Deconstructing DOOL: Enough Repetitive Kristen Reveals to Last a Decade

August 19 – 23

days of our lives august 23 2019

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Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I ranted about characters not dressing for the weather. This week I overlooked that and am focusing on the big reveal, which was, unfortunately, virtually unchanged from every other Kristen or Susan reveal. Missing from the party scene amongst others was Maggie. Maggie was Marlena’s maid-of-honor and Abe was John’s best man so while Abe showed, not seeing Maggie seemed like a big oversight to fans and resurrected that old rumour that Deidre Hall and Suzanne Rogers don’t get along.

I’ll take lies for $400 Alex

Poor Sarah and Eric are easy to poke fun of. This week Sarah told Eric, “I ended my marriage to be with you.” Yeah, that never happened. Rex booted her ass to the curb when he found out she was in love with his brother. It’s also funny that Eric thinks he’s over Nicole. As soon as Nicole’s shown to be alive, cause y’all know that’s coming, he’ll dump Sarah and be back in Nicole’s arms. Sarah’s head will spin faster than Linda Blair’s in The Exorcist.

Anna’s ridiculous

It’s both completely sweet and completely bizarre that Roman went along with Anna’s ridiculous plot to force Tony’s hand by getting engaged. I could see it flying if Anna hadn’t already played her hand by admitting she wanted Tony back but since he knows she’s still in love with him it’s stupid.

Let’s put things into perspective

I used to like JJ and I started to like Tripp but throwing newcomer Haley into the lead of the biggest storyline of the year, and making her virtually clueless has caused most fans to loathe all players and the story by the end. This week Haley returned home from the hospital and she and the guys acted as if it’s been months since she’s been gone when in fact, her hospital visit proved there was nothing wrong with her physically but mentally, as a nurse, she doesn’t seem to get that you don’t take pills that aren’t prescribed for you. That’s frightening. Once home, JJ called Haley one of the “strongest” people he knows. Since when? Things got worse when she began speaking for JJ, trying to get him to apologize to Tripp for shoving him up against the wall. JJ should decide for himself if he’d like to apologize.

As for Tripp, Lucas Adams leaves Days next week and many fans are sad that he didn’t get a decent storyline. Tripp was robbed. As Bearigan says, “Tripp will be leaving and unfortunately the only thing he got to work with pretty much was falling for Claire after her breakup with Theo, falling for Ciara, falling for Haley and trying to rescue them all. I think he probably had a whole lot more to offer had he been given a chance.” My guess is he’ll go off to medical school and return in a few years whether it be Lucas Adams or a recast.

The big question of the week – where was my Melinda while Haley needed her mama?

The big reveal couldn’t come soon enough

Thank goodness the doppelganger storyline is over. My friend Jennifer Kelly and I both have a case of what Jenn calls “doppelganger fatigue.” Part of the problem I have with these storylines is that they’re almost exactly the same storyline recycled and the same characters. They also encroach on real moments with characters I care about. Case in point with John and Marlena’s surprise anniversary party. The story started out adorable. They both wanted to surprise each other with their 30-year anniversary party and it was so romantic and sweet but there were no times when someone was almost found out which made it become obvious that it was only written for the big Kristen reveal. Susan’s arrival was untimely and a surprise for the couple, but they were both abrupt, rude to her which was completely unlike them. And though it was interesting watching Will and Sonny get close to the truth by searching Xander’s briefcase and then later seeing John flashback to all of the conversations he’d had at the party and put everything together, why did they have to have Hope and John inappropriately whispering during Marlena’s touching speech? I wasn’t sure if I should cry at how rude it was or laugh in disbelief. At least the reveal was fun for most but it fell flat for me because it didn’t feel as if it was about Jarlena and I am all ‘revealed out’.

A highlight from the week

What I loved was the scene between Victor and Mr. Shin. While Victor ridiculed Shin for having to fly in from Hong Kong because DiMera’s in trouble, Shin mocked Vic for allowing his “playboy grandson to run his company into the ground.” Hilarious. I need Shin on fulltime.

That’s just my opinion – feel free to tell me your own in the comment section.

Best lines:

Sonny, “So you don’t think Kristen’s risen from the dead again? Because you of all people shouldn’t be such a skeptic.”

Susan, “Oh wow. You are one handsome devil. You two make a perfect couple, just like Elvis and Priscilla.”

Kristen, “Let’s say Susan won’t be stepping on my blue suede shoes again.”

Susan, “I don’t have these teeth for nothin’. I chewed my way out.”


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