Deconstructing DOOL: Flawed Characters Making Crazy Decisions

November 12 – 16

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The revolving door of characters is confusing many Days fans. While I understand that some casting changes are storyline related and sometimes necessary in order to further the plot, it still makes our heads spin. In an interview, Freddie Smith (Sonny) talked about Days characters as being flawed characters that are making crazy decisions but since they’re family, you have to try to be empathetic and supportive. This is how many feel about the characters. This is how I feel. I may mock them, sometimes they irritate me, but I also feel for them all.

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Stranglebae and company

Sonny ran into Ben for the first time since Ben strangled Will and though Sonny doesn’t do tough well, he was at least able to share his feelings over Will’s strangulation. It might have been a more compelling scene if they didn’t show the WilSon flashback in the middle of the scene and had Sonny angrier. After the semi-tongue-lashing, some mocked Ben for looking offended. The expression on his face was unreadable, leading me to wonder if we should be listening to Hope and Wyatt, telling us that the guy isn’t trustworthy. For now, we can continue to be on alert and enjoy the story.

Highlight: Wyatt rolled over on Tripp and Claire so fast that we almost got whiplash. I guess that’s it for him, which is fine. I’d rather see Rory return.

Take your balloons and go!

I wasn’t too broken up when Rex said he was departing Salem. He hasn’t been easy to root for. Many are still asking what the point of his return was. At least he’s no deadbeat dad, which means that we now know the answer to our question in last week’s Days column, is Rex a deadbeat dad?

Maggie 2.0

As much as I like Maggie, she, like all characters, has her quirks that some find irritating. And it seems she passed them on to Sarah, who still hasn’t grown on me. I’m finding her over-the-top madness a little grating. In no way am I diminishing her feelings of finding Rex a cheater, but maybe instead of being so tacky about telling every Salemite she comes into contact with that her boyfriend cheated on her, she might use that time to reflect. That said, I found her more likeable drunk. Go figure. But otherwise I might have to medicate myself in order to make it through the screeching. Did Captain Buzzkill have to police her drinking? The whole scene of her with Eric played out like something from high school.

I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs

It was painful to watch Abigail be committed and her doofus husband stand there with her newborn baby, Charlotte, while she wailed at him to give her baby back. These characters have been ruined beyond recognition. Chad’s gone off the deep end. Even if Gabigail reappeared, there’s no reason she couldn’t have cared for her baby. As for Gabi, I loved her scene with Will because it gave her some balance. Without that vulnerability I can’t root for Gabs in this particular story. Lastly, Abs telling JJ that she’s been down this road before and fought her way back was lost on many viewers since we were robbed from actually seeing it play out.

First highlight: The scene between Gabi and Stefan was pretty passionate and fun to watch until Gabi started going back on that repeat loop, revealing the reason she’s been gaslighting Abby. Instead of having her repeat the words ad nauseam, why not show scenes of her with Kayla, explaining that she truly can’t have kids? Gabs should be careful because once Stefan learns she lied about Charlotte’s paternity, the spiteful, selfish joker who kept Jennifer Rose from her own grandbaby for no reason whatsoever, will turn his revenge on her.
Second highlight: When Abigail went into labour, Chad was beside himself, not prepared but soon, after much stammering and babbling, he clamped down and relaxed, we were treated to a reminder that Abigail gave birth in a cabin just like last time with Thomas and like when her mama gave birth to her in a cabin, and kind of like her grandma Laura, who gave birth to Jenn Jenn in a farm house. Gotta love the generational birthing coincidences.

Helicopter parenting to the extreme

Many found Adrienne coddling her grown-assed son to be incredibly disturbing. How embarrassing is it that she sat there and set up a Grindr account with him? Who does that?

We were robbed

It’s sad for many that Bryan Dattilo is gone, but that they were robbed of goodbye scenes between Lucas, Kate and Will. A least he’s going to be with Allie. Hopefully we’ll see him return.

Salemites shouldn’t journal

Will telling Sonny that he writes about his feelings for him made me cringe. Salem bitches don’t understand that anything they say and write will get them into trouble. I don’t have a thing to say about Paul and Will’s break-up except to comment that it happened exceptionally fast.

This is an opinion column. Please feel free to leave an opinion in the comments section.

Best lines:

Claire to Tripp when he asked what happens to Wyatt after he turns himself in, “Who cares?”


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