Deconstructing DOOL: February Sweeps proved disappointing to some

February 13 – 17

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February sweeps must put a lot of pressure on soap writers to deliver excitement that viewers otherwise wouldn’t get on a daily basis. It also produces high expectations from the viewers who then vocalize their satisfaction and disappointments. This time around on “Days,” we saw a few huge twists in the Stefano storyline, Hope’s complete freedom from spending time in the joint, Hope quickly cracking Hattie’s case – with proof, and Stephanie’s return for her parents’ wedding. Out of all of these stories, the wedding was the highlight, but they all had issues…

The girls against the boys.
Now Jennifer, Adrienne and Anne have joined Abigail and Gabi’s quest for peace and to destroy the Orwell device. They hope Gabi and Chad will be released. You know, because Deimos is such a nice guy that he’ll simply release those two when he doesn’t get “the key,” AKA Drew. Drew’s fun but this storyline still isn’t doing anything for most. The highlight was Anne wandering through the Kiriakis mansion in that cop uniform, barking at the other cop with ten years’ seniority. She was more believable as a cop in that scene than JJ has been for months. Wouldn’t JJ be better suited to a job as a reporter at The Spectator?

Gabi’s freak out.
Gabi flipped her shit after 15 hours of being kidnapped and locked in that by now, smelly closet. It’s understandable, though some fans were as annoyed at her temper tantrum. It felt as if they were writing for EJ and Sami. Even when Gabi was seething at Chad, calling him a cold-hearted DiMera, they were hot together. Still, it’s a stretch for her to call him one of the bad guys when Chad has never been anything like the others. I guess people may say all sorts of nasty things when faced with their mortality, but anyone who knows their history knows she’d never say those words. Whatever…I cringed watching Kate rub it in to poor Abigail how good Gabi and Chad are together. So nasty, but so Kate. And hey…facts are facts. If it doesn’t fit, don’t force it.

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Hope is free, cut to Hope at SPD, cut to Hope at TBD for the wedding.
As discussed in last week’s Deconstructing DOOL, there were more shortcuts with Hope’s storyline that made us cringe and feel discombobulated. Rushing her eventual freedom so she could get to the wedding on time was a stretch and unnecessary. It’s doubtful Rafe would have been able to get the judge to immediately order Hope free of all charges. And nobody finds it believable that Hope wouldn’t wonder for even a second how it was possible that Stefano was alive when she saw him die at her hand. How utterly asinine. Then she arrived from Eric’s house to SPD to TBD in two seconds flat, having enough time for the wedding to change into a black and tan dress and grabbing two mismatched shoes! Steve and Kay were happy that their sister-in-law was free but some viewers felt her appearance upstaged the wedding.

TBD wouldn’t be my first choice for their wedding venue, or my second, or my third or fourth, and it only lasted about five minutes. Still, their vows were romantic, there were a lot of characters in attendance, and the wedding was light and fun.

The Phoenix rises, no he doesn’t, yes he does… WTF?
They call it twists and turns, and we call it insulting our intelligence. Going from ‘he’s alive’ to ‘he’s dead’ to ‘he’s alive again’ isn’t entertaining for viewers. Most preferred to stop the storyline at Stefano escaping. The rest was ridiculous and worse, Steve and Shane discussing how things went down after for days on end was annoying.

Anna and Andre:
These two have great chemistry, as always. I’d love to see Anna stick around and lose the urn and the over-the-top craziness but keep her humour intact. It could be fun for these two to be at each other’s throats while at the same time realizing they’re into one another!

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Julie learns David is dead.
I didn’t watch when David was around. I’m not even sure I was born then but he’s a part of the show’s history. Having him die out of the blue is fine I guess but it’d have made more of an impact if they would have shown those calls Julie claimed to have made to him, even if he never picked up as she said. Worse, Hope took off to dance at TBD after hearing about David’s death, instead of being there for her half-sister/step-mama. That’s not the Hope we know. She’d never do that in a million years.

That’s just my opinion… share your own in the comments.

Best lines of the week:

Andre to Anna about her holding Tony’s urn: “Anna you always had the talent to know how to accessorize.”

Roman, “Welcome back to the family. You know the drill. You treat my sister right…”
Steve, “Or you’ll punch me in the patch.”

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– Christine Fix


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