Deconstructing DOOL: Is Ben One Missed Pill Away From Choking Someone?

June 3 - 5

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It was a short week on Days of our Lives due to the French Open finals packed it full of goodies. We’re still knee deep in firestarter Claire’s story, Ben’s threats make some wonder what’s really going on with him, and there are a few plotlines I’m still not getting into. You can’t please them all, right?

Victor won’t like that Maggie and Xander are pals

I found myself pleasantly surprised to see Maggie and Xander bonding over alcoholism in their lives and their parents’ deaths. We finally know where Xander’s need for Victor’s approval comes from. His mother was always drunk and ignored him. He thinks he has it all now, but the reality is, he only has an abundance of superficial ‘things’. He still doesn’t have approval or support or love. I hear they’re likely putting him with Sarah and I’m curious about how he’ll be in a relationship. One word comes to mind when I think of those two together – explosive!

My burning question: I love our bad boy Xander but don’t trust him, which means I’m suspicious. Was he being truthful about his past or manipulating Maggie so she would focus on something other than seeing Kristen?

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Girl’s gone clear around the bend

Oy. Claire started another cabin fire. Sure, I wanted her to torch Tripp’s clothes last week – purely in the moment but I don’t want her setting fire to actual people or the Horton cabin. It’s too bad that it’s come to this. We see Claire as a ‘mean girl’, a shallow woman with no emotional support team and colossal self-esteem issues. Essentially she could be an intriguing character if they played up the vulnerability – and kept her around. I want to feel more for what she’s going through but I can’t relate. She’s over-the-top with her jealousy and because we never saw her grow up to understand why she became this way and we haven’t seen Belle and Shawn as parents, there’s no frame of reference for us to know if she’s mentally ill or a criminal who deserves prison time. I’m hopeful that we’ll at least get one of their ‘telling’ moments to figure out what the hell is wrong with her!

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Strangle-bae vs. Eve

Again Ciara felt that burning urge to defend Ben from Eve. I get that urge to defend those you love. But this is a case of picking your battles. She’s super naive and deluded. The man she loves is a murderer. She can love him and forgive him and believe in him but she shouldn’t pretend he’s not a missed pill away from being a loaded gun waiting to go off in the wrong circumstances. I say that and I like Ben. I think Ciara would have been better off just to let Eve talk or to walk away. Nikki, one of’s readers said, “How would she feel if Chase came back all rehabilitated and someone got in her face telling Ciara he had therapy and he’s changed.” Exactly. Sometimes it’s best to let things be. And besides, for someone who truly is remorseful for his actions, isn’t it interesting that Ben had no problem intimidating Rory, asking “Don’t you know who I am?” And when Rory figured out that he was The Necktie Killer, Ben manipulated Rory and threatened to strangle him if he didn’t confess Claire’s whereabouts. Um, do people act this way and still feel remorse?! This is the second time he’s done this. The mind boggles.

Spoiler: The problem is, things aren’t black and white. Ben threatening Rory means Ben will follow Claire and be the one to save Haley and Tripp’s lives. While it’s great that he’ll save the day, some fans are angry that it’s the serial killer who gets to be a hero again.

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Julie’s attention on Jack instead of Rafe or Gabi

It’s a relief not to see Julie lashing out at Rafe or Gabi, which was getting old. It was more fun seeing her call Jack a terrible person. Later, Jack proved Julie right by eavesdropping on Rory’s call with his lawyer. Of course, Jack justified himself by saying that Rory was on a call with JJ, not his lawyer, so somehow that makes it better. Then on top of it all, Jack stole Jennifer’s cell phone and called JJ with it, then blackmailed him into turning himself in. Oy! I loved that JJ agreed to the deal but double-crossed his father so Jenn’s arrest was thrown out. In your face, Jack!

The tumor story is a big effing yawn

This Will dying of a tumour story is still doing nothing for me with the exception of – as I stated last Friday in Deconstructing DOOL, Will’s nasty behaviour. I want to love this story and I’m trying but neither of the actors is making this believable. Will often appears as if he’s at a spa rather than stuck in a hospital bed with mere days to live. Where are the tears? Where’s the disbelief? Even John and Marlena haven’t saved this stinker. The silver lining is that Sami and Lucas will be back this month.

Warp speed story

There are too many storylines competing for airtime. Will dying is one that hasn’t been fleshed out and this Rafe, Lani and Eli story hasn’t progressed since May 21 so it’s difficult to even feign interest in the sudden break-up between Elani and the kiss Lani and Rafe shared. I felt nothing except disappointment that they split up a hot couple to make yet another woman on the show “crazy.” There wasn’t even time to warm up to the possibility of Lafe.

That’s just my opinion. Please share your own in the comment section! I read them all.

Best lines:

Julie to Jack, “Look who you made Police Commissioner. You know when they say, ‘needs police experience’, they don’t mean as a prime suspect. About eleven times.”

Jenn to Rory, “Welcome to the new Salem, Rory.”


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