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Deconstructing DOOL: Viewers ask, where is the drama?

March 13 – 17

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Everyone was in each other’s business this week, giving advice often where none was warranted. Like last week in Deconstructing DOOL, newbies are getting too much time on canvas while viewers want more of a balance of characters and some actual drama. Viewers are posting messages such as this, which is disheartening and sadly, understandable:

The Hortons welcome Eli.
It was kind of the Horton clan to get together to welcome Eli into their family though it felt uncomfortable – at least to me. The fact that Valerie’s feeling jealous that Eli has this new family only made me dislike her a little for such a narcissistic act. Mothers should be happy when anyone loves their children, not jealous. Valerie should have felt guilt and shame for not allowing Eli near his family. 

How rude that the nu-commissioner Raines treated Eli like dirt under his feet, not even bothering to be introduced on his tour of SPD. Hopefully it will come back to bite him. Maybe once Eli’s hired by the FBI, he’ll have to interfere with the antiquities case and they’ll butt heads. Eli’s been in Salem a few days and already has a date, thanks to jealous Abigail, who somehow thinks that by setting Gabi and Eli up, Gabi will be off Chad’s radar. Except for that’s the exact opposite of what’s likely to happen.

Kate’s sage advice.
Having Kate get into Chad’s love life is rather pushy even for Kate, considering Chad’s not her kid and they’re not even that close. At least her advice was wise. If Chad’s not going to pursue Gabi, why the hell would he want to hurt his wife by revealing he still has feelings for the other woman?

Kate saw Eddie hugging Chloe and went into a jealous rage, telling Eddie how Chloe is just like Vivian. Amazing mention of Auntie Vivi and how she stole Kate’s embryo, AKA PhillyK. There are certainly similarities. How ironic was it to have Kate going to her ex-husband Roman for advice about men. Roman could have fun with this.

Jade’s story continues…
It’s anyone’s guess as to why we’re still seeing Jade on canvas at all when the teen storyline was supposed to be cut back according to Corday, and most fans have never expressed interest in her. My guess is that Jade will blackmail Joey into a relationship by threatening to tell Tripp his half-brother Joe murdered his mama, Ava. The fact that Tripp has a record is just the icing on the cake.

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Meh, small time hood.
Whenever Rafe would visit Stefano at the DiMera mansion, Stefano would have some snappy comments about how Rafe and the SPD couldn’t find their own asses with two hands, then bark out some laughter. Then unfazed, Rafe would smirk and act as though he didn’t have a care in the world, which would mildly annoy Stefano. Those were good times. When Rafe visited Deimos to put him on notice, Deimos had nothing to say, became really annoyed and his goon asked if he should take care of the cop. By this point, Deimos is just a watered down villain waiting to be killed off. How sad for the talented Vincent Irizarry.

Eric’s new job.
Eric’s return to Salem as a counsellor is a great career fit for the ex-priest, but what a yawn. Why can’t they get him back into photography? Photography is sexy.

“It’s so hot when dudes take bubble baths,” said nobody ever.
Rafe faking a B&E to get Hope to his house for a little romance was pretty funny and cute. But they did the bubble bath thing last week. The handcuffs, though a nice touch, especially in daytime TV, didn’t really scream Rafe and Hope. I don’t know what does.

Claire is a nitwit.
Ciara finally had the guts to come clean to Claire about having feelings for Theo, and Claire vowed to stop flaunting her relationship with Theo. Who believes this? And how in the world did Claire listen to Marlena’s advice about focusing on her boyfriend and think that what she was being told was to take Theo to bed? At least Julie gave Ciara that really soapy advice to reveal her feelings to Theo in a letter. Because we know that’ll be intercepted by Claire and shredded!

Abe’s disapproval.
Abe told JJ that he didn’t approve of him dating Lani because his daughter needs somebody more mature but Abe barely knows Lani so with all due respect, because we know Abe is a caring soul, he can approve or disapprove all he wants but if Lani’s an adult, she’ll do what she wants! Here’s a thought. If Abe wants his daughter to feel mature, he needs to let her make her own decisions.

That’s a lot of ranting this week. I wish there were more raves. Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comment section. Yes, even if they’re completely different from mine.

Best lines of the week:

Kate to Chad: “Are you still torn between two lovers?”

“Eddie, she got pregnant by a dead man,” says Kate.

Roman to Kate: “Men love it when women tell them they’re stupid, gullible and wrong.”

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– Christine Fix


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