Deconstructing DOOL: Viewers’ Patience Tested During Time Jump

November 25 – 27

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We’re three weeks into the Days of our Lives time jump and there is a portion of the audience who still admits to being “confused.” After speaking with a few I’m not sure it’s confusion they’re experiencing. Everything has been crystal clear. What I now believe they are feeling is curiosity and an overabundance of impatience to find out what happened. The audience is so accustomed to getting spoilers months in advance that it’s tough to have to wait for them. All will be revealed in due time. Isn’t it the journey rather than the destination that’s important? On with the column on this short three-day week.

Eric’s big reveal

I was annoyed with myself for being proud of Nicole for coming clean and telling Eric that Mackenzie was his. It’s been an entire year but to us that she’s kept this secret but to Eric, it’s been a matter of a few weeks. I’m waiting for a twist to show that the baby is Rex’s which quite honestly would make me laugh. Either way, I’m anxious to learn what comes next for all of them, especially what Eric’s plans are. Was anyone else happy to see Nicole had Brady’s friendship again to see her through this? I’ve missed that. We also got a little insight this week into what happened after Kristen and Brady’s baby died and how agonized they were over it.

Nuns on the run

I barked out a laugh upon watching Kristen in a nun’s habit calling Gabi a “bitch” who should “burn in hell” for forcing Lani to dump Eli by threatening Julie’s life. Not only is that funny coming from Kristen DiMera, villainess extraordinaire, but I kept waiting for her to start feeling the heat and then fling off her habit once it caught fire. I feel a bit disconnected from this story since these characters are so rarely seen so I’m hoping the duo makes their way back to Salem soon.

Marlena is getting a clue

Last time I wrote how strange it was in Deconstructing DOOL that Marlena didn’t question Hope about what was going on with her. Thankfully, this week she outright told John, “This isn’t Hope.” By now it’s blatantly obvious that something is seriously amiss but it’s a little funny that Marlena is taking no blame in how coldly she is treating “Hope.” Now that we’re at this point, I feel more patient about waiting for this story to progress.

Oh the ruminating

It’s good to see Casey Moss given something juicy to do other than act as a dayplayer. As unpleasant as it is to have him devastated and stuck in the moment of Haley’s death, it’s realistic. His brain is in a loop. Every morning he wakes up right back there. It’s pure torture. My heart pangs for him. Sadly, the only one who can dig himself out is him. He has to choose to move on without her. Dude needs a mind hack!

The big Stefano reveal

Speaking of mind hacking, the big reveal this week was that Steve Johnson’s brain was hacked and reprogrammed to think he’s Stefano DiMera. It was a shock – probably the shock of the year though I admit I’ve known for weeks. Still, my first reaction was of awe. I’ve since had a chance to process it. I wouldn’t have wanted a new actor playing Stefano but I do like Stephen Nichols and Steve Johnson, so I’m going to assume I’ll like him as Stefano DiMera.

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Friends with your murderer?

Enemies Will and Ben are working together right now for the greater good against Clyde. I like it. Some viewers are enjoying this so much they’re hopeful that they’ll become friends. I could see Will eventually forgiving Ben but admit I’m not ready for this to happen for at least another few years! And I have zero interest in them becoming friends.

Sonny and Will are still married, so some are already pissed that he’s moved on with Evan but he hasn’t done anything! WilSon hasn’t filed for divorce, which means there is still likely love between them and a possibility of a future. I’m not a WilSon fan and would prefer they weren’t together as you know, but I don’t advise their fans to discount them just yet.

Please feel free to share your thoughts on the week and that big Steve reveal in the comments below.

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