Deconstructing DOOL: Disenchanted With Almost the Entire Show

April 22 - 26

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Last Friday in Deconstructing DOOL, fans gave reasons why Days is losing viewers, which was based on a Soaps message board thread and from what I’ve seen fans discuss on social media. The reason I wrote it was because I couldn’t bear to spend another week reviewing my dreary thoughts on yet another week where I’m disenchanted with almost the entire show. It was a nice respite but here we go…

So dumb…

Chloe found Gabi’s button on the floor and then watched Stefan and Gabi come down from upstairs, tucking in their shirts. All of that and she still didn’t clue in that they were screwing. Not that it’s any of her business but she seriously cannot be that dense. Then again, this is a woman who wandered around outside alone with her kids knowing there was a psycho cartel member after her. When zombie-Nicole learns Holly’s been kidnapped and blames Chloe, I may side with Nicole.

Will’s “good” news

I really don’t have much to say on Will’s tumour story. It’s been an afterthought in too many other big storylines when it should be front-burner. Since it’s on the back burner, so are my feelings for it. I was happy to see Will not wearing plaid for once.

Hot but they’re both loco!

I find Stabi pretty hot together. They’re entertaining but they’re like empty calories. You can only take so much. I’m craving depth. I want to see more real feelings. These two could be the next long-term couple that I’d like to root for.

This is not romance

In an interview, Ron Carlivati stated that Eric was in love with Sarah. It completely threw me. I have never once would have guessed. I’ve only seen that Eeyore was deeply attracted to her. If viewers don’t see what the head writer sees, there is a massive disconnect. And this is true for half of what is written. More telling versus showing. Sarah tricked Marlena into revealing Eric’s feelings for her which was childish and creepy and then she demanded Eric tell her the truth. This isn’t romance. Even if I wanted to root for these two, even if they were the last characters on any soap opera there’d be no possible way. Eric did the exact same thing to Brady as he did with Nicole and made out with yet another brother’s woman. Bleh. Now that Nicole’s back, many want Sarah and Rex shipped off to somewhere far, far away. This week I’m down with that.

Nicole’s return

Nicole’s back and Rex didn’t pressure her to tell him how it came to be that she’s alive? I was dying to hear her story. I guess they’ll draw this out a bit.

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A highlight of the week

Brady opening up to Maggie about what happened with Chloe was the highlight of the week for me since Maggie validated everything many of us had been feeling about Brady being a stalker and addicted to love for some time. In the end, I still like our dumbass Brady and I want him to find himself before putting himself out there again with women.

Mid-week Maggie turned into infuriating Naggie. I hate when she gets this way and I sided with Victor. She needs to stay out of Titan business since she doesn’t work there. I’m rooting for a divorce between these two. I’ve seen some rooting to get rid of the both of them altogether!

Maybe it’s time to change the narrative, but how?

It’s nice that Ciara’s finally out of danger and this couple is moving on and making love. Fans can finally see what kind of relationship CIN can have beyond their obvious chemistry. Maybe they’ll stop talking about the friggin cabin and find out what else they have in common if anything. It’d help to put more focus on Ben’s unknown mental health affliction. You know, give it a name and have them discuss his medication and what side effects he’s having. Give this story a dose of reality. It’d work for me if they also showed what Ciara does while she’s not with Ben. Surely her life is fuller than just having a boyfriend? Does she work? Does she go to school? Where does she even live?

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Yeah I’m judging you, Ted

Ted has obviously been around the block with women but doesn’t get that the only reason Hope’s looking in his direction is that she is having marital issues. Surely this intelligent lawyer knows that attractions come and go whether you’re married or not. And is that really how he wants Hope? As a rebound? Kate had it right. He doesn’t know love. But if Hope was immune to him, she’d have told him to eff off a long time ago instead of holding his hand and trying ‘gently to let him down once again. Rafe had every right to go off on her. Just end it already! I don’t even want to get into Lani turning crazy by kicking Eli out of Rafe’s place. I’m sure this will drag on for months and there’ll be plenty of time to groan about yet another stupid storyline.

That’s just my opinion. As dreary as it is this week! Share your own in the comments.

Best lines:

Stefan to Gabi, “I like your eyes. They’re…big.”

Kate to Ted, “Honey you wouldn’t know love if it smacked you across the face.”

Maggie about Kate, “She’s a poison to this town. She deserves to die penniless along with her regrets.”

Stefan to Gabi, “No wonder you’re single. Hot but loco only goes so far.”

Rex gets a dehydrated Nicole water and she replies, “Wouldn’t gin do the same?”


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