Deconstructing DOOL: Things Can Only Go Downhill Since SPD has No Cops

May 6 - 10

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Mid-sweeps and it’s all so depressing. Salem Police Department is missing two of their only good cops, and it looks more and more as though Jack will become mayor. Things can only go downhill from here for our Salemites. Who else would prefer to be watching an adventure overseas for sweeps or a masquerade ball?

A damper on romance

John and Marlena celebrated six months of being married but their family troubles were never far from their minds. I thought it was realistic, but some fans felt it put a damper on the romance. It’s understandable since there’s none to speak of.

Will’s illness (Willness)

Instead of hearing Marlena tell everyone that Will is doing well after receiving his radiation treatment, wouldn’t it have been better to go through this journey with him? So far this is a non-story and I’m having trouble drumming up feelings for it aside from being interested that it looks as though Will’s short term memory is taking a beating.

Nicole’s tears could very well flood Salem

Nicole returned from the dead only to find out that her kid was killed in a car accident. I’m not into sob stories on any show but the acting was amazing. Ari Zucker can cry with the best of them. It tore at my heart even though I knew Holly wasn’t dead. Seeing Hope break down and show her feelings reminded us of the Hope we know and miss. It’s a shame that Rafe went against her orders and followed Ted because now he’s getting the blame for the accident when we know it was going to happen all along. Last Friday in Deconstructing DOOL, I felt confused about Nicole’s behaviour. I had wondered how she possibly couldn’t care about what happened to the man who kidnapped her child, and I found it a little too convenient that she suddenly forgave Brady and turned on Eric. The biggest tell was that she refused sex with Eric because she claimed to be covered in burns. It’s more like she’s covered in a big-assed dragon tattoo. Yeah, I suspect she’s really Kristen. This isn’t a spoiler. I could be wrong.

Did anyone else think it was surprising that Stefan was the only one to ask to confirm if the body was really Holly’s? I would have thought the first thing a parent would want is proof.

Highlight: Eric and Brady’s scenes arguing about who was more in the wrong about allowing Holly to live with Chloe at the DiMera mansion. Give me more of that.

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Hating on people takes a lot out of a gal

Naggie’s really been on edge lately, what with hating on Rex every waking moment and not accepting her husband for himself. Victor couldn’t take it and ran off to Doug’s Place for drinks while she sobbed on Sarah’s shoulder that her husband isn’t meeting her needs. Ouch. Then Mags found him down at Doug’s Place drinking with Kate – his ex-wife. Yeah, we can see where things are going. The news of Holly’s “death” didn’t even elicit a hug from him, so she almost turned to her old pal, the bottle. What a travesty. She’s worked so hard so long for her sobriety and it’s breaking my heart to see her like this. But since I can’t remember if I’ve seen drunk Maggie, I’m “secretly” a little excited to see her in action. I know how that sounds. Maybe it’s a testament to the state of things on the show that I’m entertained by a beloved character falling off the wagon. I find enjoyment where I can. Don’t worry. I’m shaking my head at myself.

That’s not all…I’m also digging Victor’s scenes with Kate because they’ve such a rich and crazy history. It’s always great to see characters confiding with those they’ve known for years, even if they’re not friends. I’m actually excited that they’re trying to get back to where Titan once was. They just need to (broken record alert) bring back Jay Kenneth Johnson as Philly K. I love how gossipy Vic got with Kate and revealed Sarah’s secret love interest and that they agreed not to do anything to interfere. As Victor said, it’s likely they’ll implode without any help.

The worst is yet to come

Jack and Eve keep crossing boundaries like a boss. I’m loathe to admit that I think Jack’s going to win this mayoral race. But he’s not going to do it with Kayla’s help. I could not believe that he handed her a document Eve drew up stating that she has forgiven him for raping her and that she’s basically endorsing his bid as mayor. It’s even worse that a woman would write that. Eve has done a lot of wicked things but this was an affront to women everywhere. It’s pretty funny that she can dish it out really well but has huge issues taking it. It was hypocritical of her to complain to JJ for bringing up Jack raping Kayla to the press when she and Jack started the delivery of dirt and screwed up Eve, Jack and Val’s lives. At least JJ was honest and not speculating on a photo. But none of that matters now that Haley has come clean because you know more than ever, Jack will be mayor. I have a bad feeling that the worst is yet to come.

Highlight: Kayla telling Jack off and then ripping up the statement Eve wrote. Kayla’s the hero of the week.

Unpopular opinion: I am indifferent to Haley’s story at this point.

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That’s just my opinion – please leave some thoughts on yours!

Best lines:

Kate to Victor, “You’re an emotional bulldozer.”


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