Deconstructing DOOL: Hypocrisy, Psychopaths & Fugitives At Large

May 27 – 31

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The theme of the week for our Salemites is hypocrisy…and psychopaths. And. Kristen. Talking to a latex Nicole mask…

Such disrespect

I don’t care about whatever back story Ciara wants to tell Ben about how Ciara and Claire somehow got along because they never have as far as we’ve seen. Because of this, after all the nasty things Claire has done to her, it doesn’t ring true that Ciara would be this defensive of Claire when Ben considered that she might be behind the cabin fire. And if Ciara could stop disrespecting the man she claims to love and gloats about to anyone who will listen, that’d be great.

Ciara to Ben, “How could Claire have set the fire in the cabin, Ben? Only a psychopath would do that.”
Ben, “Right. Only a psychopath.”
Ciara, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

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Is he a dishonorable mayor?

I wonder if the only reason Eve pushed Jack into office was in the hopes that she’d become commissioner and be able to throw the book at Ben. Unlike Jack, I’m not sure if I can blame her for being fixated on Ben. Mentally ill or not, Ben still murdered her kid and he’s out wandering the streets. It’d be healthier if one of them left Salem. I was glad to see part of Eve’s good side shine through amid all of the nastiness when she asked Xander to return Rolf’s diary to her so she can give it to Will in order to find a cure for his tumor. And while I appreciate that Jack isn’t going to go easy on JJ just because he’s family, something that’s been unheard of at SPD in the past, Jack didn’t have to look so happy about putting his own son behind bars!

Highlight: I’m not proud to admit that I was happy when Jennifer hit Jack with her handbag which appeared to be made from cement. She seemed to have knocked a memory loose which made for an entertaining sparring scene between the two.


I loved hearing Brady tell Victor that he finally understands that he couldn’t be in a relationship until he was able to find happiness within himself. But with Maggie turning on him and Kristen’s machinations, I worry his newfound epiphany will be lost. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Maggie lie before. Or drink straight from the bottle. Her drunken mannerisms were astounding. But she can’t be dragging that huge bottle around with her wherever she goes. I can see her with an antique flask decorated in pearls. Not that I’m trying to help…

Shout out: Sonny got a new haircut that’s so much more becoming of him. But I could do without the gel.

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Will’s mean, mean, mean side

I cheered Will on when he lashed out at Hope for being out on a date with the man who blackmailed him and Sonny. Like Kate said, “There’s not a word he said that wasn’t true.” It speaks to the state of the show when you can really get into watching a character go around telling other characters off. Last week in Deconstructing DOOL, I admitted to being team Claire. It’s annoying me that my feelings about the characters are so inconsistent, but these feelings mirror the inconsistent writing. Things came to a head Friday and I wasn’t laughing anymore when it was revealed that Will’s tumor is suddenly growing exponentially. Okay, I admit I did laugh when he just fell right off the sofa. But since they’re all taping six months from now, I’m not too concerned.

Such hypocrisy

Some message board posters on our site have been pondering why Jennifer doesn’t seem to mind JJ “throwing his life away for a girl he barely knows” but that she’s still uppity about Rory. It’s a good point and made me laugh. Jennifer called Rory a “total loser,” because “he’s a drug dealer amongst other things,” while her own son JJ was a drug dealer at one point “amongst other things” and is currently harbouring a fugitive. Oy. And then JJ got up on his high horse and called Rory a “sketchy character.” Meanwhile, this “loser” or “sketchy character” is the only one able to give them fake passports. Why is he the loser for selling the fake passports when JJ and Haley are the ones purchasing said fake passports?

That’s just my opinion. Please share your own!

Best lines:

Just the one in the body that I heard!


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