Deconstructing DOOL: Lonely & Alone, Seeking Friends in Salem

October 14 - 18

Deconstructing DOOL, Fast-tracked, Friendless and Fiesty

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It’s Lori, back to fill in for Christine while she had a few days off. After the non-stop high drama of last week’s Days of our Lives, this week started off pretty slow. Things started to pick up on Wednesday when Gabi, Cin, and Elani graced our screens again, but it became painfully obvious no one in Salem has anyone to lean on outside of their significant others. Romantic relationships are at the core of the soap opera genre, but viewers want to watch friendships, whether male, female or mixed, flourish as well.

Alone and gutted

As Christine pointed out in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, no one has any friends. Which was highlighted by the air of utter aloneness surrounding a gutted Gabi. It truly was heartbreaking to watch her sob over Stefan’s death. Therefore, it was nice to see Kate come to support her. Sure, Will and Sonny dropped in, but Kate understands her wicked impulses better than they do and Will usually just has an inappropriate grin on his face most of the time. It felt more reassuring for Kate to be there. Ben also has no friends left now that Stefan is dead. Hey, maybe he and Gabi can bond in the aftermath of Stefan’s death. He can try to keep her reined in while she plots the demise of her enemies.

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Shouldn’t she be in the mailroom?

As for friendless Ciara, she could make friends at college where she should be going to actually learn about business. You know, like most people do before working on major deals at an international company they have no experience with. We haven’t seen her go to work once, but it wouldn’t be surprising if Victor offers her the CEO position next if Kate turns him down. The ridiculousness of that aside, I don’t see motorcycle-riding, free spirit Ciara wanting to be in the corporate world. It’s great seeing her with a focus other than Ben, but it doesn’t feel like the right fit for her character. Not that I necessarily see her as a cop either, but it’d make more sense if she wanted to get into the other family business to honor her father or follow in her mother’s footsteps.

Abe validated

The best part of Jack getting his memory back was his making amends to his old friend Abe because it wasn’t just Jennifer he wronged. Stepping down as mayor to advocate for Abe to replace him is a positive step. Not only for their friendship, but it will hopefully get Abe more involved in other storylines. I’d like to see him get his own though. Maybe even a love interest. Hopefully whatever Lani is up to in the coming months will involve her father. He’s a reassuring presence who needs to be around more. With Gabi out for blood and Lani obviously affected by being made to beg for Stefan’s heart, she might need her father around.

The widow DiMera

There might not have been any love lost between Lani and Stefan, and her shooting him was an accident, but she did kill him. Her telling Eli everything was perfect now that Julie has a new heart (Stefan’s no less) and they are getting married felt off. She should be a little upset she killed someone a mere day or two ago and take some time to process that. Gabi making Lani beg for Julie’s heart may have gone too far, but Gabi can’t be faulted for expecting a little decorum. Not only did she have to witness Elani celebrating in the hospital lobby, but as many viewers pointed out, she had to put up with the “Horton privilege” of Jennifer acting like Gabi owed Julie Stefan’s heart. But, wow, the grieving widow is a good look on Gabi. When she showed up at the hospital to take Elani to task for their happiness, she looked stunning. Maybe it was that she finally changed out of that denim jumper, but her sleek hair, flawless makeup, and all-black ensemble was striking.

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Keeping secrets

After all that angst, they’re going to have Nicole keep the secret about Eric’s baby from him? Maybe she just needed the night to process learning Sarah is pregnant with his child and that’s why she didn’t immediately give Eric the test results, but I’d rather see Nicole tell him the truth. She could be supportive, yet resentful and maybe plot with Xander to ensure Eric and Sarah don’t reunite. Or, since neither Sarah nor Nicole has friends, they could grow close and become an extended family unit together. It was actually quite refreshing to see it happen with Steffy, Hope and Liam on The Bold and the Beautiful, for a time anyway.

These are just my opinions on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us below!


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