Deconstructing DOOL: Characters Mocking Themselves Is Always a Win

July 15 - 19

susan vs kristen days of our lives

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Some actors have terrific chemistry with everyone they work with. Days of our Lives’ Paul Telfer is one of them. Xander stepped up his game against Kristen, deciding he was no longer playing Bart to her Andre. Meanwhile, Will and Sonny had some of the best dialogue of the week – the year – mocking each other’s wardrobes, something we’ve been doing for years, while we got yet another doppelganger storyline when FauxSusan arrived in Salem and the real Susan followed…

The couples

I’ve said that I have found Eli and Lani hot together in the past a few times but the writing for them has been mediocre and a large part of the audience is calling them ‘boring’. I get it. Eli and Lani’s official engagement was way too casual. The ring was gorgeous but instead of getting creative with the ring he just handed it to her at SPD. Gee, that’s every woman’s dream. Still, I like them.

Will and Sonny left the hospital last week and instead of being in peril again or disappearing for weeks, which would have been fine with me, it was a pleasant surprise to see them get romantic, even though they morphed into the new John and Marlena by having breakfast in bed together like the Baby Boomers. It was a good start to a fun week for them especially since they’re involved in other storylines. WilSon’s dialogue was the best writing for these two that I’ve seen to date. Hopefully, Days of our Lives keeps it up.

There were many viewers ridiculing Hope for mourning over her divorce and five minutes later moving on and kissing Ted. I found their complaints hilarious. I understand the jeering but I am team Hope on this one. She’s been grieving her marriage downfall for a long time and has been attracted to Ted during half of that time so to me it made perfect sense why she’s ready to move on. But I still see no connection between them, while there is one between Kate and Ted. In last Friday’s Deconstructing DOOL I wondered why Eli stayed at SPD when he’s obviously against Eve and Jack’s politics and recently caught Eve stealing evidence. This week Ted was willing to take the DA job from Eve if she rehired Hope. I can’t see Hope returning to SPD until Eve and Jack are out of the way. I assume Hope has more dignity than Teddy-boy.

Kate and Gabi

I enjoyed Kat and Gabi’s relationship this week from Gabi bartering with Kate for information on Stefan only to have Kate point out that Gabi’s falling for Stefan and that he could be playing the long game just like her. Nice touch to have Kate talk to Austin on a call about his separation with Carrie, too.

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Kristen met her match

Things took a turn for Kristen this week. She lost her Nicole mask and strangely has no backup, yet she carries around a Susan Banks getup? I do admire her tenacity at turning herself into Susan in order to infiltrate the Kiriakis mansion to get to Brady. It was as ingenious as was Xander stealing her Nicole mask only to give her that Lucha Libre mask instead. Hilarious! Kristen just may have met her match in Xander who kicked up his game, easily talked his way back into Titan with Brady – it’s good to see the man have layers and to see Kristen get a taste of her own medicine. The Friday twist with the real Susan’s arrival was sheer brilliance – to me. Not to those who aren’t fans. Prepare yourselves!

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All that yammering

It’s been a few weeks since Jack admitted he wants his memory back and I can’t wait until the deed is done so he and Jenn can stop the repeated bickering. The highlight of the latest Jack and Jenn argument was Jack saying, “I can see why we were the perfect match. We were both self-righteous blowhards.” Hilarious – and he’s not wrong.

Revisiting Ben’s familial storyline

Rafe and I both forgot that Ben asked Rafe to ask Jordan to allow him access to David. She still won’t allow it which is no surprise. Some viewers thought Rafe was a jerk for adhering to Jordan’s wishes – probably reactionary. I don’t know but I enjoyed the scene and found Rafe very kind. He gave Ben hope for the future and Ben seemed happy.

We all forgot that Ciara had a job at the pub – including Ciara. So Roman lightheartedly fired her. Understandable but we want more for her. How is it that she and Ben can live together when neither has a current source of income? That’s soaps for ya!

This is my opinion this week – I’d love to hear yours!

Best lines:

Xander, to Eve, “What is the point of being police commissioner if you can’t make it work for you?”

Xander to Kristen, “I decided to put you on time out until you behave.”

Kate to Ted, “Those dimples are deeper than your conscience.”

Will to Sonny, “We do need to talk about refreshing your wardrobe.”
Sonny, “Are we really going to go there Mr. Plaid for Days?”
Will, “Ouch! That’s hurtful.”
Sonny, “Well lucky for you I do have a thing for Lumberjacks.”

Sonny to Will, “Didn’t your mother ever teach you that you can never go through a woman’s purse.”
Will, “Well my mom is Sami Brady so what do you think?
Sonny, “Well, you got a point.”
Will, “And besides, Susan lied to me for two years about who I was so I really don’t feel bad about going through her gigantic Stevie Nicks purse.”
Sonny, “Yeah you might even find Stevie Nicks in that purse.”
Will, “Very funny.”


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