Deconstructing DOOL: Highlighting the Absurdity in a Dramatic Week

October 7 – 11

days of our lives column

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We saw a great week of viewing Days of our Lives which mostly centered around Stefan’s brain death and Julie’s need for a new heart. There was no shortage of delicious drama but so many characters were angry, acting strangely or just being gloomy so I’ve highlighted some of the wonderful absurdity. All my subtitles are courtesy of Shakespeare – just for kicks.

Breathed his last

Neither Doug nor Detective Brady thought to check Julie’s pulse to ensure she really was dead before howling in devastation. Some of the audience rolled their collective eyes over this which gave me a chuckle but when you’re distraught, assumptions are easy to make. Did anyone else laugh when Eli meandered over to Julie and felt her neck and was like, y’all relax – she’s got a pulse? Just me?

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Out of the jaws of death

I know there are some who are Team Lani and some Team Gabi on this storyline but above anything, I am always Team Drama and Team Lani and team Gabi! That said, we all know how crushing guilt can be. Lani’s visit to Gabi to ask for forgiveness when she learned Stefan was brain dead was self-serving and incredibly ill-timed that I understood Gabi going apeshit on her. Lani’s not to blame for Stefan’s shooting but it’ll be a long time if ever before Gabi will believe that. We discussed last week in Deconstructing DOOL that Kayla was almost sued for medical malpractice but that didn’t deter the doctor from violating HIPAA (not for the first time) and telling the Horton family that her other patient, Stefan DiMera, was brain dead. Then she went on to offer his heart to Julie’s family without asking The Widow DiMera first and then testing to see if it was a match after getting the go-ahead. The Hortons were so happy that Julie’s life could be spared that they forgot that it was at the expense of another human being. Someone likened them to vultures circling. That might have been me. It occurs to me that Ciara and Ben might be the only other Salemites who care about Stefan’s death. The rest of the week Salemites lined up from the waiting room to the trauma room to await their turn at pleading with Gabi to save Julie’s life. Kate was nowhere to be found while Will and Sonny guilt-tripped Gabi, used her daughter against her and then backtracked and said they just didn’t want her to be filled with regret. Then they left her sobbing alone with her dead husband because it takes two of them to pick up Arianna from daycare which is far more important than their baby mama. So not like them. The line moved forward and Doug gave his spiel which was good – up and until he told Gabi that if she didn’t donate Stefan’s heart to Julie that he wouldn’t judge her because only “God” can do that. Way to play dirty, Doug. Shame her and heap that religious guilt on. After all that they wanted to send JJ to badger her some more. It shocked me to see Gabi lose it and force Lani to beg for Stefan’s heart. And – I grinned like a fool throughout because of the crazy delicious drama. I don’t know how Lani got through it. After all that she told Eli “I don’t think I’ve ever seen anybody in so much pain.” Most would have punched Gabi out!

Camila Banus deserves a Daytime Emmy for her work this entire week.

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Fair play, foul play

Rolf took revenge on Hope for shooting Stefano which was an interesting twist. I didn’t mind considering Hope might get an interesting storyline out of it. Rolf was hysterically funny, calling her his favorite pet project, laughing maniacally and asking her, “Who’s a good girl, who’s a good girl.” A highlight of the week. Then Rolf went on to mock Xander for mooning over Sarah instead of kidnapping her the way he normally would. Xander took it in stride.

Naked truth

Victor (briefly) fired Brady as CEO of his company (again!) but was okay with allowing him to live with Kristen under his roof.

Brady loses his job almost as often as Lucas used to disown Kate a few years back.

Kristen’s baby names were the same ones that Rosemary in Rosemary’s Baby picked for her fetus – Andy or Jenny. How fitting!

Break the ice

Since nobody has friends on Days of our Lives, I couldn’t help but like Jordan and Kristen as friends. Mad, I know but I haven’t been on board with Jordan’s ridiculous return until that scene.

Those are a few thoughts – please feel free to share your own on this week’s Salem Shenanigans.

Best lines:

Vivian to Eve, “Why don’t you just grow yourself a spine?”

Gabi to Will and Sonny, “You’re team Julie!”

Dr. Rolf to Hope, “Faith won’t help Julie but science will.”

Gabi tells Eli, “Julie’s an unforgiving unrelenting wench from hell.”


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