Deconstructing DOOL: It’s Bad When You Want a Favorite Character Gone

August 26 – 30

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I get no enjoyment from admitting that I didn’t enjoy watching Days of our Lives much this week though I have in previous weeks. I’m not a fan of changing who a character is in order to get a few laughs through slapstick humour and found myself saddened and frustrated watching this happen to Susan and then seeing Kristen revel in raping Brady Black. The highlight was Eli talking to Julie about her racism.

Extra! Extra! Kristen tells the truth

I was surprised Kristen told Brady the truth about everything. Usually, she blames everyone else but herself and tells half-truths if anything but I don’t think Brady wants her back. He may be attracted to her physically but I think he knows she’s insane. They’ve hot chemistry and I’ve been into them in the past but she’s so far over-the-top ridiculous that I just want her in jail or gone. I hate feeling this because Kristen’s always been one of my faves but I’m sick of her obsession and these rape storylines. Kristen having sex with Brady when he thought she was Nicole was as rapey as what Kristen did to Eric in the past and what Stefan did to Abigail. Brady even told Kristen he wouldn’t have consented to sex if he had known it was with her. And the way she spoke about it to him and mocked Eric for the same thing afterward was gross. I had hoped that my Melinda’s return to DA would mean she’d lock Kristen up and throw away the key but sadly, Kristen’s back on the street. Marlena better hide.

Y’all don’t come back soon

Happy trails to Susan for hightailing it back to Roger in Nashville, a move I was thrilled for because by Monday’s episode I felt she had overstayed her welcome. Again. The acting with each return is more exaggerated and distorted. Her stupid outfits make me rage. And I just don’t believe Susan would ever get drunk.

They went there and it was splendid

I felt emotional while Eli and Lani opened up a dialogue with Julie about being racist. It was a challenging conversation but they handled it with kindness, understanding, and were gentle while letting her know that the racially charged terms she’s been using are hurtful and need to stop. She surprised me by taking it well and apologizing. Good for her for apologizing to Gabi, even though the apology was sort of backhanded. I wished that the heart attack wasn’t in the spoilers because the scene between Julie and Gabi would have had more impact but watching her clutch at her arm and heart while gasping for air was scary and Gabi, unfortunately, thought she was joking and did nothing to help her. Flashback to last year in December when Julie fell down the stairs and Gabi left her there to die. This doesn’t bode well for next week and I know what’s coming up will be frightening.

Stuck in a loop

Last week I complained in Deconstructing DOOL about Haley being JJ’s spokesperson. This week Ciara returned to being Ben’s appointed spokesperson in an unnecessary, and insipid scene. It’s like this show gets stuck in a loop on what to write for each character. Every couple. That scene didn’t further any storyline for anyone.

Ex-priest turned bully

I’ve been finding it hard to remember Angry Eric was ever a priest filled with light and hope since all he has done for the past year is mope, whine, and stay in attack mode. He’s physically attacked Brady countless times, fell for two of his brother’s girlfriends, assaulted Kristen and became aggressive with Melinda Trask, comparing Haley’s situation to Kristen’s, which is like comparing apples to oranges. The pièce de résistance was asking Melinda to give Kristen immunity so that he can find Nicole, knowing that if Kristen’s free she’ll murder his mother. Desperation can lead to all sorts of insanity. Now that Nicole’s alive, Sarah, with Xander’s help, knows it’s over between her and Eric and I feel so sad for her. I figured Eric would dump her like yesterday’s news but I’m glad she ended it on her terms. It showed a strength I didn’t know she had.

Farewell Salemites

Tripp and Chloe left town this week – alive. Not that it’d have mattered if they were killed off since they could still return as zombified versions of themselves, but this way is better. The audience was unprepared for the departures which came out of the blue and there wasn’t a whole lot of fanfare from Salemites for either one leaving which was unfortunate. I’m glad that Tripp’s going to become a doctor but how is it possible that he was shocked when Kayla told him she knew he applied since the medical school called for a recommendation? He’s the one who put her on the application as a reference! And honestly, I don’t see a problem with him running from Haley. He is also running toward a successful future and in staying away from Haley he has something that Eric Brady could use a little of – dignity. Meanwhile, Chloe has a fulltime job in a business that she owns in Salem and I guess isn’t fulfilled because she’s off to sing in an opera in New York City. Brady complained about sitting through an entire season of opera but he and Chloe used to sing opera together in the 90s so this felt like an oversight.

That’s just my opinion – feel free to tell me your own in the comment section.

Best lines:
Eli to Xander, “Well well, well, if it isn’t the Teflon Don of Salem.”
Xander, “It’s within my legal rights to seek as many immunity deals as the DA is willing to allow and so far she’s been very willing.”
Lani, “How is it you manage to make everything sound so sleazy?
Xander, “It’s a gift.”

Susan, “She besmirched my good name. She did the same to my sister, Sister Mary Moira. Oh, that She-Devil. She made us look like floozies.”

Kristen to Eric, “I wanted Brady and you were in my way. You’re like a bad rash.”


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