Deconstructing DOOL: Sweeps Begins With Turmoil, Reveals & Angry Sex

April 29 – May 3

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May Sweeps has started. You can tell because a baby’s been kidnapped and we got a return from the dead. Yep. If that’s not bad enough, Val and Sheila have left Salem, which is no surprise since all the good ones leave. Still, the week was filled with turmoil, shocking reveals and angry sex so all wasn’t lost.

From our Facebook page, Takeitish Angel says, “Re-Ron seems to only write for sweeps and is completely event-driven. He also has pattern go-tos when the chips are down or during sweeps – kill a baby. Nothing gets the emotions going and tear ducts flowing like killing an innocent child! Last sweeps it was Lani’s kid this sweeps it’s Nicole’s and that’s not counting the slaughter from other soaps he’s written for. Characters fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat he can’t seem to write anyone a storyline that doesn’t involve them falling in love with someone as soon as they are free from the last someone. Last but not least can we PLEASE put the characters back in character and stop changing core elements of them to suit weak storylines?”

Another kidnapping…

Nicole may have explained to Eric all she knew about how she came to be alive, but since her vocal cords are perfectly fine, and she didn’t have amnesia, why didn’t she call Eric or Chloe or anyone during her hospital stay? I can’t believe nobody asked that. And if Eric’s so in love with Sarah the way Ron Carlivati told us he was (again, I’ve never seen this), then shouldn’t he be torn between the two women instead of trying to get into Nicole’s pants the moment she walked in the door? Is that another disconnect with the writing and the actors? Last Friday in Deconstructing DOOL, I figured I’d side with Nicole once she blamed Chloe for Holly’s kidnapping since Chloe’s been so dense lately, running around town alone while the cartel was out to get her but surprisingly I’m not. Nicole returned to Salem and elected not to see Holly. What mother does that? She reasoned that Chloe is to blame for the kidnapping because she was eating dinner was laughable at best. It’s like saying Nic herself was at fault because she was making out with Eric when she should have been with her kid. But I’m not blaming her for lashing out. She’s devastated. I did find it strange that she said she didn’t care what happened to Hector after his extradition. She’s okay with him getting away? Isn’t she concerned he’ll only return and attempt to get the kid again?

I still sort of wish Stefan was involved in the cartel mess or at least the kidnapping. He hasn’t done a single dastardly thing since the actor change. I gather Kristen is Xander’s mysterious partner, though I can’t figure out why. Overall I’m a little bored of how boxed in the character of Stefan has been especially as of late. But at least we had two minutes of Stabi hate sex.

Not a highlight: Brady and Hope’s lack of reaction to seeing Nicole felt as though they were glad she returned from the market instead of the grave.

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Salem’s unsung hero

Eve and Jack were more abominable this week than ever, finding gratification in Val’s pain and humiliation when they revealed that Abe and Sheila kissed. I was proud of JJ for disclosing that Jack’s a rapist. And glad that JJ confessed to Kayla right away. But shouldn’t the Salem media have already known about this?

Cinfully awkward

The definition of awkward: Hope walking on Ciara in Ben’s shirt and Ben in nothing but a towel. I can’t tell if Hope was horrified or just stunned because she has this deer-in-the-headlines look in every single scene these days. I had to spin it in my head and assume that her silence spoke to her thinking, “My daughter is having sex with a serial killer.” As a viewer, we shouldn’t have to play guessing games. Hope took the news about CIN sex well and Ben’s still alive, so that’s progress. The mother and daughter discussion was interesting though Ciara’s dialogue again left a lot to be desired. Comparing Bo to Ben was offensive to many. Bo wasn’t hated by the whole town for murdering four people. He was just rough around the edges and Doug was overprotective! I don’t see Ben as being similar at all, nor do I think Ciara and Ben’s relationship is similar to Bo and Hope’s but I’ll agree that Ben’s kind and generous as long as he’s on meds.

Some comments from our boards include:

Irish17, “If the writers don’t have any more respect for these two then why should we.”

Fan1996, “A character that shows true remorse and fear of what they did and used to be is cool with me. I’ll never be cool with what he did…but def cool with how he feels about and is dealing with it now. So no need to compare him to Bo. Ben is great just being ben, IMO.”

Irish17, “I guess that’s easier for them than writing compelling storylines and letting the actress show their skills and build their resume by earning it.”

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Rafe’s new love interest

Rafe opened up to Lani about his relationship issues with Hope and reminded us that this isn’t the first time Hope trusted the wrong man. After a few years of working together, it was finally great to see Rafe and Lani getting to know each other but I’m not fond of the agenda which I’m sure is to get Rafe and Lani into bed. Just because they both grew up without a father in their lives and adore little David doesn’t mean they should be the next couple. It’s like they never know what to do with Rafe.

That’s just my opinion. I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the week went down in the comment section!

Best lines:

Sheila hands Abe chips. “Here, take these home. You can eat them while you listen to your redneck music.”

Abe cringes, “You can’t say that.”

JJ to Jack, “The only man here who forced himself on a woman is you!”


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