dead. I’m sure after hearing both sides Tripp is confused as to which biological parent was the big fat liar. If he learns Joey killed Ava, he will likely never trust Steve again.

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Victor siding with the enemy.
It bothers me that Victor is Deimos’ sounding board and always appears so tickled by the nasty things that Deimos is doing. It feels like a betrayal. I’d rather see him treating Deimos with casual disdain like he does everyone else.

This is only my opinion. Feel free to comment about the week.

Best lines of the week:

Scooter to Nicole, “I want to have a hot time with Locker Room Lolita.”

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– Christine Fix


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