Deconstructing DOOL: What the Blank Went Down in Salem This Past Year?

November 11 –15

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The phrase, “What the…?” has been on everyone’s lips while watching the time jump this week, trying to make sense of what’s been happening for the last year. There have been so many changes for the characters, some minor and some shocking such as the three deaths, one six-month-old baby girl, three jailbirds, two…nuns and a partridge in a pear tree. There are a lot of questions, much intrigue, and some heartbreak. The pace feels slower and the show has a different feel to it. While I’m loving the time jump, enjoying finally being surprised daily by the show, I agree with the portion of the audience who say it’s still plot-driven rather than character-driven. For those who haven’t been, you’ll want to be informed about Days of our Lives’ hiatus and what it means for the show…(This column is based on Monday to Thursday episodes as I didn’t watch Days until after this was complete.)

Welcome back, Jennifer

Waking up from a coma looks good on Jennifer. Her skin is radiant, her hair colour was kept up, her legs were shaved. Jack did a good job of caring for her. I could have done without the cheesy hourglass and trite flashbacks to him sitting in her hospital room but I loved the romance of their wedding bands coming from a piece of the wreck of the Loretta. It’s extremely lucky for Jenn Jenn that “last year” Kayla was trying to give Kate’s heart away after two days in a coma and though there was no hope, she let Jennifer hang around for a year and not even in long term care. Cough Horton privilege…Meanwhile, after all that Haley went through to stay in the USA, she’s now dead and poor JJ isn’t taking it well. Holy hell what happened? What did Kristen do?

I’d like to see the proof that SPD used to throw Eve in the slammer for tossing Jenn off the Bistro balcony. I’d also like to know why nobody has realized Hope is Princess Gina by now. She doesn’t even live at her house anymore and she dresses better than Hope.

Liar liar, pants on fire

Yikes after six months, Sarah and Nicole are still lying to Eric’s face about who Mackenzie’s daddy is. Ew. So manipulative! Poor in-the-dark Eric. They had better be prepared for his wrath when he does find out! Though I’m not a fan of the lying, I was into Sarah and bespectacled Xander’s touching scene. It’s obvious how close they’ve gotten.

Orange is the new Black

Ben found Jordan dead and then woke up in prison with the man he once murdered as his bunkmate. What are the odds? And Ben felt justifiable in saying that Will’s just like him. Some fans went crazy over that line, taking sides. Some find Will condescending and self-righteous. Some say Ben’s a whiner, always playing the victim. Either way, they both murdered someone. Maybe they should be making restitution instead of arguing. I’d like to know how Will killed poor Adrienne and I’m about 70% sure Ben didn’t murder Jordan. I’m curious as to why a mentally ill man is in prison and not Bayview.

With Arianna having yet another parent in prison it’d be a shock if she doesn’t grow up with a multitude of problems.

As a junior executive at Titan, Ciara stopped wearing club clothes. She lied to her grandpa about not believing that Ben killed Jordan and then went to visit him in jail, forgetting that visitor records can be tracked. They need to be careful. What is that expression? You mess with the bull and get the horns? Yep.

Sister Act

Last week we talked about Elani’s devastating breakup in Deconstructing DOOL but none of us had an inkling that Lani would be living in a convent with Kristen DiMera, both wearing habits. What the…

Please feel free to share your thoughts, your love, your concern or confusion for the time jump in the comments and watch the Days stars interviewed about the time jump from the Day of Days event.

Best lines:

Ben to Will, “You’re no better than I am.”

Victor to Xander, “Pull up a drink.”


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