Deconstructing DOOL: Goodbye Sweet Caroline Brady, Goodbye Peggy McCay

June 17 - 21

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Peggy McCay passed away last October and Caroline Brady passed away this week. Since Days of our Lives is taping eight months ahead, they must have begun writing Caroline’s death right after Peggy passed on. We didn’t get to see many react to Caroline’s death but we heard a few stories and were treated to seeing Lucas, Sami, Carrie, Belle, and Shawn. Their returns made many realize just how much we need them fulltime.  

Sami and Lucas saved the day

Will and Sonny remarried and Will has been telling us all week that he could barely talk or breathe anymore yet we all heard him. He sounded – and looked – perfectly healthy. In fact, he talked an awful lot for someone who could barely breathe. After they exchanged vows, they kept chanting, “Husbands for life. Husbands for life,” like it was some sort of mantra. It gave me a chuckle. Maybe it’s a sign that they’ll be happy for a time. I was grateful when Sami and Lucas arrived. Ali Sweeney and Bryan Dattilo brought their A game to the scenes, drove the rest of the storyline and gave it depth and meaning, something that Caroline’s passing did in addition.

Caroline Brady has passed on

Having Will “crossover” and say goodbye to Caroline was sweet and creepy all at once. There are a few theories floating around as to how Will came back to life. Some believe Caroline gave her life for Will, others think that she told him to go back because his time wasn’t up. The rest think that Rex’s antidote must have set some record in shrinking a tumor. I wasn’t a fan of how the family was told about Caroline’s death. It felt rushed. Roman and Kayla’s initial reactions were poignant, yet barely a full minute long. Sami told Will offscreen and then the memorial happened a few minutes later. It was wrapped up on one day with only a few short flashbacks, which upset many viewers. Because of the lack of reactions, I am sorry to admit that I felt no emotion during the majority of the episode but I think I’m one of a few. I teared up during Victor and Hope’s scenes, when Vic called Caroline the love of his life, and when we saw Shawn and Caroline’s ghosts at the end. It was also a nice touch to hear Lexi, Max, Frankie, and Bo mentioned.

For those missing a few other characters during this memorial, Patsy Pease’s absence was addressed and you can learn why Jen Lilley wasn’t there, though I don’t know why Jennifer wasn’t around.

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DiMera Enterprises’ new team

Nobody thought they’d see the day when Abe Carver accepted a job at DiMera. I’m into it because it means progression for Abe’s character and hopefully a bit of a departure from the past. Will Abe realize something is off with their new CEO? Thankfully Gabi and Kate are already suspicious of “Nicole’s” behaviour because everyone else keeps assuming that she’s grieving. This is Salem. Surely one person can’t help but wonder if she is who she claims to be. Could it be Hope? I cannot wait to find out if she goes into “Nicole’s” room and finds Ted’s phone.

Ciara has the worst poker face

In last week’s Deconstructing DOOL I was surprised that Tripp wasn’t arrested. This week he’s still wandering free and he surprised me once again. This time it was at how hasty he was to believe Ciara that Claire is the arsonist. He instantly agreed to help both Ben and Ciara to get Claire to confess. I took this as a sign of the storyline wrapping up quickly. I laughed aloud when Ciara struggled not to beat Claire’s ass as she adopted a petulant look on her face and crossed her arms over her chest defensively, but her body language was lost on Claire who only wanted to get her niece to see Marlena for therapy. Some viewers agreed with Claire that Ciara does need one. A Soaps poster, Karen Carr, says, “You spend 24 hours a day defending a serial killer! You not only need a shrink; you need to be locked in a rubber room!” We can’t deny that it’s bloody bizarre that anyone would date a serial killer. If Ben wasn’t handsome, I wonder how this story would have gone. But that’s neither here nor there. I am still into the excitement of setting Claire up and love how Ciara pulled the wool over on Eve’s eyes by keeping up the cover that she dumped Ben. I almost thought Ciara screwed up the plan when Ben looked puzzled by Eve asking for his key. Luckily Ciara had the foresight to give him a key so that Eve wouldn’t become suspicious.

That’s just my opinion. Please share your own!

Best lines:

Kate to Lucas [about his half-brother], “You remember Rex?”
Lucas rolls his eyes, “Yeah, I remember him.”

Claire to Ciara, “You should talk to my grandma.”
Ciara, “You think I need a shrink?”

Gabi to Kate, “I’m just worried that she [Arianna] doesn’t understand that death is permanent.”
Kate to Gabi, “That wouldn’t be surprising considering how many people come back from the dead in Salem.”

Roman to Kayla, “Kay? Ma’s gone. Kimberly said she died just a little while ago. In her sleep. She’s gone, Kay. She is gone.”

Victor to himself, “Maggie, I love you very much, but Caroline, you are and always will be the love of my life.”


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