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December 20

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November 8, 2019, Days of our Lives jumped one entire year into the future. Since the year leap, these are the major events that have come out. If you missed an episode, it’s likely you’ve missed something, or if you’re a new viewer, you might need’s guide to the Days of our Lives time jump and to read the Days daily recaps, but this guide will be added to as time progresses.

Jennifer wakes up

Jennifer Deveraux woke up in University hospital from being in a coma for an entire year. jenn receives bad news days of our livesJenn and Jack’s daughter Abigail and husband Chad DiMera moved back to Salem at some point during the year from Paris. They now live in the DiMera mansion with their children Thomas and Charlotte, along with Gabi Hernandez and Eli Grant. Chad’s working with Stefano in order to get Kristen’s company shares so that they can control DiMera Enterprises again and give Gabi the boot.

Marlena spent time overseas

Dr. Marlena Evans spent several weeks in Germany for a “prestigious residency program” in her field and returned home early to complete the rest in Salem. We learned that Gina was the one who set it up to get Marlena out of the way. During her time away, Kristian Alfonso, Drake Hogestyn, Deidre Hall"Days of our Lives" SetNBC StudiosBurbank04/15/19© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 13725U.S.Airdate 11/15/19Princess Gina (as Hope) moved into the townhouse and moved in on Doc’s husband, John Black as his roommate and when Marlena sent letters, “Hope” hid them from John in order to drive a wedge between them so she could have John to herself. When Marlena got home, she found “Hope” in a camisole and the two drinking wine. “Hope” had spilled wine on her blouse on purpose to get closer to unsuspecting John. It didn’t work and Marlena knows Hope isn’t herself. Marlena has asked John to kick Hope out of their home.

Stefano is back – in a sense

Steve Johnson returned to Salem but with Stefano’s consciousness implanted in his brain. Stevano and Princess Gina Steve is Stefano on Days of our Lives(Hope Brady) lived together in her loft until Rafe’s investigation brought the SPD there. The duo moved out and “Hope” moved in with John and Marlena because she claimed her house was damaged by flooding. Stefano hid from everyone but Kate DiMera who has been his eyes and ears in Salem since she works at Brady’s pub now. Stefano is obsessed with Marlena Evans with whom Gina said he hasn’t seen in a decade (he actually saw her last in 2016) and is back to calling her his Queen of the Night. On New Year’s Eve, Stevano revealed himself. “Hope” told everyone she brought Steve back to find Stefano and Rolf. He moved in with Marlena and John after they kicked “Hope” out for making a pass at John and revealing she had feelings for him. But soon, Stefano and Gina came up with a plan to make it look as if John and Marlena were dead so they’d have them to themselves.

Death in Salem

Brady Black and Kristen DiMera’s baby was thought to have died after the child was born. Kristen and Brady were together at the time and during the birth.

We all assumed that Will killed his mother-in-law, Adrienne Kiriakis and he wound up in prison. He and husband Sonny Kiriakis haven’t seen one another much since Will felt culpable and Sonny blamed him. WillJJ threatens kristens life days of our lives asked for a divorce. They both admitted they’ve known it’s over for a while. They signed divorce papers in the January 17 episode. We recently learned that Victor and Xander sent an innocent man to prison. We realized Will didn’t kill Adrienne. It came out that Maggie did but it doesn’t make sense since Maggie was on the same road heading in the same direction as Adrienne and Sarah. There are spoilers surrounding Adrienne’s death and the time jump in the Days of our Lives spoiler section. By May 2020 we found out that the accident was caused by Orpheus who was handing a bottle of booze to his son Evan who was in the back seat. Let’s backtrack. Orpheus and Evan had chloroformed Maggie at home and kidnapped her – in her own car. They were going to ask for a reward but when the accident happened, Orpheus put Maggie in the drivers’ seat, poured vodka all over her and took off.

Kristen DiMera went into post-partum depression after her baby’s death and killed Haley Chen, though the DA ruled the cause of death as accidental. It was shown that Kristen shoved her away, causing a fall down the stairs. Kristen felt remorse but JJ hasn’t forgiven her and unable to deal, he became addicted to drugs. He recently hunted Kristen down in order to avenge Haley’s death in Rome. When it came down to it, JJ didn’t shoot Kristen, who had been with Lani Price for the last year, studying to become nuns. Lani talked him down and with help from Eli, he checked into University Hospital in Salem in the hospital, had withdrawals, and was able to get clean. Lani and Kristen left the convent and planned on revenge and get their old lives back, including the men they love. Brady and Nicole had become friends again and pretended they’re together in order for Brady to stay outside of Kristen’s radar, though it didn’t work. Brady fell for Kristen again.

