Deconstructing DOOL: Hallelujah, Stevano’s Story Is Coming to a Close

March 23 - 27

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This week a few notable scenes were cut from Days of our Lives such Abigail and Anna having a chat about Abby’s suspicions about Chad that took place at the pub, and another with Sonny and Will visiting Adrienne’s grave. The rest was intense with Xander’s secrets coming closer to unraveling thanks to Nicole, and Stevano’s story coming to a close.

Eureka moment

Thanks to Kate, we now know that Chad’s being brainwashed by Stefano using Andre’s old trigger word, La Famiglia, to get him under control. The trigger was used when Andre first brainwashed Chad while he was under hypnosis by Marlena in 2015. Most of us had forgotten. I wish we’d seen a flashback to the story to help jog our memories.

Is Stevano more savage?

Is Steve’s version of Stefano more menacing than Stefano? This has been the topic of some conversation. After some comparison, to me, they seem similarly menacing though the actor’s deliveries differ. Stevano has less natural charm than Stefano did and Marlena has no chemistry with Stevano. We’ve also changed as viewers. Times have changed. It may have worked for viewers in the 90s, I’m not sure. I began watching at the tail end of it. It doesn’t work in today’s climate. Nobody wants to see a woman kidnapped, brainwashed and mistreated and that’s all this is. It’s sick. Stevano’s sick and deluded. I enjoyed the beginning of the story and gave it a chance but at this point, I’m done. Again, this week he blathered on about ‘my queen’ enough to the point of me wanting to scream. He’s such a dumbass, seriously! Proposing and “marrying” Marlena is meaningless.

Stefano, “Only Chad is loyal.” Yeah, because he was the only kid brainwashed.

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Lack of reaction

I was excited for Nicole to tell somebody her theory that Xander switched babies and happy she chose Abe because I’ve always enjoyed their friendship but Abe’s lack of a big reaction to the baby swap news was a huge letdown to me. I was looking for a gasp, some shock. All we got from the king of understatement was, “It’s all very sad.” Jennifer Rose should have been with them. She knows how to receive gossip properly, leaning in when she gets the goods, widening her eyes and gasping. Plus, she could help Nicole get to the bottom of the baby switch.

Random and unnecessary

Once Xander paid off lab tech dude to switch the lab results so they showed Mickey is Sarah and Eric’s kid, they agreed to take their secret to their grave. Two minutes later, Xander appeared at dude’s side and started threatening him to keep quiet. What was the point in that? I’d rather have seen the cut scene between Anna and Abigail at the pub talking about Abby’s suspicions of Chad or even Will and Sonny delivering flowers to Adrienne’s grave. But instead, we got a repeat of Xandy being a dick and Kristen weeping over Rachel’s grave which to me, is being shoved down our throats, thus getting really old.

Living with the enemy

Ben got out of prison and Ciara asked him to move into the Kiriakis mansion with her. She doesn’t know that Victor tried to kill him a few months ago. I’m wondering if that’ll come out or if Ben will just try to get his old job and gatehouse back from Chad. If not, Will and Sonny might want to get jobs and move in there. They’re still stuck at the estate with Maggie who murdered Sonny’s mama and his uncle, who allowed his husband Will to go to prison for her crime, essentially ruining their marriage. In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL: I complained about Maggie forgiving Eric for murdering Daniel because they can now commiserate over what it’s like to have a DUI. At least she’s off to prison which is brave. But I’m unimpressed by having Sonny forgive Maggie immediately for murdering his mother when he refused to forgive his own husband for that entire year he was in prison. You can tell these two are leaving because the writing for them just gets er ‘cringier’.

Nicole and ‘that dead fish’

Even Xander notices that Eeyore Eric never lets himself be happy, which makes me laugh. Eric was so insistent that Nicole would never lie to him again which proves he doesn’t know or accept her at all. Nicole couldn’t stop lying if her life depended on it. She’s lied to him three or four times this week alone. He was sure in a mood after hearing Sarah was marrying evil Xandy, that he couldn’t help himself and went off on Xander. Understandable but telling her that Rex was better for her was asinine. He couldn’t keep it in his pants. But to be fair, at least Rex didn’t switch babies or kill people!

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What happened here?

So I guess Sonny talked Evan into giving up David because after their talk, Rafe, Eli, and Evan turned up at the no-tell motel and handed David over to Rafe. But does that mean they’re going to haul Orpheus into prison again? And will Evan go to jail for kidnapping? It feels as if they’re missing half the story and rushing through the end to move on to something new.

Hattie has lost her mind

I had to watch Wednesday’s Hattie and Roman scene twice. Much like Roman, I couldn’t believe my ears when she asked if they can be a “little less Irish around here.” WTH? And then she rambled about him falling in love with her and “kissin’ on her twice.” Um. She read an entire relationship into two pecks on the cheek. Roman didn’t even properly shut that down. Once again, it was easy to see that Hattie’s leaving Salem since she’s gone off the rails again.

Those are a few thoughts on Days of our Lives this week. Join the discussion!

Best lines:
Abigail, “Are you sure you don’t have some tramp stashed in here?”
Chad, “Two, actually.”
Abigail, “What were you doing in the tunnels? Is that where you stash all your tramps?”

Xander to Nicole, “You and Eric are happy. At least as happy as that dead fish will allow himself to be.”

Anna, “Kate, you know the way she looks at my Tony. She’s a carnivore, that one.”

Gabi about Anna’s find my phone app on Tony’s cell phone, “Doesn’t it need to be turned on on Tony’s phone for that to work?”
Abigail, “You should know.”


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