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Deconstructing DOOL: A slow week in Salem with characters many dislike

March 6 – 10

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Since I’ve worked in the soap industry, my viewing habits have changed. Writing issues glare at me, which means I don’t always have the same reaction to characters as the regular viewer that I once was. It’s also been several years since I watched the show for a few specific characters. Instead, I watch for the ensemble, but this isn’t the way the majority of viewers watch. Sometimes it’s difficult for me to be angry with a character when the entire show is plot-driven and the holes in it are as big as the ones in the Ozone layer. Last week we touched base in Deconstructing DOOL, how the writing was plot-driven and short sighted. This week we’re seeing much of the same, and various characters that the majority don’t want to see, and I’m sitting on the fence, trying to make sense of it all… 

Chad and Gabigail.
It’s getting difficult to say much about how hot Chad is with one girl as opposed to the other because the fan wars have started. If Chad really wants to make it work with Abigail, he’s going to have to get Gabi out of their lives, permanently. It’s the only way. And admittedly, not something I’d like to see!

Steve and Ava’s kid.
We just learned that Steve and Ava may have a son together. Tripp Dalton. Is he a cowboy? I’m not sure anyone cares that Steve has a son with Ava or that anyone wants Steve to have a son with Ava. I’ll bet Joey doesn’t want this! Is he about to be outed as a murderer? It’s surprising he hasn’t outed himself already, with how he talked about it casually in the pub.

Trouble at the hospital.
Hal’s reaction to the anesthesia, combined with his winning personality made him more of an ass than usual and he tried to kill Kayla. Yep. Because her life hasn’t been in danger nearly enough this year. Not that there was ever a concern that she’d be killed. I like how Kayla thanked Steve several times for saving her life when it was Jade who saved her life.

Eli and Julie.
An entire week passed since a new dude breezed into town, shocked Salem and viewers by saying he was David Banning’s son. He finally returned this week and relayed the news to Julie. Though it’s easy to be touched by Julie’s emotions, David Banning hasn’t been mentioned in eons and hasn’t been seen on the show since the 1800s, making it difficult for many viewers to connect with the story and rest of the players.

Roman let an “attempted” murderess back on the force before he retired and Raines really stuck it to her by forcing her not to work in the field. Gee what a crushing blow. What’s next? No free doughnuts on the job?

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The fifth kidnapping this year. And one bad decision after another.
Nicole’s desperation turned to her being dim-witted by befriending a complete stranger, showing her stash of cash to said stranger, leaving her newborn baby alone in another room to bathe in a sketchy hotel… Many, including Nicole, don’t believe Chloe would have let any of this happen to her kid. Probably not except for the fact that if Nicole hadn’t kidnapped Holly, Deimos would have. I feel no connection to anyone or anything that has happened in this storyline. Having Brady race across town, states, wherever he went to find Nicole in a matter five minutes was a stretch to suspend disbelief for. There’s no suspense yet there’s suspenseful music that played when the camera panned to the pacifier. It was probably the same tune that played last year when Tate was kidnapped and they found his toy at the Salem Inn. Honestly…

Brady Black. Here’s what we know about Brady: Brady’s a recovering alcoholic who sometimes falls off the wagon and gets a lot of action with the babes, except he’s unlucky in love, usually because he chooses bad girls and leads with his libido. He’s likeable, passionate, and generous. He has a complicated yet loyal friendship with Nicole, and the two have oodles of chemistry. It appears as though he’s still in love with her. There’s another side of him that some fans see, that needs to be validated. Some feel that though they once liked him, Brady has changed beyond recognition, and not for the better. He worries more about Holly than his own kid, he treats Maggie as his mother instead of Marlena, he doesn’t spend enough time with his own family, and he calls Chloe a friend, but when the chips are down, he’ll always be loyal to and side with his BFF Nicole. If enough feel Brady’s not being written to his full potential, maybe the writers should take note.

That’s all I’ve got this week. Feel free to share your own thoughts in the comment section.

Best lines of the week:

Hal, “You and your one-eyed husband always looked down on me. You wanted me to die, bitch.”

Anne, “Please, when you’ve had as many hangovers as I have, puke is like breakfast.”

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– Christine Fix


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