Prison blues

Eve Donovan was in prison with Hattie Adams as her BFF when she was found guilty of shoving JenniferDeidre Hall"Days of our Lives" SetNBC StudiosBurbank04/15/19© XJJohnson/jpistudios.com310-657-9661Episode # 13727U.S.Airdate 11/19/19 Horton off of The Bistro balcony. Of course, Eve’s innocent. Princess Gina is the perp and at Eve’s behest, Salem Spectator reporter, Abigail, looked into Eve’s case, believing her to be innocent. Once the CCTV footage became available to Abigail, Chad hired a forensics expert to check the footage and they learned that Dr. Rolf was the one to have shoved Jennifer off the balcony. But that’s a lie as we know, and a flashback revealed that Stevano blackmailed Buck the forensics expert into fixing the footage to ensure it looked as if Rolf took the fall. Even so, Eve was released and left Salem, while Hattie’s time in jail was up and she temporarily stayed with John and Marlena before moving into a room above the pub, where she works as a waitress. Incidentally, during this past year, Bonnie Lockhart wrote a book called, Love Made Me Looney.

Ben Weston was found guilty of his sister Jordan’s murder. Ben was imprisoned for life and had one appeal left and it appears as though he’s innocent. His father Clyde Weston’s in the same prison and had Sarah Horton’s baby kidnapped to get Xander to admit he and Victor had Jordan murdered and framed Ben. Clyde wanted Xander’s confession inciara finds mickey days of our lives exchange for the baby. Xander wrote a confession letter and later destroyed it in the fireplace at the Kiriakis estate when Ciara secretly found the child and brought her back to Salem. Ciara fished out the remnants but there wasn’t enough evidence to be of use. Neither was there anything in Xander’s lockbox.

Will Horton is Ben’s cellmate. Clyde had a shiv in prison and was threatening Will with it when Ben intercepted it. He and his father fought and Ben got shivved. It wasn’t a deep wound and Ben was fine but he ratted out his dad and Clyde went into solitary a few days. Will thanked Ben for saving his life, stating that they were even. Clyde got out of solitary and is still gunning for will yells at clyde for stabbing ben days of our livesWill, but when they learned Ben’s last appeal didn’t take, Clyde suggested he and Ben bust out of prison.

Babies, babies, babies

Children SORASed (Soap opera rapid aging syndrome) were Jordan Ridgeway’s son David (who is now 2). Arianna Horton, and Chad and Abigail’s daughter, Charlotte.

Sarah had a baby girl named Mackenzie, with whom they call Mickey for short, after her step-father Mickey Horton. The baby was born on the side of the road. Though Sarah didn’t know, the baby died of a brain injury at the hospital. Xander and Victor stole Kristen and Brady’s baby and gave her to an in-the-dark Sarah. She and Xander care for the baby and Xander thinks of Mickey as his own.

Eric Brady asked Nicole Walker to marry him and while she loves him and wanted to, Eric confronts Sarah and Xander over Mickey on Days of our Livesshe refused and blurted out that Mackenzie Horton is his child with Sarah, not Xander’s. Eric dumped her and he and Sarah learned that Mickey has stage 3 neuroblastoma. They took her to Boston for treatment but it didn’t work and she needs a bone marrow transplant.

What’s new in the workforce

Xander Kiriakis became CEO at Titan six months after the time jump. Victor gave him the title when he let Brady go after Brady’s baby died. Victor didn’t think Brady was able to work while grieving such a loss. basic black with brady and nic days of our livesBrady left the mansion and now works at Basic Black with Nicole Walker.

Eli left his work as Salem Police Commissioner and works for Gabi as head of security. Gabi and Eli are now lovers, living together at the DiMera mansion. They became engaged on January 14. Meanwhile, Hope Brady (Princess Gina) is back to being Police Commissioner, though she’s doing a terrible job and Rafe Hernandez has been keeping score of that and her strange behaviour.

Rafe got a new nanny named Evan Frears, who is interested in Sonny and kissed him, much to Kate’s dismay.

Kate Roberts works at The Brady’s pub as a waitress and knows Stefano is alive and in Steve Johnson’s body. Kate has stated she was tired of the corporate game and wanted out so Roman gave her a job. He calls her his best waitress.

kate waitress days of our lives

Doug’s Place has been renamed to Julie’s Place. It’s no longer a club/restaurant but a more casual affair. No reason has been given so far.

Relationship changes

Steve Johnson didn’t attend his sister Adrienne’s funeral and abandoned Dr. Kayla Johnson who filed for divorce. But Steve didn’t really abandon anyone. The real reason Steve wasn’t acting himself is that Dr. Wilhelm Rolf had been working at turning him into a pawn.

Justin Kiriakis and Kayla Brady Johnson began dating three months after Adrienne died. justin dates kayla days of our livesThey’ve moved into Kayla’s new condo together.

Ciara Brady now works at Titan as a junior executive after taking the training executive program a year ago and doing well with it.


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