Deconstructing DOOL: Who Caused the Accident – Maggie, Will or Summer?

January 20 – 24

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It’s been one death after another this week which gave us so much drama and excitement surrounding those and the babies being born. I thought Maggie caused the accident that murdered Adrienne and Sarah’s baby, but after seeing the accident, I’m not as confident. It’s been fun coming up with speculation as to who caused it and putting those pieces of the puzzle together with other fans, but hopefully, this won’t go on too long.

A gimmick

Bringing Summer back came out of nowhere and only served as a plot device in order to give Maggie a reason to fall off the wagon again. The result? I felt no sympathy for weepy Naggie who is wealthy and could have hired Black Patch ages ago to find her daughter if she cared. I also felt nothing when Summer delivered her cirrhosis diagnosis. Could she have been nastier? Bye!

Hit over the head with it

Monday’s episode started showing Adrienne’s last day alive which was sweet but would have moved viewers more if it didn’t hit us over the head in one day, especially when we hadn’t seen her for several months. I feel numb to Salem deaths these days even though Adrienne was always likable to me except when she was playing helicopter mama to grown-assed Sonny.

The accident & fallout:

I loved how the scenes made it difficult to know who caused the accident and killed Adrienne. Who was in that black car? Perhaps Fast Fingers Will texting while driving did make him responsible? Or was it boozehound Maggie? Xander only assumed it was Maggie’s fault but what if she just drove into the ditch nearby and had nothing to do with the accident? Some even suggest Summer’s the culprit. Either way, Will and Maggie are guilty of committing inexcusable crimes that I have to admit made me furious! Maggie needs to be made held accountable for her DUI but if Will was texting and driving, it seems to me he has done his time and then some.

Sonny, Jack, Justin and Kayla’s reactions were heartfelt and gutwrenching. It’s now easier to see why ‘Jayla’ latched on to each other to get through the pain of Adrienne’s death.

The third death

I don’t have much to say about the births except that it was smart to use Kristen’s history of miscarriages to explain some of her crazy. Haley’s storyline was concluded. We learned she and Melinda were getting closer. Shame not to see that scene where she called Melinda “mom.” But at least we can safely say her death was accidental. How sad. The way JJ learned of her death was a shock. It’s easier now to feel his grief. Boy did she take a tumble…I hate to admit this but inappropriate laughter bubbled up inside as I watched. I forced it down because I felt bad. But it keeps bubbling up.

About that baby switch

There’s a lot of speculation about this baby switch especially since it’s a hard sell in 2020 to believe it could happen. But then this is Salem and University Hospital which says it all. At least Sarah thought the baby looked different than when she was born. It was mentioned that there was a third person giving birth that day which could be meaningful to the story. There are a few unanswered questions which I’m sure will be answered in time. Though I felt for Brady and Kristen losing their daughter, the payoff when the truth comes out should be rewarding. Not for Sarah…

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A slice of life…

In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, I wasn’t feeling Chabby’s return. I wanted more and this week delivered. We were able to see a heartwarming scene between Anna and Tony and Chad and Tony. So appreciated. Chad was hilarious on that call, yelling at Mr. Shin as Tony and Anna had their own conversation going on.

We were finally treated to a natural scene with Abigail and Will chatting about their lives including WilSon’s baby discussion, and Abs coping without her mama during her coma. Very enjoyable though seeing Will put off calling Sami while spending time with Adrienne on Mother’s Day angered some of the audience.

Eric’s anger management issues came roaring back in the Mother’s Day flashback when he found that mean, mean, mean, Kristen DiMera at his mama’s house. Many viewers ranted that as usual, for an ex-priest, Eric sure isn’t forgiving. And I agree. But Kristen’s been making their lives hell for decades so I was glad someone’s not over it. I wasn’t into Marlena and John agreeing to peace with Kristen. That whole scene was bizarre. Marlena telling the room that she thinks of Brady as her own son while Brady thinks of her as his mother was unnecessary but served to remind me that Kristen was once Brady’s step-mother and that she’s had sex with his father and raped his brother. Yep.

As if paramedics would leave a woman in active labour on the side of the road instead of sending two ambulances, knowing there were a few people involved in the accident. That’s a pretty good malpractice case. For someone other than Justin, of course.

Please feel free to share your own opinion of the show in the comments and remember, just because you disagree with someone else don’t invalidate their post.

Best lines:
Chad to Andre, about Gabi, “All she’s ever done is run a little clothing company… oh and sleep with my brother.”

Summer, “I had to thank you for the gift that you gave me. I’m a drunk mom. Like you.”

Victor, “Why any man would want to attend the birth of a child is beyond me.”


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