Deconstructing DOOL: Victor’s Grumpiness Didn’t Ruin Thanksgiving

November 19 – 21

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Days had another solid week. We sadly lost two more characters in Paul and Abigail, but Kate Mansi’s Abby will return at the end of the month so that she can finish off this storyline arc and be there when that major return happens at the end of the year. We saw a few break-ups, and a balance with some humour, while making each episode must-see. Happy Thanksgiving!  

Thanksgiving perfection

I’m in awe over the Thanksgiving episode, which was filled with everything anyone could want in an episode. From the Celeste, Brandon and Theo mentions, to the arguing amongst family and newcomers, the romance between couples, I couldn’t have asked for a better episode. Victor’s grumpy shenanigans sparked a thought that Victor should have his own stand-alone episode at Christmas – A Christmas Carol.

Fickle Ciara

This storyline has a surprising amount of depth. Ciara learned that Tripp was setting Ben up in the arson case and her relationship with Tripp promptly imploded. I’m not sure what Tripp was expecting to happen when she found out. It was a boneheaded and controlling move and Ciara’s right – he manipulated her out of jealousy. I still think (and agree with Ben and Tripp) that Ciara only jumped into bed with Tripp because she thought Ben was the one to have set the fire. No wonder Tripp dumped her. Nobody wants to be second fiddle. But most were angry that Ciara didn’t get the chance to dump him first. Either way, I guess it’s over, though who knows, since Ben’s not above reproach, conspiring with Claire to get Tiara to break up. What happens if Ciara and Ben get together and she learns about his partnership with Claire? Will she slink back to Tripp? Please don’t make her a waffler.

The biggest question: Why do we still not know who set the freaking cabin fire?!

Will the Waffler

Will marries Sonny.
Will cheats on Sonny with Paul.
Will falls for Paul.
Will cheats on Paul with Sonny.
Will dumps Paul for Sonny.

We’ve gone full circle and Will’s antics are starting to annoy many. I’d rather he didn’t reunite with Sonny so fast and instead, spent some time alone and get to know himself again and instead of jumping into relationships, just get laid and have fun so that once he’s ready to be with Sonny, he doesn’t cheat again. That said, their reunion at the end of Wednesday’s episode was heart-warming.

I found the goodbye between Paul, John and Brady touching, which was a pleasant surprise considering some of the vets didn’t even get a nod such as Steve, and Lucas, which I mentioned on last week’s Days column, flawed characters making crazy decisions, but I suppose resting a character is far different than a permanent departure. I was grateful for this goodbye for a lovely character who even made Brady look good. That’s quite a feat considering Brady’s foolish moments as of late.

The big issue I’m hearing a lot of lately is that the show props certain characters and couples. I hadn’t given it any thought but realize that Marlena, Adrienne and Justin do it for WilSon. But Victor’s angst at having Will and Sonny near reuniting made for a decent balance, though I felt we were robbed not to see John react to Will and Paul’s break up. I’d imagine his reaction would be anger toward Will, at least a little, for flip-flopping, and all the resident psychiatrist did was prop WilSon instead of giving him any sort of real advice about jumping from one guy to another. How disappointing. I’d rather see more family drama but that may be on the way.

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The never-ending story

I know many found the Bayview scenes to be epic, considering Gabi finally revealed she’s been gaslighting Abigail all along and I get it. I’m glad that Abigail now knows. But since she couldn’t record Gabi’s confession, if she harps on this it’ll once again make her look crazy, not Gabi. The acting was fantastic, but I was just bored. That’s probably an unpopular opinion. I’m not a fan of these long monologues. I didn’t care for it when Kristen did the same thing to Marlena in her hospital bed a few weeks ago either. Some pointed out that Gabi’s the new Kate. We do need a new villainess and Gabi will do well, carrying Kate’s torch.

This week also marks Marci Miller’s last scenes as Abigail, and Kate Mansi returns soon to continue the role. Marci Miller did a great job as Abigail and we’re lucky that as of Monday, Mansi steps back into the role. I’m excited to see her version of the new Abigail and dare I say Gabby, though I still need this particular story to either end or change, drastically.

Chad’s disrespect

What is wrong with Chad lately? Most barely recognize him. I agreed with Jenn for reaming him out for not consulting her when committing her daughter and handing her granddaughter over to a rapist. That slap across the face was from all of us. He acted on impulse over a stupid dream. It was overkill and he was disrespectful to Jennifer the entire time she expressed herself.

Is Val leaving?

Finally, we saw a little of Eli, Lani, Sheila and Abe (Shabe?). Sheila got the job as Abe’s assistant and her first day on the job was late due to food poisoning. It was entertaining, watching Lani become jealous over shirtless Eli, and then Sheila vomiting on Abe’s shoes. The scenes were cute and light which struck a good balance between the Gabi vs. Abby mess and Paul’s emotional goodbye. Then Abe displayed his sexist attitude in thinking Val shouldn’t reach for the stars when it came to her career, instead, wanting her to be around him 24/7. Bad move, especially with a take-charge, incredible woman like Val. Luckily he saw the light and agreed to try a long-distance relationship. But will it work out with Sheila hanging around?

This is an opinion column filled with thoughts you may agree or disagree with, and even if yours aren’t in any way similar to mine, please share them – I’d love to hear them.

Best lines:

Gabi to Abigail, “Let me tell you. That wig is not very good for your complexion.”

Abby, “Do you hate me that much?”
Gabi, “With the passion of a thousand burning suns.”

Claire, “You, The Necktie Killer, doesn’t think he can trust me.”

Paul to John, “You have surpassed every expectation I have ever had about being a father.”

Justin to Victor, “Enjoy your turkey. Try not to choke on it.”

Sheila, “I’m thankful to be out of prison. I mean the food. If a rat died…”



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