Deconstructing DOOL: Craving More Romance From Elani, Stabi and Cin

June 24 - 28

Gabi & Stefan, Lani & Eli, Ciara & Ben on Days of our Lives

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I’m filling in for Christine this week and I found Days of our Lives to be a bit slow until the end of the week when Claire went completely off the rails. However, there were a lot of good moments between couples sprinkled throughout, as well as other dynamics that had my attention and then some.

Sarah and her many suitors

Sarah is just not dynamic enough to have three men fighting over her. And Rex is not only a dog but blind if he can’t see the strained, longing faces Sarah and Eric put on every time they’re in each other’s orbit. It’s painful to watch. While I don’t necessarily believe Xander wanting to change for Sarah, he’s her best option if she wants to be elevated out of bland coupledom with either Rex or Eric. The good girl/bad boy dynamic almost always works and Xander has that part down cold.

Elani is too hot to be back burnered

Thankfully Lani and Rafe never became a thing, which allowed Lani and Eli to reunite fairly quickly. They are too hot not to keep paired up, but they also feel totally natural and sweet together. I was disappointed to not see them in the following episodes after they reunited on Wednesday and can’t understand why they aren’t driving more story. Now that they’re back together they need a fun, upbeat storyline or at least a good mystery to solve together.

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Claire needs her dad

Christine pointed out in the last Deconstructing DOOL, how missed the returning vets were and that they are sorely needed on the canvas. That was super evident in Shawn’s scene with an unraveling Claire at Brady’s Pub. Eve has never been more right than when she suggested to Shawn that his daughter could really use his guidance. He felt so grounded and reassuring in his scenes with Claire, as well as with JJ when he translated that Haley actually told him she loved him before she was deported – not thank you. I’d be happy if Shawn stuck around to just be a source of comfort for all of Salem.

In the absence of presumed guilt

Ciara’s quick make-out session with Ben on Thursday was a much-needed reprieve from the Sarah and Eric hangdog show, Kristen walking around town passing herself as an unrecognizable Nicole, and Jack and Eve being Jack and Eve. Ciara and Ben really do have great chemistry together and I wanted to spend more time with them before Claire interrupted. It will be interesting to see what the writers come up with for Cin when they’re not trying to escape Claire’s murderous tendencies or prove Ben is not the root of all of Salem’s ills. What will their driving force be then? Maybe that’s what their next obstacle will be – normalcy. Or whatever passes for normalcy on a soap.

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Stabi 2.0

Stefan and Gabi obviously have chemistry, but I did not enjoy their hate sex romps. They just felt icky. But the softer, more genuine Stefan and Gabi we saw this week? Those two I can get behind. They shouldn’t get too soft, mind you, or lose their penchant for holding grudges and seeking revenge. They should just direct those darker impulses toward other people, maybe as a combined effort. But between the two of them, there should be love and respect, with a lot of flirty snark and wicked fire mixed in.

Roommates in the bowels of Hell

I actually felt bad for Ted when he crumpled to the floor after Xander left him alone in the secret room, but I was mostly concerned about whether or not Xander was feeding him. I was happy to see Xander drop off some food on Friday, but how about some water? Even though Kate could probably live on champagne alone, it really won’t cut it. And what about using the bathroom? Having Kate thrown into the mix should make for some interesting and hopefully fun scenes between her and Ted, but wow, that room is going to be ripe if they stay down there too long without some basic necessities.

These are just my opinions. Tell us yours below!


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