Deconstructing DOOL: The Majority Seems to Either Love to Hate Orpheus or Love Him

April 27 – May 1

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I enjoyed another week of Days of our Lives. This is the first week that we’re down to two soap operas, with the CBS soaps Bold and the Beautiful and Young and the Restless showcasing classic episodes since they ran out of new ones. It’s a lot to take in, for a fan and for It’s been an emotional ride. I’m grateful every day for something we’ve all bitched about for years – that Days of our Lives tapes 8 months in advance. Being in self-isolation is a challenge for all of us and going to Salem 5 days a week has been even more of a much-needed escape. 

Taking the fall

There was speculation about what would happen in the aftermath of Kristen stabbing Victor. Everything happened so fast. Brady confessed to it and though I figured John would be the first to see through his lie, Eric and Nicole figured it out pretty quickly. I loved how Brady couldn’t help but worry about Maggie. She’s important to him and Eric knows that Brady wouldn’t stab Victor which would hurt Maggerz in the process. Brady obviously loves Kristen, and somehow trusts her but I sure don’t. Isn’t it enough that she attempted to murder his grandfather but now she wants to finish the job?

Love to hate Orpheus

I polled viewers, asking their thoughts on Orpheus. As of this column going live, the majority voted that they love to hate him while an exceedingly large part of the audience loves him as a villain. It’s been a long time since I’ve flat out hated a character. Think Sami Brady in 90s and Willow Stark. I grew to love Sami. I’ve been hating on Orpheus since his return and am starting to love hating him. George DelHoyo’s talented. He’s an unusual character. I really hope he doesn’t kidnap Marlena but we know it must be coming. I may hate him but I did like this tweet which made an interesting point…

Evan’s secret

Evan and Orpheus did a bad thing. I think – this is out there but I’m just going to blame them for Adrienne and the real Mackenzie’s death. Otherwise, I’ve got no other theories though someone suggested they drugged Abigail. I will never believe Maggie was involved in the accident. It’s going to be horrible for her to hear about Victor’s stabbing…

Abigail drugged

I was surprised that Abigail was being drugged and that her drinking maybe didn’t have any bearing on those hallucinations. Salem isn’t the real world so I let that go. But I don’t believe Gabi drugged her. It’s too easy. Since Abs had been drinking all week at home in the room with the door to the tunnels, she could have been drugged there. Who would do this? Some suggested Chad is still under Stefano’s spell, others think my Vivian could have done it, I’d like to blame Orpheus or Evan – just because – but am not sure Abigail or Chad is in his radar. Some suggested Li Shin. Either way, it’s an intriguing storyline and compelling.

So melodramatic

Kayla’s exaggerated rant to Steve this week was so ridiculous. Steve already explained he only wants her happiness. I was glad for the tender moment in the hospital they shared with her handing over the patch and cleaning his eye socket. It creeps me out writing that but the scene was very sweet. A far cry from what I blubbered about in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, being annoyed by them both for their inability to communicate after 35 years of marriage.

Rafe went bananas

Rafe had a bad week. First, the judge refused to throw out his motion to stop Zoey from petitioning for custody of David and then did the same for his request for a restraining order. Then Gabi confessed to breaking the lock on Gabi Chic and was accused of drugging Abigail. Rafe really let my Gabi have it. I thought it was long overdue and was into it. Most everything he said about my Gabi was true. He’s tired of bailing her out and defending her. What a great scene. A sad scene that made me feel for them both. They seem so alone right now. And since we haven’t seen Rafe so angry in years, (Since Sami!) I can’t help but wonder if he’s going to take David and bolt.

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Who is Jake?

Though Ben thinks Jake is just like Stefan from his mannerisms to his behaviour, I don’t see it. To me they’re like night and day, and I prefer Stefan. It was interesting that he left Gabi passed out on the ground when she said Stefan’s name. It makes me wonder if it sparked something in him. I guess it is more believable to me that he’s Stefan with amnesia though I don’t know why Rolf would do this to him unless Stefano ordered it so that Chad could take over as CEO of DiMera Enterprises. It’s a surprise nobody else has noticed the guy yet since he’s been wandering the square. Outside. Around people. Remember what that was like? Me neither! *wink*

Awkward scene

Rex and Sarah’s scene was cringe-y, boring and one-sided. But without it, Rex couldn’t have called Kate to gossip about Sarah which could surely lead Kristen to find her daughter sooner, rather than later.

Those are just one reporter’s thoughts on Days of our Lives this week. Join the discussion!

Best lines:

Nicole to Kristen, “Can you not be you?”

Kristen to Brady about Victor, “The old man got what he deserved.”


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