Deconstructing DOOL: Flashbacks & Continued Fallout From the Time Jump

December 23 - 27

Deconstructing DOOL December 27 2019

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I’m Lori and I am filling in for Christine while she is on vacation for the holidays. Last week’s Deconstructing DOOL recapped the time jump events thus far to help catch up those who may have missed an episode or were confused about the deaths, crimes, and couple switches. This week gave us an infuriating flashback and more drama stemming from that missing year.

Xander deserves better

Xander’s face during his Christmas hug with Maggie was heartbreaking. He’s so lonely and just wants a connection. After all the nefarious things he’s done, I can’t believe I’m rooting for him, but I am. Even if it means he ends up with Sarah, who, by the way, is kind of the worst. She slept with and fell in love with Eric but married his brother Rex. She kept Eric’s baby from him for a year for absolutely no good reason. She allowed Xander, who she knows is in love with her, to act as Mickey’s father and then shut him out when the baby was diagnosed with cancer because Eric demanded it. And to top it all off she didn’t even get him a Christmas present in the flashback to “last year!” Yet no one besides Eric is upset with her. But, she’s who Xander loves and, thanks to Paul Telfer’s portrayal, I want him to have what he wants. Granted, what he and Uncle Vic, a.k.a. Papa Bear did over the past year is yet to be revealed, which will undoubtedly paint him in a bad light. While Sarah and Xander do have chemistry, I would prefer that he fall in love with a schemer like himself so they can humanize each other while doing dastardly things to the good people of Salem.

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Will’s frenemy game needs work

Will was all smiles and “Aw shucks” about playing cupid for Ciara and Ben in prison, which did not feel right. Yes, Ben has changed. He’s protecting Will from his father in prison and it’s been years since Ben strangled Will “to death,” but Will’s about-face where Ben is concerned would go down easier if their new alliance was more begrudging on Will’s part. Instead, he’s eagerly helping Ben and Ciara get some alone time, even though Ciara – Will’s cousin – only came to see him as a cover to visit Ben. I am not on board with that.

Young Horton could take a lesson from Chad, whose Christmas snark towards Gabi might have been the highlight of the holidays. Everyone else has forgiven her bad behavior (well maybe not Lani, who has finally had enough and I can’t wait to see her rage) but not Chad and Abigail, who Gabi gaslit not too long ago. However, they are still living in the same house as her, proving they aren’t mad enough about her psychological sabotage. It is nice to see Chad and Abigail work together towards the goal of ousting her though. I just wish they were less passive-aggressive about it and more flat out aggressive. Even Julie has been fawning all over Gabi and urging Chad to make nice. To top it all off, Gabi was given a sacred ornament to hang on the Horton Christmas tree! Though it’s tough to swallow right now, all this cozying up to Gabi will make it all the juicier when the truth about Julie’s rigged heart comes out.

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Repeated storytelling

John and Marlena don’t need another interloper in their condo. They just got rid of “Hope.” Now they have to deal with Hattie? Marlena’s doppleganger is a well the show has gone to enough times. She doesn’t need to stick around waiting tables at Brady’s Pub. At least it’s not their only storyline though. I’m hoping John, who has been written as a goofball so far in the time jump, uses his smarts to figure out Steve is Stefano. But it’s all a retread at this point. Surely, there’s something more interesting for John and Marlena to do than host annoying house guests and deal with more Stefano drama.

Mini Sami should not be slept on

Evan has been a good addition. He’s attractive and he has chemistry with Sonny. It’s kind of nice to watch the slow burn of them getting together, but something else needs to happen. Hopefully he has some secrets that will rock his budding romance with Sonny. Maybe there’s something more to that toxic relationship he spoke of last week. Or he’ll turn out to be John and Marlena’s son, a rumor that has picked up a lot of traction. Or Ari, who just might have more of Grandma Sami in her than anyone realized, could find a way to sabotage them before they even get started considering all the side-eye she was giving Evan.

These are just my opinions on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us below and have a safe and happy New Year!


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