Deconstructing DOOL: Secrets, Lies and Tony DiMera’s Alive – No Big Deal

July 22 – 26

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Our week in Salem was full of secrets being revealed, and yet another return from the dead with Kristen bringing back Tony DiMera so that she could marry him, and take over at DiMera Enterprises. Just another average, exciting week on Days of our Lives with a few missteps from our Salemites.

New PSA storyline coming?

I’m not a big a fan of PSA storyline in soaps. They usually fall a little short of entertaining me and it looks as though we may be in for one more with Tripp and Haley diagnosing the nurse with PTSD and handing her medication which could cause even more issues. It’s not lost on me that Tripp’s once again doing something against the law and that Haley’s back to being secretive. They’re both stupid. JJ should run for the hills to get away from them both! Some people never learn. Haley has been nothing but a damsel in distress since her debut and we thought Ciara was hoarding all of the damsel storylines! The only good part of this plot was the brief return of crazy Claire Bear making a fashion statement with that cute 1980s Madonna throwback look. The big question – will Haley and Jack bond and become besties over PTSD? Ugh.

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Eve’s machinations revealed

The truth came out this week and Jack learned that not only did Eve burn Rolf’s diary which was horrible, but that she’s been keeping it from him. I felt really bad for Jack but it’s about time he found out the truth. Even if it hurt – what an amazing scene! Eve should probably stay on Xander’s good side because now that Jack’s done with her she’ll need an ally. Xander’s perfect for that role. Last week in Deconstructing DOOL Xander decided he was done with Kristen and basically playing Bart to her Andre, but this week he toyed with the idea of being Batman to her Commissioner Gordon. Whatever these two do, I’m sure it’ll be worth tuning in for. Love them or hate them!

Only the lonely

I’m judging Jennifer Rose this week, too. I recognize that she’s lonely, and know she deserves a little lovin’ but she hasn’t moved on from Jack. It was obvious when she rushed to call that poor schmuck Dr. Shah for a date and then rubbed it in Jack’s face. I can see if she’s just getting a little sex but that’s not her style and hopefully, JJ has stopped us from watching a repeat of what happened last December with her rebounding from Eric. Thankfully, this is not the start of another love triangle. Nobody wants to see a repeat of 2011’s plot of Daniel vs. Jack for Jenn’s affections!

Kate vs. Sarah

It’s been a while since Kate got to pick on one of her kid’s spouses and this week, she had a little PTSD of her own and some viewers (me) laughed as she hit poor unsuspecting Sarah over the head with an ice bucket. Sarah’s not afraid of her which may mean she doesn’t know about Chloe and the poisoned brownie fiasco or Sami being framed for Franco’s murder. Not that it matters much since this storyline is ending soon. On another note, I hope that Kate’s not paying much to live at Salem Inn. They haven’t updated their suites since the 1990s by the looks of that green and gold ice bucket.

Will and Sonny continue to entertain

Will and Sonny’s sarcastic commentary and expressions this week were hysterical. I’d be happy if this was a constant for them. It’s been such a departure from the boring or whiny scenes. I can’t help but point out that neither want loaded guns around Arianna, yet Xander lives with them. He’s sort of a loaded gun himself! With all of the doppelgangers in Salem, viewers were mocking how trusting they seemed but I have to give them a pass considering Susan’s bizarre even on her best days. On another note, the scenes with Susan and Kristen disguised as Susan were fun but the voice was all wrong. Mary Moira’s more severe in her speech so I was finding it difficult to believe that ol’ Susie didn’t notice.

Tony DiMera’s return

I have mixed feelings about Tony DiMera’s return to Salem. I love both Andre and Tony and while I’m happy to see Tony, I now miss Andre again. That’s a testament to Thaao Penghlis’ acting and the writing for both characters. I’m curious about when Rolf brought him back to life and what he’s been doing since 2009. Who are we rooting for to takeover at DiMera? Gabi or Kristen? Let me know…

This is my opinion – I’d love to hear yours on this week of Salemites’ Shenanigans!

Best lines:

Susan to Brady, “An open relationship is like an oxen moron.”
Will, “I think you mean oxymoron.”
Susan, “I know what it is. It’s when two things don’t belong together. Everyone knows that ‘an oxen’ is very smart.”

Eve to Xander, “Consider this association permanently over.”
Xander, “That’s a rather rash decision considering what a great team we are, my Batman to your Commissioner Gordon.”
Eve, “Why don’t you crawl back into that Bad Cave where you came out of.”


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