Deconstructing DOOL: We Need Shawn D in Salem Permanently As Police Commissioner

January 27 - 31

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I love our Salemites. The sweet ones, the annoying ones, the bitchy ones, the crazy ones, the ones who lack forgiveness, the drama queens, and yes, the dumb ones. This week we were again reminded of how dumb most of our Salemites can be since nobody else even entertained that Hope might be Gina but her son. Shawn D returned to town and two minutes later, with help from Rafe, he knew. Shawn D is our new hero. He should probably return to Salem and take over as police commissioner – 90% of voters agreed in a Twitter poll. Candace Young pointed out, “Ciara was around Gina all year and Shawn shows up in town and can tell it’s not Hope in five minutes?” Yep. Ciara’s only got eyes for Benny boy and his fine body. What’s everyone else’s excuse? Our Salemites are a bit self-absorbed, aren’t they?

New ideas on the accident

I have a new theory on who caused the accident but won’t focus on that since it could be a huge spoiler. I’ll focus instead on what we know. In hindsight, I don’t believe it’s possible that Maggie was involved in the accident since she was going in the same direction as Adrienne. In fact, Xander confused Maggie’s car for Adrienne’s at first, which meant Maggie was behind Adrienne which makes it impossible for Mags to be the cause of their accident. Though Will saw flashing headlines as he was texting, I don’t think he caused the accident either, though I’ve no concrete reason – just a feeling. And I hope he at least rats Naggie out because Arianna needs her father at home and Maggie needs to be disciplined for the DUI. Lastly, I am not sure charming Summer was to blame. She had hand tremors as she brought what she told Mags was the first drink of the day to her lips. As an alcoholic, one would think her tolerance would be higher. Unless she drank in the car, I thought she may be a red herring.

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Secrets revealed

Last week we were reeling over the baby switch and in Deconstructing DOOL, I found it a hard sell since it’s 2020 and precautions are made so this is a rarity. But I was able to buy it since we learned that Victor and Xander did pay off Dr. Raynor as suspected, to switch the baby wristbands before switching babies. They even admitted Mackenzie is really Kristen and Brady’s daughter, Rachel Isabella and that Xander convinced Victor to make him CEO to keep quiet. Wait until Brady learns that Victor did this to end Brady and Kristen’s relationship. After all these reveals, there’s still a nagging thought that another couple actually has Rachel and that Mackenzie is their child. Or maybe that other birth was a smokescreen. Are we all guessing that Brady or Kristen will be a match for the bone marrow transplant?


A part of the audience is calling Sonny a ‘slut’ because he fell into Evan’s bed before the ink was dry on his divorce papers. I can’t wait for the day when this meaningless, archaic word is no longer used. While it may be a little selfish of Sonny to be doing Evan considering he’s not over Will, I can’t feel bad about it since Evan is a big boy and knows the score. It’s not the first time a divorcee wanted to bed the first hottie they came across. It’s normal. Not ‘slutty’. That’s where the saying “The best way of getting over someone is to get under them” comes from. The timing is a bummer since Will now believes his innocence and obviously wants Sonny back but in the long run, I can’t see him letting this get in the way of a reunion. Course, I could be wrong.

Eeyore and the drama queen

I swear Eric doesn’t know how to be happy. When Kristen spilled that Nicole and Brady were together, Eric could have waited for Nicole’s explanation but he’s never trusted her so of course, he slouched off, that grey cloud hanging over his head, and kissed Sarah. So lame. Of course, Nic Nic could easily have saved everyone’s heartache by telling Eric privately that she and Brady aren’t really together, that it’s a rouse for Kristen’s benefit. But then where would the drama be, I guess! At least Eric agreed to allow Xander around the kid because Sarah is right. Mackenzie needs all the love she can get right now.

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Stefano’s outburst

I sided with Stefano when Anna trashed his name for what felt like hours on end. But only because it was annoying. We all got the picture. It was overkill but forced John to look at his old pal’s outburst and realize something was amiss. Normally, this story might go on for several more months, considering Stefano is smarter than to let his emotions mess with his long game, but this week he really misstepped. It feels as if the misstep means the doppelganger storylines will be over soon. I admit I’m still entertained but wouldn’t mind a new story after February sweeps. I don’t have anything to say about Gina and Stefano’s plan to make John and Marlena think each other is dead. I’ll let it sink in until next week.

Until next Friday, please feel free to share your thoughts on what went down this week in the below comments.

Best lines:
John, “Believe me Doc, there’s no way that ugly bastard is going to get his hands on you again.”

Kate asks Marlena, “You have Hope protecting you?”
Marlena says, “Well, she is the police commissioner so what could go wrong with that?”
Kate rolls her eyes.

Anna about Stefano, “I don’t want that twisted old spider dragging Tony back into his web. He does nothing but suck the lifeblood out of his children.”

Kate to Hattie, “Hope isn’t Hope.”
Hattie, “What?”
Kate replies, “Stefano, with help from Rolf, turned her into Princess Gina.”
Hattie, “Wow how does that work?”
Kate, replies, “Wow seriously if I went into the history of that, your brain would explode.”


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