Deconstructing DOOL: Stop Using Rape as a Plot & Brothers Swapping Women

September 9 - 13

Stefan & Gabi, Brady & Kristen, Xander & Sarah on Days of our Lives

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I’m Lori and I’m filling in for Christine while she’s on vacation. This week had me wondering why so many men of Salem lose themselves in their relationships. I’m also not sure why Days of our Lives loves to use rape as a plot so much, and I’m ready for there to be some real stakes in the storylines.

Has a fire been lit?

Ben threatening Brady is something I’m here for. I’m okay with Ben having been redeemed and being in love with Ciara, but he still needs some edge. His fire needs to come from a place other than trying to constantly save his girlfriend or prove his worth to everyone. Even if Ciara is the reason he’s going up against Brady, due to him trying to keep them apart, it would be nice to see him walk the line between good and bad and not be all one or the other. So, go get him, Ben!

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The namby-pamby and the suit

Xander’s not much better when it comes to his “woman.” It’s high time he got a real love interest, and while I’m not opposed to it being Sarah, I hate those wounded puppy dog eyes he flashes every time he’s in a room with her. I prefer the rougher around the edges Xander. Maybe not putting-people-in-cages Xander, but not the cleaned-up-in-a-business-suit Xander either. As for Sarah, Vivian was spot on when she called her a “namby-pamby, goodie-two-shoes.” She could stand a little bad girl in her as well. It would certainly make her more interesting and much more compatible with Xander, who should not be domesticated. That said, he could be the father of her baby though, right? As could Rex. Has it even occurred to Sarah that it might not be Eric’s? I really hope it’s not because you just know he’ll have that guilty/pained look on his face throughout her entire pregnancy.

Never change Stefan

Someone who hasn’t completely lost himself in his relationship is Stefan. He loves Gabi and makes it clear, but he doesn’t turn into a different person every time he sees her. I suppose it’s because Gabi likes crossing lines as much as he does. I also much prefer Brandon Barash’s version of Stefan with Robin Strasser’s Vivian (though I may be in the minority on that one). I got a weird incestuous vibe from Louise Sorel and Tyler Christopher’s incarnation of the mother/son duo. So, while I may not completely buy Stefan’s undying dedication to the mother he’s only known a short time, I do enjoy their interactions more. Especially their exchange over her picking up a “foraging” hobby when she was really burying Kate.

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Protesting too much

I really appreciate Marlena’s heartfelt talks with her children. They’re a nice departure from the over the top antics on the show and helps ground things a little bit. It feels comforting. So, even though Brady was insisting a little too hard he didn’t love Kristen anymore, which of course Marlena didn’t buy, it felt like they could be talking about his feelings for a sane, normal woman. It’s not completely unrealistic for Brady to still be drawn to someone terrible for him, but he said it himself – Kristen raped his brother. She also raped Brady by making him think she was Nicole when they had sex. (What is with this show and rape?) He should stay far away from her, but, you know Brady’s going to Brady and keep going back for more.

As for the real Nicole, I’m happy she’s back and we don’t have to watch the Kristen version of her anymore, but I just can’t care about her and Eric. They’re way too sappy. I did, however, feel a little bad for Brady. Yes, I know he was awful to Nicole, but he did think he was falling for her again. So now what? Will he magically turn off his reignited attraction because logically he knows it wasn’t her? Will he have no problem seeing Eric with the woman he had feelings for? Those Brady/Black brothers really need to stop sleeping with each other’s women. It is messy. Even for a soap.

Salemites have seen it all

In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, Christine ranted about the many recycled storylines. This week, I wondered if the characters or the viewers are more non-pulsed by those shocking events that occur over and over again? Nicole returned from the dead, you say? Cool, cool, cool. Kristen was wearing a mask of her face this whole time? Huh. Weird. Vivian buried Kate alive? That’s so her. Rolf is back and needs a lab to work in? Let’s set him up and buy him red vine licorice while we’re at it. There are virtually no stakes in any of the storylines. Hopefully the never-before-seen daytime event the promo promises will change that.

These are just my opinions on the week in Salem. What are yours? Tell us below!


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