Deconstructing DOOL: Racing Toward the November Twist

September 30 – October 4

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I’ve had a lovely break away from scrutinizing our Salemites thanks to Lori Wilson taking over my column, and I’m back and I’m ready to discuss the theme of the week on Days of our Lives which is ‘shock’ and to dish on this whacky warped speed pacing that is racing toward the November twist.

The shocks, the pacing, the twist

This week each episode had a million things jammed into it and more than one shocking thing occurred. I counted about 8 shocks during Monday’s episode alone. I lost count for the rest of the week. The pace was simply too fast. I would much rather have seen a few episodes drawn out into three days’ worth because so many interesting things happened and there was no time to process it all. The editing played a part in making my head spin with characters magically teleporting themselves to and from destinations. Maybe this will slow down come November.

She bounces back fast

Jennifer got over Liam Frasier Dr. Shah kidnapping her within minutes since it’s not her first rodeo. Jack and Jennifer’s reunion was sweet but lasted a hot minute. It’d have played out even better if it took Jennifer more than two seconds to forgive how contemptible Jackie-boy has been since his return. I guess the silver lining is that Jack is at least atoning for his past aggressions.

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The overused near-death trope

Kate was considering suing Kayla “the quack” and the hospital for medical malpractice which had the potential to be a normal storyline. Though Kayla didn’t deserve it this time, we at least got to see someone call the doc out on things she has gotten away with as Chief of Staff and as a physician. I respected that Kayla didn’t deny any of it and it turned out to be a highlight of the week. Could Kayla find traces of Rolf’s serum in Kate’s blood? I admit I felt nothing over my Kate’s plight since I knew she’d live.

As for Julie, considering we know she too isn’t leaving the show, I didn’t feel anything for this ‘near-death’ storyline even though the acting and story was excellent. That changed Friday during Doug and Julie’s scenes at the restaurant. I felt surprisingly heartbroken.

Tragedy strikes

It was a fun ride and remarkable to watch Stefan and Gabi go from hating one another to falling in love. The recent tenderness they showed one another was surprisingly sweet especially when I had concerns that their passion would be the only thing that defined them. Unfortunately, Stefan got caught in Vivian and Lani’s shootout and the situation was a travesty for all involved. Oddly, since everyone dies and returns as zombies I figured the impact of Stefan’s death would lessen to a degree but Friday’s show was so incredibly depressing all around.

Rolf’s softer side?

Rolf’s sweet spot for Kate was both fishy and oddly enjoyable as was seeing his softer side for Kristen regarding her pregnancy. Most Salem ‘villains’ are too over-the-top. Rolf seems to be more well-rounded. Last week in Deconstructing DOOL Lori couldn’t root for Xander because he almost let Kristen steal her embryo. Sick but not surprising from a villain. What I didn’t expect was how disappointing it was watching him prostrate himself before Sarah since she doesn’t return his affection.

Mixed feelings

I was slightly happy for Kristen when she learned she was pregnant because at one point, old-school Kristen had some vulnerability and always wanted a baby. That faded fast since Nu-Kristen isn’t written with that vulnerability. She’ll probably miscarry, fake the rest of her pregnancy, steal Sarah’s baby, pay off the doctor and make it look as if the child was stillborn!

Flowers in the Attic vibe

We couldn’t get through the month without ensuring that Ciara’s life was in peril and that Ben came to her rescue. Ben didn’t rescue Stefan in the park after he was shot because he didn’t see the Bat-signal since he was too busy arguing with his sister about who was the sickest of them all while looking deeply into her eyes as if he wanted to take her to pound town. I’m team Ben on this one. Jordan obviously wants Ciara dead and wants everyone to think Ben’s off his meds. I mean, why else is she back!


It’s frightening that Marlena thinks Addicted-to-Everything-Brady could win custody over Kristen – a DiMera – who if backed into a corner will simply flee with the kid.

Mandalay restaurant closed its doors when Tripp left town.

Wardrobe…Some of my readers are from the Salem area and say their weather was in the 90s this week so it’s funny to see turtlenecks come out so soon. So while Jordan pulled out some 90s outfit from Alice’s attic, Chrishell Hartley (Jordan) said, “I was oddly distracted by how bad my clothes looked-ha! Glad you weren’t 😆😅😬🤪😜” Meanwhile, Ciara found her sexuality and is now wearing club clothes, and Vivian wandered about Salem with a Halloween cape on.

Dr. Sarah Horton had no qualms about sacrificing Brady to the wolves, spilling his baby secret to Nicole and Eric when Nic caught her ordering the pregnancy test. Why didn’t she simply say the pregnancy test she arranged for was for a patient?

While I was away, I read your comments on the show and loved them. Hoping to see more this week!

Best lines:

Kate yells, “Help, help, I think my doctor’s going to try to kill me again.”

Brady to Kristen, “I want this [pregnancy] confirmed by a real doctor, not a quack like Dr. Rolf.”

Rolf to Vivian, “It was Spontaneous Resurrection. I gave Kate a little jolt to get her going.”

Brady to Kristen, “Nothing shocks me anymore.”


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