Deconstructing DOOL: Salemites are Dangerous, Fascinating, Frightening

July 29 – August 2

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It’s summertime in Salem and nobody’s at the lake, nobody’s taking a vacation or staycation, but not everyone is actually working – as usual. There was a little romance between Ciara and Ben, Stefan and Gabi and Eli and Lani. Let’s talk about what’s sizzling, and what’s fizzling on Days of our Lives.

Dangerous, frustrating and frightening

Eve’s reckless, directionless, and she has no control over her life. She never really has. That’s what makes her such a fascinating and frustrating character. I think Eve went way too far in destroying Rolf’s serum and I don’t see her and Jack recovering from that. And worse, Eve blamed Jennifer for the breakdown of her marriage and for losing her job as police commish. Do you see her as narcissistic, or in denial, or does she just not possess an ounce of integrity?

Did anyone else notice that Eve was wearing leather pants in the heat of summer? She’s sizzling. Literally. No wonder she’s grouchy.

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Kristen/Nicole is fizzling

This week everyone kept blathering that there were no more DiMeras to take over as CEO but it crossed my mind that Chad could have stepped into that role – from Paris, and appointed Stefan as acting manager. Though if he knew Tony was alive he’d want Tony appointed. I’m curious about who you prefer as CEO. Kristen or Gabi? I’m still Team Gabi on this one even though she has zero experience and doing this for all the wrong reasons. Surprisingly, I’m also upset that she’s destroying Stefan’s life. Kristen is a bloody lunatic who gets on my nerves and her marriage to Tony isn’t real anyway. Fake Nicole telling Brady she didn’t know who the man was in her dream sparked a lot of questions from the audience. The dialogue was iffy. It sounded like she knew the man’s face but couldn’t tell who it was. It’s convoluted. Either way, Brady’s as dumb as a box of hair, possibly due to all that nose candy and alcohol abuse, so he didn’t question Fauxcole about what she saw or when she got the man’s private address by calling a hospital. As if that’d happen. While I like the intrigue of some of this story, the details could have been reworked to make it more believable. As for Eric’s reaction to Nicole marrying Tony, many found it over-the-top. Possibly for an ex-priest and for someone who is supposed to be in love with Sarah. Maybe Eeyore doesn’t know what he wants. Hopefully, now that Sarah came clean with Rex about her feelings for his brother – gross – Eric will start smiling again. At least until he learns Nicole really is dead. Last week in Deconstructing DOOL I wondered what Tony been up to since 2009 and we’ve still no information about that or why he wasn’t seen until now.

Did Gabs just sign her life away?

Gabi and Stefan’s wedding was average which was to be expected since it’s a business transaction, but I did find some of their reactions to each other sexy though their reason for marriage isn’t. Gabi arrogantly gloated to Mr. Shin that she’s a “smart businesswoman” and I almost passed out laughing, remembering that she signed that prenup without letting her lawyer look at it. This soap has an abundance of twists and turns so who knows what Stefan slipped into that document. Whatever happens, I’m in. These two are sizzling hot.

Salemites are all hypocrites

Many are calling Ciara a hypocrite for judging Ted and Gabi for their bad behaviour when she’s living with a guy who murdered four people. Well sure she is but all the other Salemites are hypocrites too, so I haven’t gotten too worked up about it. I’m confused as to why she suddenly dislikes Gabi so much. I’ll assume for now that it’s because of what Gabi did to Abigail since the show hasn’t made it clear. I did love that Ciara picked flowers for Gabi and made her a bouquet – even though she can’t stand her. She should put that creativity to good use – at a paying job.

Does anyone else wonder why one of Days of our Lives hottest couples is so rarely seen?

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New SPD Commish

Salem Police Department has had a revolving door of police commissioners the last few years and this time they may actually have a decent one in Eli. He’s ex-FBI and a decent cop. I liked that Rafe seemed a little put off by it which could mean strife coming up. But I thought it was silly that Eli worried that Julie would be upset that he took the job when Hope should have still been commish. Hope doesn’t want the job so Julie should be happy that at least another family member is taking it. You know Hope will be happy with the news.

This is my opinion – I’d love to hear yours for Salemites’ Shenanigans!

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