Deconstructing DOOL: Please Tell Me Orpheus and His Lot Aren’t the New DiMera Clan

April 13 - 17

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Days of our Lives was on fire this week, with the baby swap storyline giving us another twist with Sarah kidnapping Rachel, Kristen and Brady learning that their baby didn’t die, Xandy getting left at the altar, and Steve’s memory returning only to learn his sister died, he and Kayla are divorced and she’s with his brother-in-law. Ack!  

Tears and tissues

It was satisfying for many to see Kristen and Brady learn that Mackenzie is actually their daughter Rachel. I enjoyed their jubilance because of all they’ve endured with grieving for the last year. In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, I was bummed by Eric’s reaction, which was more reserved. Poor guy is always in a state of depression so he didn’t seem any different to me. I did like that Brady was fighting with his reactions, fluctuating between showing the joy that his baby lived and sorrow that his brother’s baby died. Same with Kristen, though I admit I laughed when she said she thought it was karma that this happened to her since she stole Theresa and Brady’s embryo. Nice touch to have that dialogue to remind us of who she is and to show her humanity. But though I still don’t buy that she’s good all of a sudden, I still felt for her. And though Marlena was kind to her after she got booted out of the Cuddle Program, I still don’t want these two as friends.

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Xandy is all mixed up and so am I

I was surprised that Sarah went along with her wedding to Xander in the beginning. Maybe she was collecting her thoughts before raining on Xandy’s wedding parade. Or maybe she wanted to look at him with fresh eyes and to see if he’d tell the truth. I loved that in his vows, Xander admitted to lying and not being a changed man, and to doing bad things for bad reasons, and doing bad things to make Sarah happy. At least he was honest about something. Sarah looked as if she thought he was going to spill at that point. This seems to be the only good relationship he has ever had. I feel bad for him – yep – even though he has done horrible things. He sure boned himself.

I thought Sarah’s speech was brilliant though a little long-winded for my taste. And while I wanted to feel sympathy for her, I didn’t. But then I also didn’t care that she kidnapped Rachel. Heartbreak can make people ‘crazy’. Kristen knows this. She should be able to forgive this. If not, she’s a hypocrite.

Did anyone else suppress laughter when Sarah gave Xander the boot from Victor’s house? She has no authority to do so and as for the Titan jet, anyone from the Kiriakis clan could easily have called the pilot and had him turn the plane around.

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Stayla reunites – almost

I found Steve and Kayla’s pre-reunion romantic and required a few tissues to get through – but I can understand how some would have exploded at how many times he called her “Sweetness.” I did respect how Justin let Kayla have space but told her he was there for her and wanted to be in her future. Course, he’s deluding himself since we all know Kayla will choose Steve eventually. I didn’t like the way Sonny told Steve that his father and Kayla were in love. I didn’t think it was his place and found the whole conversation awkward.

I loved Steve and Jack’s talk, though, like Sarah’s, it did go on for just a little too long for those of us with decreased attention spans. Jack pacing, eating a banana and looking for candy in the fruit basket was fun to watch and added some reality to the scene. So rare do we see characters using props in this fashion. It was a highlight.

Bones to pick:
Adrienne and Steve didn’t play together as kids. He didn’t meet Adrienne until she was in her late teens. Steve’s been gone for two years. But he didn’t act shocked to see his back-from-the-dead brother when Jack showed up in his hospital room.

Speaking of highlights…

Will and Sonny’s scene was finally one I enjoyed watching. It was light, adorable and funny. I love that Sonny brought up the April Fool’s Day episode by sharing his dream that Will bedded Leo. Hilarious! I also loved Ciara and Ben’s second normal scene together where she wanted to show him a surprise and refused sex in order to get out of the room. But what about Ben choking out Evan? Were you like me and cheering Ben on and at the same time going… um what the F, Ben? Ben may need a medication change because the ones he’s on aren’t doing much to stop him from reverting to murderous rage once again. My guess is that this is why some viewers can’t believe he’s mentally ill and not a serial killer! He can’t seem to stop himself from wrapping his mitts around peoples’ necks!

What wasn’t a highlight…

I’m really not into Orpheus’ return. It’s too bad he received immunity for his crimes. I don’t think every single criminal in Salem should go free. Some should stay in prison. Heck, most viewers were hoping to have seen the last of Evan but now we have to contend with him, Orpheus and Zoey. Please tell me this unappealing lot isn’t the new DiMera clan. The absolute worst was watching Rafe remove the handcuffs from stupid Orpheus and not arresting him for breaking into his home.

Those were just a few thoughts on this week’s Days of our Lives – join the discussion!

Best lines:

Jack to Steve, “But your eye was hacked.”

Steve, “My eye was hacked.”

Jack to Steve, “It’s a matter of propinquity.”
Steve, “Will you speak English, man?”


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